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【Liquor Unit】When Burning Birds Profound Truth, Meet New WhiskyYakitori & Whisky

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The beauty of the niche, the experts know first! This issue of First-hand Car News leads readers to taste the most trendy whisky at the moment, paired with the chef's cuisine of "Torizhe Yakitori Specialty Store", and experience the spark collision between various parts of chicken and whisky.

What is Yakitori (焼きbird/Yakitori)? How to be the ultimate? Everyone in Japan knows that "Yakitori" generally refers to a dish that is grilled on a charcoal fire after skewering chicken. The description of the chicken barbecue dish first appeared in the essay "Void Grass" in the Kamakura period, here A dish of grilling pheasant is recorded, and in the Edo period Japan's oldest recipe book "Cooking Story", the word "skewer" is specially recorded. However, Yakitori popularized as a popular dish in the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. After that, in order to survive on the ashes of the wasteland, ingredients such as internal organs began to be valued. In the 1960s, when the "white broiler chicken (chicken only for eating)" appeared, the popularity of Yakitori was rapid.

Founder and Chef Xiao Zhewen (middle)

Japan has Binai Chicken, Nagoya Cochin Chicken, Satsuma Chicken, and Taiwan also has Guiding Chicken, a national banquet-grade ingredient that we are proud of! These brands of chicken have become the signature of roast bird shops. Just like Xiao Zhewen, the founder and chef of the "Niao Zhe Roast Food Specialty Shop" located in the alleys of Zhishan MRT Station, he insists on high standards of ingredients and ranks first in Taiwan. The chef who puts chicken sashimi dishes on the menu pays attention to professional chicken cutting, charcoal fire, and the ratio of meat and oil. "If you can make one cut, don't cut two." Every time you make a cut, the moisture in the meat will be reduced by one point. It may have a dry wood taste when grilled. He inherited the skills and skills of the Japanese skewer master Tookami, and fully reflects the Japanese rigorous "craftsman" spirit in each string of ultimate roasts.

How can chicken and whisky be the perfect pairing?

"Niao Zhe" is Taiwan's first barbecue restaurant that focuses on "chicken". The wine list is more based on Japanese wine, accompanied by rich and refreshing chicken. Bring a good wine to accompany your meal, but whisky? This thick, powerful spirit is often questioned when paired with chicken.

In the past, we often used bourbon with cinnamon, cherry and vanilla flavors to pair with spicy chicken wings, fried chicken and other heavy-flavored chicken dishes. For the roasted bird skewer that pursues the original flavor of the ingredients, we can’t come up with ordinary whiskey. We choose three. These whiskeys have a special "story". They have rich legends and flavors, but the taste is not heavy or tasteless. When it comes to delicate chicken dishes, whisky is naturally special enough!

For the roasted bird skewer that pursues the original flavor of the ingredients, we selected three whiskies with special "story": Watford, Cressa and Grandi.

Light Chicken Dish╳ Waterford GAIA 2.1 Organic Whiskey

When you taste this organic whisky for the first time, you will be amazed by its particularly clean body, which exudes a touch of rose rock salt. It turns out that the first entry of whisky can also be unburdened. Waterford is the first whisky distillery in the world to use the "biodynamic method" to grow barley. Like wine, it pays attention to organic farming methods, pays attention to the environmental terroir, and a single estate to achieve the most natural and pure Irish whiskey. Such charming, slender and elegant The wine is paired with the "Chicken Tata" of "Niao Zhe" - a raw chicken dish that is unique in Taiwan, showing the perfect fit of chicken, raw quail egg yolk and liquid rock salt. GAIA 2.1 is pure but has an amazing level of flavor, with the freshness of the forest after the rain, but also the taste of freshly baked bread, fresh fruit salad and marshmallow.

"Wasabi ribeye" is Toozhe's signature. It uses delicate charcoal fire to master the perfect medium-rareness. One bite is like top-grade grilled sashimi, which is unforgettable. It fits very well. Compared with other internal organs, the chicken diaphragm (Phoenix meat) is more refreshing. Under the cooking of Chef Xiao Zhewen, the taste is more chewy and more fragrant, but at the same time, you can feel the delicate meat quality, and the elegance. Whiskey pairings get even more appetizing.

"Chicken Tartar"
"Wasabi rib muscle"

Wings & Fruits╳ Kresa Stobcross Whiskey

You may have drunk all kinds of whisky from north to south to the islands of Scotland, but The Clydeside is a new star in the whisky world, and you must try it anyway. Kleisa was born in an old house in Glasgow, the port capital. This is a power warehouse building built by Morrison, the founding family, in the 1870s. The brewing water comes from the national park lake water that the family built the dam, creating a fresh and clean wine like fresh fruit. The body, the aroma of blueberry, strawberry jam and pineapple is layered. It is most suitable to match the crispy and fragrant "roasted chicken wings". Every time you chew it, the oily juice erupts without being greasy. For chicken wings, we generally recommend pairing with hops. Flavorful IPA beer, but you might miss out on exploring whisky and chicken wings!

Basically, when pairing chicken wings with whisky, we must first avoid the "peated flavor" of the strong wines, and use handcrafts such as Kresa, which has contracted with local small-scale wheat farmers and made its own wheat, with its wild berry salad-like craftsmanship. The taste has become the first choice for pairing chicken wings today, and it is a perfect match with vegetable and fruit skewers. It is a must-try in this life. This Mid-Autumn Festival must have such a bottle, but "from corn shoots to grilled steak" is delicious.

"Boiled Chicken Wings"
Kresa's taste like wild berry salad has become the first choice for chicken wings today, and it is a perfect match with vegetable and fruit skewers.

Chicken Offal and Thick Dishes╳ Grande Double Cask Whiskey

Among the niche wines paired with "Boiled Bird" this time, Grande is one of the only three remaining wineries in Campbell Town. The "Mist from the Ocean" flavor of Cape Tay, with a touch of sea salt that constantly beats the taste buds like waves, uses barrels to create a perfectly balanced rich fruity aroma for bourbon and Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels, with its obvious oak caramel. The taste is most suitable for this "self-slow chicken liver". It is soaked in low-temperature cooking sauce and refrigerated for about a day and a half to achieve a slightly sweet and powerful flavor. Finally, the whisky ends with a vanilla oak flavor to complete a beautiful wine and food dialogue. Grandi, which is full of sherry but tastes "details" that are not too sweet, is quite suitable for all kinds of chicken dishes with delicate but rich flavors.

"Slow Chicken Liver"
Grandi, which is full of sherry but can taste the "details", is quite suitable for all kinds of chicken dishes with delicate taste but strong flavor.

How long does it take to train a skewer of chicken? "At least two years!" The uncompromising spirit of the craftsman reveals firm belief from every bite of chicken. For god-level cuisine, it is natural to choose unique wines to accompany them. Whiskey to explore the unforgettable "umami" flavor landscape.

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