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【Hundred Questions】General tires have tread patterns... Where are slick tires used?

table of contents
●What is the function of tire "tread pattern"?
"Slick tires" without tread pattern are special tires for track
●Treaded tires can run on rainy days and water
●Slick tires cannot drive on general roads

What is the function of tire "tread"?

Winter is coming to an end, and places with colder geographical locations have begun to replace winter tires with summer tires. When replacing summer tires, it is necessary to check whether the summer tires still have tread patterns. The tire "tread" plays an important role in driving.

The tires used in general cars have tread patterns. In Japan, if the tread depth is less than 1.6mm, it cannot pass the vehicle inspection.

In addition, treadless tires are used in racing competitions. This kind of treadless tire is also called "slick tire".

Slick tires are track-specific tires sold by tire manufacturers for use by racing teams.

The "slick tire" without tread pattern is a special tire for the track

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Slick tires are mainly used on prepared dry ground.

The characteristic of slick tires is that the tread can produce great grip when it is heated and dissolved. In simple terms, the surface of the tire becomes a tape-adhesive surface, resulting in excellent grip. Therefore, it can make the vehicle turn at a high speed and exert excellent braking performance.

However, slick tires have no tread pattern and it is difficult to drain water. When driving in wet or rainy days, a water layer will form between the tire and the road surface, resulting in the water drift effect.

Therefore, when it rains during the race, everyone needs to enter the pits and change to wet tires with tread patterns.

Treaded tires can run on rain and water


Treaded tires are different from slick tires in that they have excellent drainage.

Generally, cars use tires with tread patterns to run on roads such as rainy days and floods.

If the tread pattern is not deep enough, the water drainage performance of the tire will be deteriorated, and the water drift effect will also occur, and the braking distance will also be prolonged. This is also the importance of regularly checking the tread safety line.

Generally tires have less grip than slick tires. If you want to have a good driving fun experience, you can change to tires with good grip, or wear special tires for the track to run on the closed track.

Slick tires cannot drive on ordinary roads

Some people may want to install slick tires on sports cars and high-performance models, so as to draw out the potential of the car's qualifications and enjoy driving fun. But here it should be noted that slick tires are prohibited from being used on general roads.

Article 9 of the Security Standards of the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Law clearly stipulates that "automobile pneumatic rubber tires must be strong and ensure driving safety, and their strength, anti-skid and other related performance must meet the announced standards."

If you want to draw out the potential of the vehicle and enjoy the fun of driving, it is recommended that you choose tires with good grip and drainage performance.

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