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【If the donkey knows】EO

Awarded the 75thCannes Film Festival Jury Award for Best Film, Soundtrack Award

Legendary Polish director Jesse Skolinmorski Violation 7The latest creative works of the year

Through the perspective of the main character donkey A fantastic "donkey" journey to see all aspects of Polish society and human emotions

French actress Isabelle Yubei turned into a countess Playing with a donkey for the first time

Story introduction

EO is a gray donkey with melancholy eyes and a curious spirit. It was first performed in a circus before he escaped while trekking through the Polish-Italian countryside, encountering both the absurd and the warm on his journey.

plot outline

Io originally stayed in a traveling circus, which was his only affiliation since he was a child. Later, he was forced to leave and escaped while trekking in the countryside on the border between Poland and Italy. It also encounters warm situations, and along the way, it observes the folly and triumph of human nature. During Io's journey, he is simultaneously helped and hindered by various characters, including a young Italian priest (Lorenzo Juzzolo), a countess (Isabella Yubei), and a rowdy Polish football team.

After seven years, legendary director Jesse Skrinmoski ("Bathroom Love", "British Moonlight") is back with one of his most free-spirited and visually creative films to date. If the Donkey Knows, about a gray donkey named Io as he embarks on his wandering journey, this film is one of his most free-spirited and visually creative, taking the audience directly into the world of the four-legged protagonist. mind and mind.

【If the Donkey Knows】How much is inspired by Rob Bresson's classic "Donkey Batsa" (Random balthazar, 1966), together with captivating and immersive cinematography by Michal Dymek and a moving score by Pawel Mykietyn, put the audience in the The view of the four-legged protagonist. Io's journey conveys the world around us. The donkey protagonist boldly points out the sickness of our society, and while it pursues freedom, it can also serve as a wake-up call to warn the world that inaction and neglect can bring great harm. danger.

making tidbits

After 7 years, Jesse Scolinmoski once again directs this epic contemporary fable "If the Donkey Knows". Shot in Poland and Italy, the film centers on a donkey who has a good life in a circus, cared for by a young and kind-hearted Cassandra, before being forced to leave.

Director Jesse Skrinmoski said that he was inspired by Rob Bresson's film, and he wanted to pay tribute to the predecessor director, so he created this modern fable, the protagonist is a donkey of the Sardinian breed, He says:"Decades ago, I was interviewed by the French "Cinema Notes". At that time, I mentioned that the only movie that moved me to tears was "Batesa the Donkey" directed by Rob Bresson. I should be that movie. Noticed as soon as it came out, I haven't shed a single tear in a movie theater since. So, I'm grateful to Rob Bresson, and I also want to use animals as characters in my own movies. A source of emotion."

"If the Donkey Knows" is a poetic work with a metaphorical world view.

Director Jesse Skrimmorski said he wanted most of all to make a film that told the truth: "Tell this story based on emotion, and it will be more touching than any film I have made before."

During his career, Jesse Skrinmoski has directed many outstanding actors, including Robert Duvall and Jeremy Irons. He said: "These two actors are the most generous and generous I have ever worked with. The best person.” But this time, if you want to guide the donkey to act in front of the camera, you have to seek other resources.

"Usually directors use clever arguments or emotional language to motivate actors to deliver a satisfying effect. But this time with the donkey, the only way to convince the donkey to act is to be gentle, in its ear Speak softly, with some kind touches. If you raise your voice and still act nervous or impatient, it can quickly lead to disaster."

But according to Jesse Sklimowski, there are some more important factors: "The main difference from directing actors is that donkeys don't know what 'acting' is, they don't pretend at all, they just Show the original state. Donkeys are docile, kind, polite, respectful and loyal. They will go all out to live in the present, and they will never show narcissism. I will discuss ideas with the director, donkey is a great actor."

