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【IAA Mobility 2023】Core indicators BMW Vision Neue Klasse

  • ●New design vocabulary, which can be regarded as the prototype of the future 3 Series concept
  • ●The sixth-generation eDrive pure electric platform is expected to be put into mass production in 2025
  • ●New digital cabin design, the front glass is also an information display interface
  • ●Mass production probability: 100%

At the CES Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, BMW launched the i Vision Dee concept car. The various digital technologies currently developed by the brand and the full use of electronic ink technology create a changeable appearance; at this IAA Auto Show, the Vision Neue Klasse was also used as a concept car. The brand’s second stage concept relay heralds the future of the next generation of core products.

Aiming at the successor of medium-sized main size products

I believe that everyone can probably figure out that the next product that BMW is preparing for a major facelift is the 3 Series model, which is the core of the brand. This time, the Vision Neue Klasse also appeared in a size close to the 3 Series. The overall preview nature is quite strong. On the other hand, the concept car also presents BMW's new design direction for future next-generation products, trying to create a new future flavor with a fusion of BMW's classical design, and the reuse of the Neue Klasse name from the 1960s also symbolizes BMW's The idea of ​​a complete reboot in the pure electric era.

According to the current pace of the original manufacturer, Vision Neue Klasse is expected to launch its first mass-produced product in 2025, and will launch a total of six new pure electric vehicles based on this platform within two years. The expected first product is the i3 RV. Other SUV and other models will be launched in the future, and many design elements of Vision Neue Klasse will also be used in future new cars.

The cabin interface is presented in a more concise manner, and the windshield becomes a part of the display interface.

New power platform and digital cockpit

Vision Neue Klasse uses the sixth-generation eDrive electric platform. The new platform uses a battery module composed of a new cylindrical battery core. The overall energy density will be increased by 20% compared with existing batteries. In addition, the cruising range and charging speed will also be increased by 30%. level, so the overall power efficiency will increase by as much as 25%, and through these efficiency improvements, it will also help the brand have more flexibility in car model settings, whether it is pursuing mileage, performance or maintaining practicality The mileage can be reduced but the load can be improved to improve driving response, and there will be better room for adjustment.

BMW has launched a series of concept cars, also showing various preparations for new next-generation cars.

In addition, there will be more digital technology applications in the cabin space. The latest generation of iDrive has also officially changed its usage structure. The knob control interface may officially bid farewell. The cabin will also be replaced with a central main screen paired with a surround screen and a large The projection Hud system makes the entire front area a usable display space; in addition, the exterior light set and the e-ink electronic ink technology in the lower half of the window will also become important elements when starting the vehicle and welcoming guests. The vehicle will also be guided by these light groups, allowing members to stand in the appropriate position to experience the fully automatic door opening and closing function, bringing a new car experience.

The new cockpit interface will make extensive use of digital technology, so that every part of the cabin has corresponding applications, demonstrating its technological research and development capabilities.

BMW iX1 eDrive20

The original BMW manufacturer also released the iX1 eDrive20 entry-level model at the IAA exhibition venue. The power output is 204hp/25.5kgm, equipped with a 64.78kWh battery pack, and the WLTP cruising range reaches 430~475 kilometers. The charging part is equipped with 11kW as standard or 22Kw as an option. AC charging and 130kW DC fast charging. At the same time, the management system can also cooperate with navigation to preheat the battery to improve fast charging efficiency and protect the battery. The new car is expected to start production in November this year, but the general agent Pan De said that the car is not yet available. There is an import plan.


BMW 5 Series PHEV

The PHEV model, which was announced when the new generation 5 Series was released, also officially appeared at this IAA auto show. It is expected to provide two power configurations, four-cylinder and six-cylinder. Among them, the 550e xDrive will have a combined maximum output of 489hp. The four-cylinder 530e has a combined output of 299hp and an average fuel consumption of up to 125km/l. The new car uses a 19.7kWh battery module and has a pure electric driving capacity of 87-101 kilometers (530e) and 79-90 kilometers (550e). The new car integrates the motor and electronic control system into the gearbox, so the motor torque of 28.5kgm can be amplified to 45.9kgm through the gearbox. Whether it is pure electric driving or full acceleration, it will help improve the acceleration response, but with 5 Under the current introduction arrangement of Series, the probability of the PHEV version appearing in China is not expected to be high.

BMW 5 Series PHEV

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