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【Parking in the car】What points should you consider to find a car that suits you? Ideal surfers camping vehicle (Part 2)


Whether we need a toilet or not is a topic that is often debated, and the author is on the side of the need.

Near the coast where I often go, the parking lot is a long way from the toilet, and sometimes it must be parked in a place where there is no toilet at all.

In this case, you have to endure to the nearest supermarket or convenience store. So I bought a portable toilet based on insurance.

A few days ago, the author parked the car a little distance from the toilet, and it started to rain outside in the middle of the night. At that time, the portable toilet came in handy. It is also more dangerous for women to go out in the middle of the night. Therefore, I think it would be better to have a toilet.

Dust prevention measures

Cars seem to be less prone to rusting these days.

The newest car for me is a 2010 Caravan, and while it's pretty old to the average person, it's less prone to rust than any I've driven before.

The dust-proof measures are not only applicable to vehicles that often go to the seaside, but also to vehicles that often go to snowy areas.

Snowmelting agents contain many salt-related agents, which are responsible for rusting around the wheels and chassis.

Camper vans that will go everywhere should be dustproof.

Body size

Although the wider the cabin, the more comfortable it is, but as everyone knows, Japan has many narrow roads.

As shown in the picture above, there are very few fishing villages with neatly planned roads. Most of the old fishing villages are quite densely built, and the sheep intestine trail is a common sight.

The reason why the roads are so narrow is that the streets and settlements along the coast were originally developed against the land and the sea, and the main means of transportation were sea routes.

The settlement looked rather monotonous from the land, but when looking at the settlement from the sea in a rubber boat, it looked completely different.

Because surfing is a marine sport, it is necessary to drive to such a place. In this case, the oversized body is not only inconvenient, but may not even be able to reach the seaside. Particularly problematic is the width.

Now the Caravan I ride is more than 4.7m long (the engine displacement is also more than 2000cc), but the width is less than 1.7m.

When I bought this car, I was hesitant to buy a Dodge van shorty with a similar length and price.

But the Dodge van is 2m wide, which is 30cm wider than the Caravan.

The width of the vehicle can not only improve the living comfort, but also the body is relatively stable and the appearance is also good.

But in fact, when traveling with a Caravan, the benefits of a narrow body are often felt. In addition to the seaside, this car width is just right in the mountains. There are often roads that cannot advance or retreat as long as they are 30cm wider.

The wide body is quite attractive in many aspects, and considering the practicality in Japan, the narrow car still has the advantage.

In terms of length, I do not feel particularly inconvenience when comparing the Caravan, which is nearly 5m in length, with the Hiace, which is 30cm shorter than the Caravan.

Unexpectedly, the length difference of about 30cm does not have much effect on turning.

Some coin-operated car parks are limited to 5m in length, but my Caravan can still park in it, and the length of the car is really satisfying.

In addition, the length of the 5m boundary will make a big difference is the ferry fare.

Most of them are distinguished by less than 4m, less than 5m, and less than 6m. At this time, it is very important whether the length is less than 5m.

In the past, I lived in Kanagawa Prefecture, and sometimes there were no waves near the coast during holidays, so I would take the Tokyo Bay ferry to the Boso Peninsula, and the Tokyo Bay ferry was charged according to the length.

Although ferries are also used now, the cost of a Caravan super long (currently a super long longer than 5m) is the same as that of regular cars and small cars.

On the other hand, I have driven a sunny truck with a long body before, whose length is a little longer than 4m, so it cannot be priced at the same price as a light truck, which is quite a pity.

The author has also taken ferries to distant places such as Shikoku, Kyushu, and Amami Oshima for surfing trips. The further the distance, the greater the price difference.

After the detailed price difference, I will have the opportunity to tell you. From Tokyo to Tokushima, if the body length exceeds 5m, the one-way difference will be about 6,000 yen.

Therefore, the ideal body size is moderate in width and less than 5m in length.

Imagine your ideal car

Of course, there are also conditions that cannot be ignored, such as appearance design and driving performance. These are just the necessary conditions and ideals for the author to make their own camper.

Although it is not so easy to visualize, as long as the conditions are listed like this, the probability of choosing the wrong camper can be reduced, and it is better to plan how to DIY.

Everyone can try to picture the best possible campervan conditions for them.

For the author, the ideal body size is a Caravan super long with a moderate width and a length of less than 5m

Original source:What do you think about finding a car that suits you?Ideal surfers camping vehicle
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【Parking in the car】What points should you consider to find a car that suits you? Ideal surfers camping vehicle (Part 1)


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