In order to find the "donkey protagonist", Jesse Skrinmoski went through a casting process:

“We found a couple of donkeys that fit, and I saw the photos and immediately liked the Sardinian breed. I knew in my heart that my Io must be gray with white spots around the eyes. So I went to A horse stable near Warsaw, to see the animal in the picture that fascinated me, its name is Tako. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had found the protagonist of this movie.”

There is also the second casting, which is to find the best stand-in for Taco. The crew used a total of 6 donkeys. In addition to Taco, there are Hola, Marietta, Ettore, Luo Rocco and Mela.

Jesse Skellymowski said he learned a lot from the experience:

"The amazing thing about donkeys is that they are so unique in nature, each donkey we got had a different personality, and that made every shot we took unpredictable, it was like every day we were jumping at a puzzle to solve, Try to find out what the donkey likes, dislikes, fears, and preferences. And, sometimes a seemingly innocuous situation, such as a wire lying on the ground, suddenly becomes an obstacle that the donkey cannot overcome; Some things we thought would scare them, like a giant dam pouring out of a waterfall, they didn't care."

Knowing about the animals, and enabling Jesse Skellymowski to adapt to them, was unexpected for the director:“The common preconceived notion of donkeys is that they’re stubborn, and they are. For us, it’s sometimes easier to rearrange a scene, or move the camera where it’s supposed to be, rather than trying to convince the donkey to do it. Things they don't want to do."

Jesse Skellingmoss thinks "If the Donkey Knows" is a movie about innocence)movie of:"In our ruthless and cynical world, innocence can be seen as naive, or a sign of weakness, but I still strive to cultivate the innocence that is left in me."

director introduction

Jerzy Skolimowski—Director/Screenwriter/Producer

Jerzy Skolimowski (Polish: Jerzy Skolimowski, born May 5, 1938), a Polish film director, actor and screenwriter, graduated from the Lodz Film Academy, and is also an influential Polish director . In 2016, he was awarded the honorary Golden Lion Award at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

Polish director Jesse Skolinmorski is one of the most revered directors in postwar European cinema. He has made more than 20 films so far, and his directorial works include the Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award-winning work[Let's Go! Lovers]Cannes Film Festival jury prize winning work[Indulgence]political drama[Moonlight in England]and[The Wrath of the Sea]which won him the best director award at the Venice Film Festival. He was also awarded the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival. He is also a well-known screenwriter, having written the screenplays of "The Innocent Exorcist" (1960) and "The Knife in the Water" (1962).

Jesse Skrinmoski didn't direct for a few years before returning to Cannes in 2008 with his critically acclaimed thriller Tracking Anna, which was selected to open the Directors' Fortnight. It also won the Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2010, "I Don't Want to Die" directed by him won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

In 2016, Jesse Skrinmoski won the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival.

Jesse Skellymowski is also an actor, having acted in "One Flew Over the Soviet Union", "A Dark Mystery", "Before Night Falls" and "The Avengers".

Jesse Skellymowski is also an accomplished painter, whose works have participated in the Venice Biennale and exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

cast introduction

Isabelle Huppert— as "The Countess"

Isabelle Hubert is one of the most important French actors. She's won numerous awards and nominations over the years, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for "Her Dangerous Game," a role that won her many other awards. She broke the record with a total of 16 Cesar Award nominations, including 2 wins.

Isabelle Yubei is also active in the fields of film, series and stage play, and her performances in various works have always been appreciated. Her early career masterpieces include "The Girl Weaving" directed by Claude Goreta and "Everyone for Himself" directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Her English-language debut was the critically acclaimed Heaven's Gate directed by Maximino. Her other English-language credits include "The Window", "Spiritual Detective Agency", "Because of Love: After She Disappeared", "Because of Love: After Leaving Him", "Memory" and "Invasion of a Roommate" And 【Zhong Xia Family Whispers】.

Isabelle Yubei is performing in "Violet. Noziel]and A Woman's Story, portraying herself as a fearless heroine, an image that continued in Michael Hanneke's controversial film The Piano Teacher and later in Her "Dangerous Game" played to the fullest. In 2022, she won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.


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