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【Test Drive】Challenge the LimitPorsche Cayenne Turbo GT

●Suggested price of 9.5 million yuan (2022 style)

●The average fuel consumption is 7.8km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

The delightful point is enough to challenge the precise driving feedback of high-performance sports cars

The regret of the bead has also come to the entry-level super-running level

The all-new Cayenne Turbo GT, which was born out of nowhere, is not only an extreme challenge for Porsche engineers in terms of SUV performance and handling, but also a severe test of car cognition for drivers...

The current Cayenne car series premiered at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, and in March 2019, the Cayenne Coupe, which was integrated into the concept of a sports car, was added. Just when everyone thought that this generation of performance flagships would be powered by the Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupe, Porsche launched the Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupe. The new car information was released in late May last year, and the Cayenne Turbo GT with a new car name was officially launched at the end of June, and it broke the fastest lap record in the SUV class at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with a time of 7 minutes and 38.925 seconds. In the domestic market, the price of 9.5 million yuan was simultaneously reported when the original factory was released, but the 2023-style new car announced at the end of April this year was raised again by 450,000 yuan to 9.95 million yuan.

Hidden in the city

If you just pass by face to face on the general road, I believe that not many people can recognize the unique identity of the Cayenne Turbo GT from the front shape, because this car is like the most recognizable two-line type on the front bumper. The main shapes such as LED daytime running lights are all similar to the Cayenne Turbo Coupe, only the matte black air intake grille, the bottom air intake dam and the lower spoiler design are slightly extended and other exclusive configurations, but can be seen in the rear part of the car Longitudinal carbon fiber side panels are added on both sides of the roof spoiler, and the lower rear spoiler with a size increase of 25mm is integrated. Pipes and other performance elements, but the most eye-catching is still the new optional car color Arctic Grey ice gray paint and 22-inch neodymium silver (yes, it looks like champagne gold) GT Design wheels that debut with this car, Low-key buyers who like to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger only need to choose the more common body and rim color matching, and then they can skillfully hide in the urban traffic.

The overall shape of the front bumper is similar to that of the Turbo, but the GT-specific matte black air intake grille is replaced. The bottom air intake dam and the lower spoiler design are also slightly different.
Standard matte neodymium silver 22-inch GT Deisgn wheels are standard, and the PCCB ceramic composite brake system with yellow calipers can be seen inside.
Longitudinal carbon fiber side panels are added on both sides of the roof spoiler, and the lower rear spoiler with an increased size of 25mm can provide an additional 40kg of downforce.
The large carbon fiber diffuser fully demonstrates the performance positioning, and the central exhaust tailpipe can also clearly see the unique blue luster of the titanium alloy.

The GT-exclusive interior kit equipped on this car is covered with a large area of ​​Race-Tex suede on the interior headliner, front end of the console, door handles/trims, gear levers, armrests on both sides of the center saddle, and the center armrest. It is covered with material and matched with ice gray or neodymium silver contrast stitching selected for the test drive (including seat trim, headrest model embroidery and seat belt color), and the outer ring of the steering wheel is also covered with Race-Tex material. In addition, the yellow mark and red Sport Response button configuration at 12 o'clock are also added, and the independent two-seat design of the rear row that emphasizes the coverage of the seat surface really creates a performance atmosphere like being in a high-performance sports car. If you prefer a luxurious atmosphere, you can also choose the black soft leather interior for free. In addition, the exclusive words of turbo GT can be seen on the bottom of the central speedometer and under the gear seat, once again declaring its unique identity in a low-key manner.

