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【Test Drive】“Art” travels with the distanceVolkswagen Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance

●The suggested price is 2.058 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 12.5km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

The lovable place is the most beautiful VW in existence, there is no one

● Regret of the Pearl The interior design is still too rational

The facelifted Arteon series introduced at the beginning of last year has not only become the new flagship representative of Volkswagen in China, but also has become the first choice of many low-key buyers due to its excellent design texture and individual style. TSI R-Line Performance, with more abundant performance, brings the GT sports atmosphere of the Arteon series to a higher level.

Since its introduction, the Arteon series has offered two body styles: Fastback four-door hatchback and Shooting Brake five-door racing, with 330 TSI Elegance/Elegance Premium/R-Line and 380 TSI R-Line Performance four models. , build a quite rich and complete product line, and come to the latest 2022-style models, in addition to the 330 TSI three models affected by the current international situation, all have their prices increased by 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, 380 TSI With the upgrade of the original power unit to 430 TSI R-Line Performance, the price has risen by 70,000 yuan to 2.058 million (Fastback) and 2.138 million (Shooting Brake).

Design quality first

Although I have had two test drives before, but this time I met Arteon again after only a year apart, I still couldn't help but stop outside the car for a long time, carefully looking at the line layout and design details of the body, like multiple parallel lines The 3D horizontal grille-type water tank cover composed of chrome trim strips, LED daytime running lights and central positioning lights, which also integrates the IQ.Light smart headlight group with DLA dynamic far and near light switching function, plus the leading edge is obviously downward. The extended hood and the front air intake dams on both sides of the full expansion bring a modern and dynamic sports-style front appearance; the line of sight turns to the side and rear of the car, and the smooth sliding roof line of the Fastback and the central position of the body are profound and clear The falling sharp waistline together outlines the unrecognizable coupe figure. The LED taillights with matrix style fully echo the modern elements of the front of the car, while the short and full trunk lines and the layered rear bumper design fully It is a perfect ending to the delicate and ingenious design techniques of the whole car.

The exclusive R-Line emblem is embedded between the radiator guard and the LED daytime running lights, understating the powerful performance and dynamic atmosphere.
The smooth body lines come to the short and powerful trunk shape, and the matrix-style LED taillights add a technological style.
The standard 20-inch Nashville cyclone-shaped rim cleverly uses three-dimensional two-color matching, bringing a particularly eye-catching and dynamic visual effect.
The unique 3D grille-type water tank guard and multiple hood fold lines create a compact and low-profile sports car front visual impression.
The smooth sliding roof line and the deep and neat waistline of the body set up a distinct four-door coupe style. The slightly concave wheel arch fold line and the rear bumper multi-level horizontal fold line make the overall layer proportion more harmonious.

When you open the door, the three-dimensional panel design extending from the console all the way to the upper edge of the door trim panels on both sides is also eye-catching. The multi-segment turns, matte chrome trim strips and black piano paint trim panels are also inlaid, which once again shows that it is worthy of the family. The delicate workmanship of the flagship status, as for the R-Line exclusive configuration such as the three-spoke sports multi-function steering wheel and the Nappa Carbon carbon fiber pattern leather sports car seat, not only adds a running style, but also further enhances the luxurious texture of the cockpit; it is a pity Yes, from the 10.25-inch digital instrument, the 9.2-inch MIB 3 multimedia touch screen, the touch-sensitive air-conditioning panel, the gear shift assembly to the central saddle, it is still the same family style as other models, and it cannot be as impressive as the appearance. Unforgettable.

The side trim panels are also replaced with R-Line exclusive styling, and the delicate and unassuming design method is worth savoring.
The capitalized model words in the center inherit the new generation family configuration method, and the 4Motion exclusive nameplate can also be seen at the lower right.
The luxurious texture and technology level in the cockpit are worthy of the VW flagship status, but the ingenuity of the detailed modeling design is not as rich and outstanding as the appearance.
The 10.25-inch digital instrument with the R-Line logo at the bottom meets consumer preferences, and also provides different display styles and complementary color options.
The three-dimensional styling trim panels on the console and the upper edge of the doors are changed from silver plaid to black carbon fiber to further enhance the sporty style.
The Nappa Carbon carbon fiber grain leather sports car seat has a good shape and texture, and the wrapping and comfort performance are also above the standard.
The rear seats also have a certain degree of coverage, and the head space is not affected too much by the shape of the coupe, and the occupants under 175 cm are still ample.

More power

Since the Tiguan R was introduced into China, its sales performance has been outstanding, and it has even become the largest market outside Germany. The subsequent introduction of Golf R and other high-performance models of the R family have also received enthusiastic responses. At the end of last year, the Arteon 380 TSI was briefly withdrawn. It is expected that it will be replaced by Arteon R in the future. Unfortunately, it is understood that Arteon R is not currently available to markets outside Europe, and the new 430 TSI model will be the flagship of the car series. The new car is upgraded to be equipped with the EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine, with a maximum output of 8hp/5.1kgm higher than the previous 380 TSI to 280hp/40.8kgm. It is also powered by a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and a 4Motion intelligent four-wheel drive system. Under the matching, the 0~100km/h acceleration is shortened from 5.8/5.9 seconds (Fastback/Shooting Brake) to only 5.5 seconds (same for both models), and even the average fuel consumption is slightly improved by 0.2km/L to 12.5km /L (Shooting Brake increased by 0.7km/L to 12.8km/L), the improvement in output efficiency is self-evident.

The EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine was refitted and upgraded, and the maximum output was increased by 8hp/5.1kgm to 280hp/40.8kgm.

In the test drive back and forth from Taipei to Yilan, the 430 TSI's more impressive improvement in power is not the lightness of the start, but the more full and continuous power output in the middle and rear sections. This feeling is also consistent with the new engine's 40.8 The peak torque output range of kgm is concentrated, and the timing of the 280hp maximum horsepower is relatively delayed. The adjustment direction is in line with the direction of adjustment. When re-accelerating at high speed or driving on long uphill sections, it is more comfortable and confident. With the DCC active chassis control system In most driving conditions, the flexible and moderate damping setting, as well as the dexterous steering feel brought by the Progressive Steering dynamic gear ratio steering assist system, this car always presents a smooth and calm, less There are panicky head sliding or tail swaying, and when returning to high/fast roads, it is easier to start the Travel Assist intelligent driving assistance function combined with ACC active cruise and active lane keeping, which can also greatly reduce long-distance driving. of fatigue.

Benefiting from the dynamic gear ratio steering assist system and the relatively lower center of gravity of the Fastback model, the overall dynamic response is neutral, controlled and agile.
The DCC active chassis control system can adjust the suspension damping according to the driving mode, and also provides 15 soft and hard settings to adjust according to personal preferences.

Test drive experience ~ GT flagship suitable for both movement and stillness

The new Arteon 430 TSI not only has more abundant and dynamic performance, but also retains all the original features such as excellent design texture, spacious and practical cabin, and balanced road performance. In addition to fully meeting the needs of daily commuting and transportation, it is more suitable for long-distance travel and taste. good partner in life.

Volkswagen Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance spec sheet


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