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【Parking in the car】 Anyone can easily do it!?

So far, the author has repaired and modified many old cars and overseas RVs. It believes that the design and texture of old items have a sense of satisfaction and values ​​that current models do not have. Dirt and scars can be improved by repairing, cleaning, and sometimes giving them new life by painting or remodeling.

In particular, in-car living spaces such as camper vans can be made attractive by changing interior decorations and materials.
This article will introduce you to my favorite examples and techniques of "Easy Remodeling and Interior Decoration".

table of contents
●Suitable for low-priced items and groceries at mass retailers
● Closer to the "feel of home"
●Adorned with "lighting" and "green"

Just the right amount of low-priced items and groceries at mass retailers

"Hundred-Yuan Commodities" with more and more items every year.
Rather than selling them at a price of 100 yen, they offer low-priced daily groceries around the world.
There are 100-yen stores that sell everything, and camper-friendly items abound.

In addition to camping supplies, the interior decoration of the car is also highly recommended to use household items.
Such as wallpaper or tile decals for kitchen decoration. While they're available at hardware stores or grocery stores, the advantage of getting them at the 100-yen store is the size. Because of the low price, no matter what product is "small in size".
And this size is just right for the car, the interior area of ​​the car is not large, this kind of small product just meets the needs.

Storage supplies and accessories are 100 yen, and the size is just right. In addition, most of the 100-yuan stores are made of light and thin materials, so it is a suitable product for the interior of the car, which may be damaged by vibration or falling, rather than the durability of the product.

In addition, metal hooks or coat hangers can be used to enhance the "room feeling".
Colors such as brass and bronze can give people a retro and warm atmosphere. By using wooden miscellaneous goods, not only can you express a sense of history, but you can also paint it in your favorite color.

The 100-yen store also sells various seasonal decorations. During Halloween and Christmas, you can decorate inside and outside your car and enjoy camping.

One step closer to "feeling at home"

The interior of many camper vans has a wood grain theme.
Although wood grain is also very popular recently, the author deliberately decorated some blocks with basic colors such as "white" to create a room-like space.

Speaking of which, have you noticed that there are surprisingly few "cars with white interiors"? What are your thoughts? Are your homes also based on white?

Use this illusion of familiar hues to create a more spacious and unobtrusive interior in a cramped camper van.
Although it takes a little courage to paint the interior, if the interior of the car is a little old or has scars, I recommend everyone to take a hard look at it. I believe the overall atmosphere will change 180 degrees.

Sometimes using "logs" or "tiles, stones" in a small area is also quite good.
Small-scale use can further highlight the presence of "real items".

The use of natural logs in some areas such as floors, walls, and ceilings instantly makes the overall atmosphere high-end, and even just a table can be of great help.
Natural logs that slowly change over time due to sunlight and dirt can create different impressions or memories.

If it is a thin board, it can be pasted with double-sided tape and adhesive. The point to note here is that the thickness of "natural wood" that can be used in the car needs to be more than 3cm.

Even if it is not a camper or RV, you can dilute the "car feeling" through these, and the overall impression will be greatly changed.

The item with the most obvious effect is the "curtain".

Install "blackout curtains" to combine functionality and effects. As for rails and curtains, it is no problem to use household items directly. Choose your favorite style of curtains, and then change to the appropriate size to install in the car.

The curtains have a large area and are quite suitable for style changes in the car.

It is also highly recommended that when you choose throw pillows, rugs, and blankets, choose items with "patterns and colors" as embellishments.

Putting eye-catching items in a car with little space can not only add fun, but also add emphasis to the overall space and bring a sense of spaciousness. Partitioning to create different atmospheres or tonal unity is also quite effective.

Covering a sofa or seat with a large piece of cloth can also change the overall mood.

Decorated with "lighting" and "green"

Campervans and RVs are the same as homes, and the main relaxation time zone will fall in "night".
During the day, you should mainly move or play, and how to arrange the night when you stay in the car for the longest time? This is also one of the joys of car interior decoration.

The author is quite particular about "lighting". If you want to create an extraordinary space to enjoy, like a "restaurant" or "hotel", it is very important to reduce the brightness to create a comfortable space.
First of all, you can replace the light bulbs in the car with "warm colors" with temperature. At present, there are quite a lot of LED products on the market, so there is no need to worry about power consumption.
After considering the quantity and position, we create a "shadow" in the overall space to bring out the light and shade and create a deep space.
You can try to install lighting with "visual sense" to create a space that can give people a sense of security.

Groceries and bedding can also be slowly adjusted starting with outdoor items. In particular, as long as the camper and RV are of the same size, it is no problem to use household items directly, and the comfort of the quilt is better than that of a sleeping bag.

Try decorating your car with paintings, photos or greenery too.
Hang magazine cut pages, photos or posters, whichever suits your style.

Another advanced technique that I would like to recommend to you is to use "ornamental plants" for decoration.
The "fake flowers" that can be purchased at grocery stores are the most suitable. Recently, the products have been made very realistic, and there are also many products with a sense of design, with potted plants and flower pots. Placing plants in the car will greatly improve the texture.
Remind everyone to use double-sided tape to fix them in order to prevent them from being overturned or damaged during vehicle travel.

The interior decoration can be DIYed by yourself or commissioned by the industry, and you can experience it in various ways.

If you change the seat, sofa cover or change the interior layout and other major modifications, you can enjoy the excitement of building a home. If you entrust a professional, I believe the finished product will be even better!

The "Easy Remodeling Technique and Interior Decoration" introduced this time, you can try it out slowly during the holidays.

You can first describe the feeling of "what you want to achieve" by yourself. You can implement it bit by bit by yourself, or you can entrust a professional to realize your ideal appearance.

I hope everyone can spend a happy car travel life in a more comfortable space.

Original source:[Professional teaching]Easy for anyone! ?? Transform into a relaxing car "Easy refurbishment and interior decoration"
Want to see more:MOBY


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