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【IAA Mobility 2023】Opel Experimental, a new force in environmental protection

  • ●The latest evolution of the Bold and Pure design language, canceling the traditional chrome decoration
  • ●Exclusive tire matching with recycled rubber in cooperation with Goodyear, with built-in luminous factory emblem
  • ●Can be regarded as a preview of future mid-size SUV, equipped with a projection-type in-car multimedia system
  • ●Mass production probability: 100%

I believe that everyone is no longer unfamiliar with Opel after the recent launch of a series of new cars. After Opel's official restart in China, apart from the Astra, which is considered a new generation product, most of the other models are also slightly older, so new mainstream products can be released as soon as possible. It is also an urgent and important issue for the brand. This IAA auto show will bring a new atmosphere.

The exterior shape is built in the style of a running car, and the chassis will be built using the SLTA pure electric platform.

The design flavor of eliminating the unnecessary and retaining the essential

The Opel Experimental concept car is the latest idea of ​​the brand's Bold and Pure design style. The most interesting thing is that the cross lines on the head and tail of the car body and the lightning factory emblem form a very distinctive appearance. At the same time, under the overall environmental protection development trend, the original factory also It means that this is the first car that does not use any chrome decoration, and uses light strips, decorative panels of different materials and cutting lines of the car body to make decorations. In addition, the entire vehicle has an excellent aerodynamic design and is cleverly integrated into the overall outline. People are looking forward to what kind of new look this concept running and traveling SUV will bring when it is converted into mass production specifications.

The tires are designed in cooperation with Goodyear, and the aerodynamic effect is also a key design consideration.

In addition, the brand teamed up with Goodyear to create tires with a unique blade structure. In addition to being made of recycled rubber, the tire design also takes aerodynamic efficiency into consideration. It also designed a luminous factory logo. If such details can be invested in the design in the future, It is produced with a rear-view camera designed above the rear wheels, which can also bring a completely different appearance experience.

The seats and cabin are heavily carved with straight lines, which is also a very conceptual stage.

Eliminate redundant cockpit experience

The original factory adopted the term "Space detox" as an important element of the overall interior design. The cockpit design is arranged and combined with relatively simple lines, and by using transmission-by-wire technology, the steering wheel can also be folded under specific conditions to increase the openness of the cabin. At the same time, this car also adopts a new in-vehicle multimedia design method. Unlike many current car models that still use surround or central large screens, Experimental directly uses full projection to display, and the saddle inside the car also uses a cross luminous body. The cross design to echo the appearance of the head and tail may also become a unique feature in the future. By simplifying the unnecessary design of the cockpit design and adding the innate characteristics of the pure electric chassis, the new car will be C-segment size but have D-segment space planning.

The cabin is designed with a clear and concise layout, and the steering wheel also has the ability to be folded and stored in certain driving conditions.

Although the concept car only states that it will be built based on the group's SLTA pure electric platform, it is expected that this car will also be the successor to medium-sized SUVs such as the Grandland. Therefore, the recently launched Peugeot e-3008 can be regarded as a main reference object and will be officially put into production in the future. Mass production should also use the SLTA Medium pure electric platform, equipped with a 400V voltage 98kWh battery, and have a range of 500~700 kilometers.

The cross-light strips and factory emblem on the front of the car are combined with black trim strips to bring out the futuristic appearance.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer Electric

Text = Astra, which was recently launched in China, also announced a pure electric version of the station wagon at the IAA Auto Show. The new car is designed to be lightweight and efficient. The 54kWh battery is paired with a 156hp/27.5kgm front-wheel drive single motor configuration, maintaining a light weight of 1780 kg. It is heavy, has a top speed of 170km/h, and has a driving range of 413 kilometers. At the same time, the rear compartment space can also provide a load capacity of 516 liters. If we can communicate with the original manufacturer as soon as possible to introduce it, this will also provide the Astra series or Another attractive model from the Opel brand.

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