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【IAA Mobility 2023】Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class, the foundation of a new generation of RVs

  • ●New MMA modular platform, 800V voltage and high energy density battery
  • ●Adopts EDU electronic drive system, equipped with two-speed gearbox and designed for rear drive
  • ●Introducing the MB.OS digital control system to greatly improve vehicle monitoring capabilities
  • ● Mass production probability: 100%

The main slogan Defining Class used by Mercedes-Benz at this year's IAA Auto Show simply and clearly expresses the three-pointed star brand's ambition to once again redefine the electrified future, just like the innovative spirit that invented the car more than a hundred years ago. , Concept CLA Class also hopes to once again create a new field of electric vehicles.

The CLA concept car still retains the classic bow-shaped roof, and the roof is equipped with a lidar system, which can bring more advanced detection and assistance effects.

Launching a new architecture power platform

On the one hand, in addition to the rapid expansion of electric vehicles under the EQ sub-brand, Mercedes-Benz has not forgotten its own spirit of continuous research and development. The CLA concept car at this auto show can also be regarded as a step forward for the previous EQXX prototype to be closer to the mass production market. Transferring R&D technology and using the newly developed MMA modular electric platform, which adopts an 800V voltage architecture and has 250kW fast charging power. Under ideal conditions, it can recharge 400 kilometers of power in 15 minutes, but this battery platform will not be used in the future. Two different battery composition combinations will be provided, and the high-grade version will use silicon oxide anode batteries. The entry-level version will have cost-considered lithium iron phosphate batteries, but the 800V voltage still provides a lighter structure and stable temperature control capabilities. .

The panoramic glass roof design is quite gorgeous, and the factory emblems all over the roof are also very visual.

In addition to the evolution of battery technology, the concept car is also equipped with a new EDU electronic drive system. This system is presented in the rear-wheel drive mode on the concept car. The motor itself can output a maximum horsepower of about 240hp and is paired with a two-speed gearbox. Silicon carbide inverters and other detailed parts that contribute to performance transmission have reduced the use of rare earths in the new generation of permanent magnet motors to nearly 0%. Moreover, with a highly modular design, the weight of the entire drive system is controlled at 110 Within kilograms, it will also be helpful to the weight control of the overall electric vehicle. In the future, in addition to rear-wheel drive, the MMA platform's modular design will also provide a four-wheel drive system and serve as the basis for the next-generation small car family. It is expected to develop into a family lineup of four models, led by CLA.

The concept car uses a styling design with the head and tail echoing each other, which can be regarded as a unique new design style.
The three-pointed star factory emblem is all over the front and wheel frames, making it unmistakable that it is produced by Mercedes-Benz.

More comprehensive digital assistance capabilities

The overall design of the CLA concept car still shows the brand's consistent luxury foundation. The streamlined bow shape and a large number of factory emblems bring high recognition ability. The large-area panoramic roof will definitely be a tangible selling point of the mass-produced version in the future. Intangible values ​​that have been devoted to research and development in recent years, such as the MBUX digital platform, have also continued to improve. In the future, they will be further developed into the MB.OS digital system, which will be presented through the new generation Superscreen screen interface that spans the entire cabin, and the digital host of the built-in system. Using Nvidia's latest generation water-cooled chips, coupled with a large number of sensing devices and cloud networking mechanisms in the car, will further enhance the AI ​​or machine learning capabilities.

The introduction of the new MB.OS system into the new cockpit will also be of great help to subsequent integration applications.
The rear row has a two-seat configuration, and the panoramic roof provides outstanding visibility.

The system will also improve the sophistication of monitoring and services in the entire cabin. For example, the brand's child monitoring system, which is particularly emphasized by the brand, actively activates the child mode in the car, and the system's monitoring sensitivity can even detect the tiny breathing of a newborn to ensure that the car maintain the ideal state within. In addition, in terms of other application technologies, the new generation of driving assistance has also added Lidar technology and can be continuously updated through OTA. At the same time, both the hardware and MB.OS can support Level 3 driving assistance capabilities; and the power system of the new car will also The car-connected residential or car-connected power grid functions that support V2G and V2H can also be used as an energy supply source if the overall environment is well constructed to achieve two-way power supply capabilities, which helps maintain the power balance in the overall market and is also helpful for the power environment. .

The design of the center armrest is quite close to mass production specifications, and the lighting and material configuration are also very luxurious. Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class – Interior
The screen integrated across the cabin also brings new reading and usage effects.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

After the additional release of the E-Class Estate five-door station wagon, the original manufacturer quickly followed up with the IAA launch of the high-chassis All-Terrain model. The appearance was mainly replaced with black plastic wheel arches to improve the body's ability to resist sand and gravel wear. The chassis height is raised by 46mm, and Airmatic air-pressure suspension is equipped as standard. The power section features two four-cylinder diesel engines. The E220d is a 48V light petrol-electric configuration with an output of 197hp/44.9kgm. The E300 de is a PHEV model, which can provide an additional motor output of 95hp/44.9kgm and a pure electric range of 100 kilometers. The gasoline model has a single E450 configuration, equipped with a 3.0-liter straight-six engine and a 48V light petrol-electric system, with an output of 381hp/51.0kgm.

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