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【F1 Special】The defending champion is ready to be crowned in advance Verstappen personally monopolizes half of the wins

They held it so hard in the last issue, and Red Bull still continues to have a strong winning streak. It seems that their eight characters are really too heavy (at least heavier than me), ending the European race, and returning to the team championship this season after eight years (yes). !Mercedes even domination for so long) is a matter of time.

Depend onThe characteristics of the track at the Belgian station are fast and smooth. Therefore, a total of seven drivers chose to pay a penalty and replace the power components in this station, including winning the pole position and the fourth place respectively, but had to retreat to the 14th and 14th. 15 starts for Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. After a summer break, Red Bull seems to be "more able to fly": Verstappen's pole position lap is only 0.632 seconds ahead of second-placed Carlos Sainz (starting from a supplementary pole position). Just go away!

Ferrari made a wrong step

Hamilton in Belgium also replaced the new power components (but not excessive). Unfortunately, on the first lap, he collided with Alonso and landed in the air. In order to prevent damage to the new components, the team asked him to retire on the spot.

Erstappen was the only driver in the final to start with new soft tires, and he didn't waste his advantage: he had risen to No. 3 on the 8th lap and No. 1 on the 12th lap, except for the first stop on the 15th lap. , never lost the first place again, and ended the race like this, passing the finish line even 17.841 seconds faster than his teammate Sergio Perez who arranged 1-2 with him! Just looking at the results, I definitely don't believe that he was penalized for the start. Following the 10th start in the previous station, this station has set a record of winning the personal lowest starting position with the 14th consecutive start.

The main picture of the background of the podium in Belgium after the summer break also shows the duel atmosphere between Verstappen and Leclerc. As a result, the former stood in the center of the podium, while the latter did not even get on the podium.

Leclerc also started on the new soft tires and followed Verstappen all the way up the race, but pitted for a tire change on lap 3! It turned out that it was suspected that the helmet and goggles film torn off by the opponent was sucked into his right front brake cooling port and had to be dealt with at the stop. At the end of the race, he couldn't catch up with the car in front, so he changed to soft tires at the end of the third lap to the end, trying to get 1 extra point for the fastest lap, but he was only 18 seconds ahead of Fernando Alonso behind him. The operation was too risky, and as a result, he lost one position when he returned to the field.

The chaos caused by the safety car at the end of the Dutch Grand Prix made Hamilton, who bet on the wrong bet, lost a good chance for himself and his team Mercedes to win their first win of the season.

Alonso is very good at blocking the car, and Leclerc worked so hard to finally overtake it on the last lap, but you can't fight to overtake and brush the fastest lap in the same lap (Is it possible to ask your opponent to help you pull the wake? ), as a result, Leclerc failed in a rare mission, and he didn't lose any money: when he returned to the field, he was speeding at a stop and was fined 5 seconds. The final ranking was still behind Alonso, not only did he not get this 1 point, but also Lose 2 points! Ferrari explained that the sequencer had sucked into the film, causing the speed sensor to overheat and the finale to malfunction, causing the speed limit to fail.

It's no surprise that the Ferrari has frequent stoppages. Sainz came in with only three tires, wasted time, and then went out with a speeding penalty.

Mercedes win is short-lived

Mercedes' consecutive podiums before the summer break, and even the two-car podium, seems to be getting better, find a way to correct it? As a result, Lewis Hamilton was 1.8 seconds slower than Verstappen in the qualifying lap of the Belgian Grand Prix! Because France and Hungary before the summer break are not high-speed tracks, the shortcomings of Mercedes' cars this year are not obvious. When they return to the high-speed track, they will return to their original shape. Verstappen took the pole position, but Hamilton and teammate George Russell were both 1-2 on lap 19!

The Italian station Ferrari was painted yellow to commemorate its 75th anniversary, and even the country's president, Mattarella (center), was there to cheer, but to no avail.

Of course this is because of tire strategy: as opposed to Red Bull and Ferrari's soft start - and tire supplier Pirelli's pre-race simulation advice - Mercedes chose to start on medium tires because the car was not as fast as the previous two teams, so it was hoped that In Holland, where the circuit is twisty, a late (or even less) stop could give you a chance to get ahead, a strategy that might have worked: when Verstappen and two Mercedes lapped the same lap for the last scheduled rest When stopped, the latter also has the advantage of using tires.

Before the Italian Grand Prix, Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and the teams posted commemorative words on their cars, and a memorial ceremony was also held before the race.

However, the safety car that appeared before the end of the game slowed down the whole court, which made Mercedes' abacus balls scattered: Verstappen additionally stopped for soft tires. Mercedes originally planned to stop without stopping to regain the first place, but Russell himself asked the team to help him change too. The soft tires, and Hamilton really didn't stop. As a result, when he started again, his medium tires were completely unable to hold Verstappen, Russell, and even Leclerc, who had just changed to soft tires. They lost three positions in four laps. He couldn't even get on the podium, which made him very angry.

Mercedes' third driver de Vries, who was temporarily assigned by Williams because of Albon's appendicitis, finished ninth in his F1 debut.

Red Bull ready to seal early

Verstappen still did not disappoint the folks in the motherland, and maintained a 100% monopoly in the Dutch station that was resumed last year: two consecutive years and a winning streak. Despite being fined for over-replacement of power components at the Italian Grand Prix, he still won at the opponent's home field! In his five-game winning streak, only the Netherlands started in the first place. It can be seen that the pole position is not important to him. On the other hand, Ferrari has started three times in these five stops, but has not held the lead once. What's more, except for penalties, Ferrari has finished below the starting position in every final.

In the final set of the Italian Grand Prix, because the accident car could not be ruled out, it became the first race of the year led by the safety car to slow down to the finish line, stifling the final possible fierce battle.

Along the way, we have seen how Ferrari ran the race like this, but even the motherland did not help you when you were lucky: Ferrari in Italy rarely made any stop strategy and practical mistakes. There was a chance to perform the 75th anniversary celebration market. As a result, the car could not be ruled out due to an accident on the sidelines, and finally passed the finish line with the safety car, so that Leclerc did not even have the opportunity to "appeal" after losing the pole position advantage, so what can we wait for next? ? Just wait for Verstappen / Red Bull to be crowned king in advance!

Wang Yiping

【Crooked batch F1】
When Ferrari celebrated its 75th anniversary at the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari chairman and CEO John Elkann (pictured left) said he still believes in team leader Mattia Binotto and his team, but also said the team is in the race for the championship in 2022 made too many mistakes. Remember the team's 1-2 finish in the opening leg? At that time, everyone thought that after looking forward for many years, it was finally this year! As a result, the exclamation mark became a question mark, or even an irony.
Perhaps it is because Ferrari has too long a history that it reacts like a bull, and even from the first place at the beginning of the season, it may not even guarantee the second place. Binotto also thinks that the team has no problems and needs no improvement. So is his boss Elkann also? Do you "believe" like that? This season has started so strong, and in the end, you still can't get rid of the dilemma of "looking forward to next year every year". Can you only blame the opponent for being too strong?

【F1 Feature】VAG Group to make big push into F1


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