The interior features a sporty Alcantara suede upholstery, with contrasting neodymium silver stitching adding a layer of depth to the solid black cockpit.
The background color of the tachometer can be selected with a unique neodymium silver embellishment, and the word turbo GT with exclusive identification is naturally indispensable on the inside.
The sports car chronograph on the console echoes the neodymium silver base color of the tachometer, and the front can be seen covered in Alcantara suede and stitched.
The multi-function sports steering wheel is also covered with Alcantara suede, and exclusive configurations such as racing yellow markings at 12 o'clock and red Sport Response buttons are added.
The handlebars and gear lever on both sides of the central saddle are covered with Alcantara suede, and the Cayenne nameplate below is also specially replaced with the words turbo GT.
The interior trim panels and self-illuminating door sill pedals are made of special black hairline material, and the fire extinguisher under the off-hand seat is an optional item.
The dual front-seat eight-way electronically adjustable sports car seats are additionally equipped with exclusive configurations such as contrast stitching and headrest embroidered characters, and can also be upgraded to a full-leather 18-way electronically adjustable style together with the interior.
The independent two-seater in the rear adopts the GT-exclusive shape and high-coverage seat design that echoes the front seats, so it is not a problem to be fully loaded with four people.

Yamato sees the true chapter

Although the Cayenne Turbo GT uses the same 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine configuration as the Cayenne Turbo Coupe, the crankshaft, transmission shaft, turbo body, direct fuel injection system, air intake system and intercooler have been fully upgraded. The maximum output is Turbo The 550hp/78.5kgm of the car has risen to 640hp/86.7kgm in one go, and the Tiptronic S eight-speed manual automatic transmission and the PTM tracking management system have also been further improved, so that the 0~100km/h acceleration can be shortened by 0.6 seconds in one go. With 3.3 seconds on a par with the 992 Carrera 4 GTS, the top speed has been pushed from 280km/h to 300km/h (have you ever seen an SUV with a 330km/h mark on the bottom of the speedometer?).

The equipped 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine has undergone a series of upgrades, and the maximum output has risen from 550hp/78.5kgm of Turbo to 640hp/86.7kgm in one go.

In terms of chassis settings, compared with the Cayenne Turbo Coupe, the car's height is reduced by 17mm, the front wheel is widened by 1 inch, the negative camber angle is increased by 0.45 degrees, and the air pressure suspension load strength of the three air chambers is increased by 15%. The PASM active suspension load adjustment, The PDCC dynamic chassis control system, PTV Plus torque splitting upgrade and other electronic systems have also been replaced with performance-oriented software settings, plus the rear axle steering system, 22-inch Pirelli P Zero Corsa high-performance tires specially developed for this car and standard equipment The PCCB ceramic composite brake system, etc., is the most armed in the history of the car series.

Although it is impossible to experience the complete performance strength of the current fastest SUV king at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Cayenne Turbo GT can also show an unforgettable driving pleasure on the tricky and twisty domestic mountain roads. The first is that the power output is not only full and direct, but also can extend all the way to about 5000rpm. Even in continuous low-speed corners with frequent acceleration and deceleration, there is no need to pay attention to the current gear or speed. When accelerating out of corners, just gradually deepen the throttle to obtain a very linear Controlled output power, while the overall shift response is getting closer and closer to PDK-like, clear paragraphs, sonorous and powerful, adding a bit of a bloody competitive style; under the blessing of a highly armed chassis setting, this car has an unexpectedly dexterous steering response , Even when entering and exiting corners at high speed, the severe inertial transfer due to the tall body and huge weight is very small. Apart from the height of the driver's seat and the front view, you can clearly know that you are in the interior of the Cayenne. The overall driving experience It is more like a compact purebred high-performance sports car with dynamic response. It is no exaggeration to call it the 911 GT3 in the Cayenne series. I believe this is one of the main reasons why the original factory specially named it Cayenne Turbo GT!

Although it is difficult to fully exert the performance strength of the Turbo GT on ordinary roads, the more agile speed increase and the sonorous and powerful gear shift connection really make the blood level even higher.
The extremely dexterous and controlled dynamic response completely subverts our perception of SUVs, and even has a fantasy impact of sitting in a Cayenne driving a 911 GT3.

Test drive experience ~ blurring the boundaries of high-performance sports cars

Most of the sports car and high-performance SUVs we used to talk about are still limited to those with relatively good dynamic performance in the SUV field. Although the Cayenne Turbo GT still relies on a lot of electronic systems and a chassis setting close to the competitive level, the overall The handling level is indeed far beyond our imagination for SUVs, and it truly enters the field of high-performance sports cars.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Spec Sheet


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