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【Hundred Questions】What is the difference between forging, spinning and casting? (Part 2)Must-see Questions and Answers for Aluminum Ring Retrofit

Question 4: When changing to a rim larger than 19 inches, I saw the master frantically using a stick to remove the tire. What is the reason for this?

Damage the rim and tire lip

Some high-performance cars are equipped with 19-inch and 20-inch low-profile tires from the factory. The sidewalls of these tires are very hard. First use a crowbar to lift the bead from the inside to the outside, and then use the tire changer to install the tire. In case of improper operation, it is easy to damage the rim and bead. It may crack, and a severe tire blowout will occur under high-speed driving, which will affect the safety of people and vehicles.

The correct method should be assisted by a high-end tire removal machine without a crowbar, using mechanical oil pressure arms and rollers to gently press down on the tire wall to separate the bead from the rim, so as to avoid the tire during the tire removal process. , hurt the tire without knowing it, and the damage caused by these aggressive tire disassembly skills is often invisible from the outside, and can only be discovered after an accident occurs, so we have to be careful.

In addition, if there is a need to upgrade multi-piston calipers in the future when changing the rim, it is necessary to consider whether the spokes can flash multi-piston calipers. Generally speaking, imported high-end aluminum rims will mark the X distance, That is, the distance between the spoke and the hub joint surface. The larger the value, the greater the gap, and the more likely it is to flash multi-piston calipers. If you can’t find the X distance data, you can only judge from the shape of the spokes. Generally, for a rim of the same diameter, the longer the length of the spokes and the more curved the angle, the less it will interfere with the caliper.

In addition, due to the shape of the spokes of some rims, the space of the outer ring of the spokes will be larger than that of the inner ring, so the original calipers will wear the rims, and the multi-piston calipers with a larger disc diameter can flash the spokes instead. Case. In short, if you really like the shape of a certain aluminum ring, if you are not sure whether it will be swept under the caliper, at least make sure that the inner diameter of the Rim can accommodate the entire brake system. If it interferes with the caliper in the future, you can only To deal with it by adding spacers, relatively long rim screws must be used for the relative alone, which will also increase the burden on the screws.

Question 5: How good is the effect of reducing the weight of the rim?

1:15 weight magnification ratio

How much does the forged rim help the vehicle performance after having the "light" feature? According to the data from Japan’s BBS official website, 1 kilogram under the wheel is about 15 kilograms above the wheel. If each aluminum ring is 1 kilogram lighter, it can reduce the weight of a passenger by about 60 kilograms, which has an absolute impact on vehicle performance, not only acceleration Faster performance, shorter stopping distances and longer tire life.

However, because the cost of manufacturing equipment, processing procedures, or production speed of forged rims are higher and slower than that of cast rims, the price of forged rims is naturally several times higher than that of cast rims. The disk shape with sharp edges and corners, and the high-priced car owners who have improved performance due to light weight, the single-piece forged aluminum ring is still a very profitable modification investment.

Finally, the author also reminds everyone that although the strength of forged aluminum rims is higher than that of cast aluminum rims, you still need to pay attention to the maximum load value provided by each rim before use. The maximum load value of most rims is about 640-700 kg. However, if you want to install it on LSUV models such as X5, Cayenne, Land Rover, or imported super large RVs such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce, it may not be able to cope with the sudden impact of potholes on the road surface , causing the Disk to break, so it is best to use the rim in accordance with the maximum load value to protect the safety of people and vehicles.

Question 6: I heard that the "shaft sleeve" inside the rim is very important. What is the reason for this?

Keep concentric circle + share road impact

The rim factory makes its aluminum rims compatible with all car models, so the diameter of the center hole will be made very large, and then according to the diameter of the Hub center shaft of different models, adapter bushings of different sizes are inserted to respond, so the bushings Its function is to make the center point of the rim consistent with the Hub, and to make the rim closely bonded to the Hub, so that the tire bead will appear in a concentric circle state instead of an eccentric circle shape when it rolls.

What will happen if the axle sleeve is not installed or installed with the wrong specification, so that the rim is not tightly connected with the Hub? Once the eccentric state occurs when the bead is running, the tire will be easily deformed and jump out after a long time, resulting in noise and chassis vibration when the vehicle is running. It will increase dramatically, which will greatly increase the chance of tire blowout.

In addition to keeping the center point of the bead installation correct, the axle sleeve is also responsible for bearing and transmitting the impact of the road surface. Most people think that the rim is fixed by screws, so the bouncing from the bottom to the top of the road is all borne by the screws. And transmit it to the shock absorber for vibration absorption and control. In fact, it is not always the case. The bushing also needs to be responsible for part of the work. If it is all handed over to the rim screw, the screw is prone to metal fatigue, which will shorten the life of the screw or even break. Only through the sharing of the axle sleeve at the same time can the true principle of the chassis operation of the vehicle be complied with. This is especially important for vehicles that may enter track competitions, because the Disk of the rim needs to withstand extremely high lateral pressure during intense cornering , if the shaft sleeve is not installed properly, it is only supported by the wheel rim screw, and the chance of the screw breaking is even greater.

After increasing the size of the rim, tires with a low aspect ratio are usually used. Remember to check the tire pressure frequently, so that the cold tire pressure can be kept above 40psi, so as to effectively protect the aluminum rim and prevent it from being damaged by road potholes. .

Question 7: Are there any special specifications for the so-called "Hella Style" reformed rims?

