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【IAA Mobility 2023】New experience Audi Q6 e-tron

Although the appearance is disguised with a pure white background, the overall appearance is very clear, becoming the starting point for the next generation of the brand.
  • ●New next-generation pure electric strategy product, built using PPE’s new battery platform
  • ●Emphasis on user priority, basic design elements of future family interior architecture
  • ●Using the new E3 electronic architecture for multimedia system design basis
  • ●Introduction time: fourth quarter of 2024

This time at the IAA Auto Show, Audi did not come up with a new ideal plan for the next step in electrification like its old rivals. Instead, it took a steady and steady route, using the interior configuration of the Q6 e-tron as the main show of the exhibition, making this new car that is about to be officially launched. Generations of pure electric vehicles present a relatively pragmatic future.

After years of development, the Q6 e-tron will finally officially enter mass production and become the brand's main medium-sized pure electric SUV.

Entering the mainstream pure electric layout

Audi, one of the three traditional German luxury brands, has announced for some time that the brand will move towards pure electrification. However, except for e-tron, e-tron GT and the Q4 e-tron, which has not been introduced to Taiwan, In addition, it only relies on multiple concept cars to continuously inform consumers of subsequent plans and ideas, but the actual actions are somewhat lagging behind. Recently, only the updated model of Q8 e-tron has been ushered in, so whether there will be more mainstream products as soon as possible Entering the brand has become the most important task.

Of course, from the earlier preview, it can be seen that the Q6 e-tron will become the brand's most important pure electric product in the future. At this IAA auto show, the new car will only be shown in an all-white appearance. The main focus is to announce the new car's cockpit design and configuration. First of all, the Audi MMI panoramic display screen in front of the driver uses curved design and OLED technology. It is composed of an 11.9-inch digital instrument and a 14.5-inch touch screen. Like other brands in the group, it has a third 10.9-inch display screen in front of the passenger seat. , it is expected that this should be an optional item, but the three sets of screens perfectly integrate the Digital Stage digital cockpit stage that the brand has emphasized early on. An optional augmented reality HUD is also available, which can project a clear image on the front windshield and provide driving information such as speed, traffic signs, assistance and navigation icons.

New electronic platform strengthens networking mechanism

Text=The overall cockpit layout has also moved towards a new style, with 3D three-dimensional multi-layering as the main axis, using a new design called Softwrap, and using a large amount of 100% recycled polyester fiber as surface material, and traditional wood or leather are also available. Processing, other S line or sports S family will also provide Dinamica microfiber fabric or Nappa leather made of recycled materials. The Q6 e-tron will be the hottest mid-size SUV segment, with a rear compartment space of up to 526 liters, which can be increased to 1,529 liters when fully flattened, and an additional 64-liter storage area in the front; the new car will also provide Interaction light (IAL), which interacts with users, uses LED light strips with brightness up to 1200cd to surround the car and cockpit. IAL provides three core functions including interior atmosphere, welcome function (displayed when locked/unlocked), and auxiliary safety (can dynamically assist turn signal display, or display the current electric vehicle status and charging progress in the form of pulse light).

The rear seat space is expected to be excellent and will be matched with different seat materials.

Finally, the new car is the first to use the E3 electronic technology platform and the multimedia system developed in cooperation with Cariad. It is developed based on the Android vehicle platform. It is expected that there will be significant improvements in the overall voice control, networking capabilities and vehicle function control capabilities. The overall audio-visual effect It is expected to make great progress, and this car is expected to be officially released at the end of this year and will be sold in early 2024. Based on the normal introduction speed of the fourth ring, perhaps the second half of 2024 will be more likely. time.

The cockpit screen still maintains the three-screen combination, but the arrangement has been changed to a horizontal arrangement to provide the co-pilot with richer entertainment effects, but the overall innovation is slightly less than before.

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