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【IAA Mobility 2023】The starting point of change Mini Cooper E/ Countryman E

●The three-door version enters the fifth generation, and the Countryman enters the third generation

●The first launch focuses on E/SE dual-level pure electric vehicles, with a maximum battery life of over 400 kilometers.

●Countryman is built on the UKL platform, and a fuel version will be launched later.

●Introduction time: fourth quarter of 2024

After a short period of organization and planning, Mini officially launched a new phase at this IAA auto show. It faced the electrification future through a comprehensive redesign of the car series. It also took the lead in launching a "pure electric car" as the first model. At the same time, It was also announced that the product reorganization arrangement will be Mini Cooper, Countryman and the Aceman launched in the next year, and the travel-style Clubman will be eliminated.

The greatly simplified interface still retains the classic physical control interface, allowing car owners to still enjoy the unique operation method in the pure electric era.

Classic three-door compact style returns

In the development of previous generations, the attention of the Mini Cooper three-door model has been downplayed by the five-door model. At the same time, many consumers believe that the size and shape of the three-door version have deviated from the true nature of Mini. This fifth-generation all-new car also shows that the brand fully listens to the voices of consumers. Just in line with the current minimalist design trend, the overall appearance has become simple and fashionable, but the classic round headlights, British flag taillights and polygonal air intake dams, All still continue the classic appearance of Mini.

After four generations, MINI will also officially move towards a development pace dominated by pure electric vehicles, and its body shape will also return to a simple style.

The power system is the first to feature two pure electric configurations. Mini Cooper E is equipped with a 40.7kWh battery pack and supports 75kW fast charging power. The output reaches 181hp/29.6kgm, has a WLTP cruising range of 305 kilometers, and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 7.3 seconds; there are also preparations The Mini Cooper SE model uses a 54.2kWh battery module and the charging power is increased to 95Kw, so it can complete 10~80% of the charging work in 30 minutes. The performance part is 214hp/33.7kgm, and the acceleration time is also improved to 6.7 seconds. , and has a cruising range of 402 kilometers.

The interior of the new car also takes a minimalist route. The entire car uses a central circular multimedia system to adjust displays and functions. It also provides a HUD head-up display as an optional item for drivers who want to enhance the convenience of information reading. It is expected that there will also be a projection interface. Very unique design. In addition, the newly developed Mini OS 9 operating system will also have very rich vehicle control and networking functions, and the physical buttons retained at the bottom of the screen will still be used for common functions such as vehicle startup. When Mini enters the pure electric era, It still retains a simple operation interface.

The Countryman's shape is more powerful, and its actual size has also been relatively improved.

Maximum Mini and then enlarge

Text=Countryman has always been the largest member of the Mini family. This time the newly redesigned car has further increased the length to 4429mm, which is 13 centimeters more than the current car, and the height of the car has also increased by 6 centimeters. It also reaches the size level of mainstream small SUV models. In the future, the brand will also add Aceman, a slightly smaller CUV model, to fill the gap space left after the withdrawal of Clubman and the enlargement of Countryman.

The appearance uses a square shape as the main element, but the wind resistance coefficient is greatly reduced, improving operational efficiency.

Although the size of the new car has been enlarged, and the new car has more square and detailed designs that increase the visual sense of majesty, the new car's drag coefficient has dropped to 0.26Cd, and the overall aerodynamic performance has also made great progress. Of course, these changes also help the economy. Performance.

The Countryman and the three-door will also release two pure electric models first, but they also announced that they will release a lineup of fuel-powered models next year to meet the needs of the mainstream market. The pure electric version Countryman E/SE is equipped with a 64.7kWh battery module, and the charging function is equipped with AC alternating current corresponding to 22kw and DC direct current fast charging of 130kw. The overall charging efficiency will be greatly enhanced, and the performance is 204hp/25.5 There are two outputs: kgm and 313hp/50.4kgm.

Countryman will enter its third generation and will adopt a parallel sales strategy of oil and electricity in the future.

The interior is also dominated by a large disc screen, but the console shape is relatively flat and matched with different styles of interior ambient lights. The in-line air outlets also have a somewhat retro flavor, showing a quite mature cabin texture. It is very obvious that it is different from the three-door model that emphasizes liveliness and dynamics, and it also gives the new car a more mature and adult feel, which may also attract more buyers of different age groups.

The interior of the Mini Cooper still has a classic silhouette, and more diverse lighting designs are added.
The Countryman's cabin has a unique retro atmosphere, and the flat console and straight air-conditioning outlets also have an American design style.

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