The smaller the value of large J + ET, the better

To match the HellaFlush modified style aluminum ring, the most important feature is to find a set of deep lip style, and the smaller the ET value, the better the aluminum ring, so that the aluminum ring will be cut evenly or even exceed the fender, and the size is about 15 ~18 inches is enough. The key point is that the depth of the aluminum ring, that is, the J value must be large enough, preferably above 8.0J. The next step is to greatly reduce the height of the car, plus an adjuster that can greatly adjust the camber (Camber), and finally install tires that are 1∼2 inches smaller than the width of the rim, so that the stretch of the tire wall will be exaggerated The "inverted tire" effect, so that not only the edges of the aluminum rims of the four tires will extend out of the tire wall, but also present a very striking external angle.

Take the common specifications of Fit as an example, the front 185/35R17, the rear 195/40R17 tires, the most popular aluminum rim matching specification is the width of the front 8J/rear 9J, the unit of conversion in millimeters is the front 203.2mm/rear 228.6 mm, the front and rear bead widths have a drop of 18.2mm at the front/33.6mm at the rear. Before the aluminum ring is inserted into the tire and the tire is not inflated, the tire cannot wrap the aluminum ring at all. The tires cannot be fully inflated by the inflation method, so it is necessary to use a tool commonly known as an "inflator" to complete the bead installation.

The aluminum ring that fits the Hella style needs to have the characteristics of deep lip and large concave, and the J number is often not small.
In order to pursue the ultimate low-lying effect, most Hella style players will replace their car with an adjustable Camber kit, so that the Camber can be adjusted beyond the structural limit of the original factory. For the old Honda Fit, it can be adjusted to -15 degrees at most However, it is better to keep it at about -8 degrees when driving on the road, which can take into account the durability of the tire and the life of the aluminum ring.

The air blower can instantly inject a large amount of air into the tire, so that the tire wall and bead can be quickly wrapped on the aluminum ring, so that air tightness can be established. However, the conditions for using this method to inflate the tire are limited, except It is an old tire that has lost elasticity, and the gap in bead width should not be too large. The above conditions are quite tight, and the thinner the flat ratio of the tire, the lower the allowable value of the width difference. This is because the tread is not enough to cover the aluminum The part of the bead is replaced by the bead wall. The thinner the bead wall, the smaller the width that can be extended. Naturally, it cannot correspond to a large bead width drop.

Since this bead combination method violates the tire usage regulations, the author recommends that the width difference should be just right. After all, the tire sidewall is the weakest part of the tire, and its original function is to absorb the bouncing of the road surface, not to stretch out the covering or rub the ground For the purpose of driving, in order to ensure driving safety, it is better not to exceed 35mm in bead width drop value.

Question 8: Are there any items that should be paid special attention to in the reform of Hella Wind?

Short tire life + difficult handling

Hella style players usually set the camber angle to a negative value after assembling the tires to make the vehicle appear lying on the ground. As for how many degrees it can be negative, it varies from car to car. Some Fit riders It can reach -15 degrees at most, but usually it is only set to about -8 degrees when driving on the road. If the camber angle is too large, the ground contact area of ​​the tread will become small, the grip will deteriorate, and the tire wall will even be damaged. It will rub against the road surface, greatly shortening the life of the tires, and also increasing the chance of the aluminum ring being damaged. To achieve the exaggerated camber adjustment angles mentioned above, most vehicles must be equipped with additional chassis adjustment kits.

In order to prevent the tire from sweeping the fender when rolling, the edge of the fender of many vehicles needs to be folded inward, or moderately expanded, or spaced with screw spacers, so that there is just enough space for the tire to bounce. Flashing the fender, if you insist that the tires should be exposed outside the fender, the damping of the shock absorber should also be adjusted simultaneously to shorten the actuation stroke. Although it looks very visually tense, it may not be comfortable to ride. How to set the end view To what extent does the owner persist.

Due to the chassis setting of the Hella style, the wear and tear on the vehicle is quite large, so at present, domestic players have gradually achieved a balance between style, practicality and beauty. Through air pressure shock absorbers, wide body kits and appropriate chassis positioning, Let the vehicle still have the convenience of daily use while having obvious visual effects.

You may be wondering, if the car is modified so low and the tire positioning angle is made so large, will there be no problems in normal driving? Of course, first of all, when the car is driving on the road, the chassis, exhaust pipe or front bumper will often rub against the road surface. Although the tires are often adjusted, the mileage is rarely more than 5,000 kilometers. Driving in rainy days or at high speed is even more exciting. The rear wheel grip is almost on a tightrope.

In addition, the steering angle of the front wheels is also because the tires are too close to the front fenders, so that the steering wheel cannot be turned to the bottom when the vehicle is turning, or the front fenders may be rolled into the wheel arches, and in order to shorten the actuation stroke of the shock absorber, the tires will not bounce when bouncing. It will sweep the fenders, so the damping is usually adjusted very hard, and the ride is not comfortable. Even with so many problems, it is only the fun of these Hella paranoiacs, although many people choose to use air shock absorbers in the end. Avoid these troubles, but hardcore players who use traditional shock absorbers can be called orthodox Hella supporters.

In order to prevent the outer expansion + outer bead from rubbing against the fenders, it is necessary to properly expand the fenders. There are many ways to increase the fenders by adding gaskets in the picture, which is fast and economical. The way money works.
The domestic style of Hella style has begun to change into a sign of its own local Taiwanese style. It is not just the pursuit of exaggeration, neatness and coolness. This can be seen in many car gathering occasions.


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