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【Test Drive】Enjoy the Charm of PerformanceVolkswagen Golf R Special Edition

●The suggested price is 1.998 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 12.6km/L

●Original factory warranty for 4 years with unlimited mileage

●The pleasing part can enjoy the pure and complete performance charm

●Pearl of Regret limited models sold out no longer

The R Performance Day track event held for the first time on November 1, 2022 not only further confirmed the passionate image of Volkswagen's R high-performance family, but also released a limited edition of the 23-year-old Golf R/Golf R Variant at the same time. The configuration adjustments show more complete performance features, and even lower the entry threshold of the hatchback version to less than 2 million yuan, and the value-for-money level has jumped significantly.

Compared with the original price of Golf R/Golf R Variant at 2.078 million yuan and 2.148 million yuan respectively, the previously launched limited edition 23-year-old special edition has been reduced by 80,000 yuan to 1.998 million yuan and 2.068 million yuan. Added a large rear wing (hatchback version), Drift Mode and Special Mode R Performance exclusive package, and also added a harman/kardon surround sound system and a projection HUD head-up display, the only one that can be called a reduction Only leather sports car seats are covered with ArtVelours-like suede/leather/woven fabric materials, but for passionate buyers who want to fully enjoy the pleasure of performance, the suede-like fabric and fabric seat surfaces are excellent in anti-slip The effect is actually more useful, but the industry has not clearly stated how much the limit is. If you intend to buy it, don't hesitate for too long!

The layout of the interior is exactly the same as the Golf R Variant that has been tested before, and the exclusive configurations such as the sports leather steering wheel and sports car-style shift paddles are quite eye-catching.
The 10.25-inch digital instrument is not only replaced with an R exclusive display interface, but also adjusted to the exclusive R View mode after switching to the track mode.
The Special Edition model has an exclusive driving mode of R Performance, providing Drift Mode and Special Mode Nürburgring Track mode.
The Special Edition model changes the seat material from genuine leather to ArtVelours suede/leather/woven fabric mix and match, the actual anti-slip effect and shape texture are even better.

However, for us, the opportunity to test drive the Golf R Special Edition this time is more to make up for the regret that the previous R Performance Day track event failed to actually experience it. At the same time, we also want to see the Golf R that has been tested Variant how many differences there are. First of all, in the appearance part, a set of familiar R-exclusive metallic blue color and aggressive appearance package also show a full performance posture, and the hatchback version, in addition to the short and neat rear shape, has another major feature. It is the above-mentioned R Performance exclusive large spoiler. At the same time, the test drive car is also equipped with the Akrapovic titanium alloy scorpion tube that is still in the certification stage. Sharp-eyed car fans can definitely feel the difference of this car immediately.

The exclusive 19-inch Y-shaped five-spoke Estoril wheels come standard as standard, and the test drive car also uses a rotating center hole cover that can automatically return to normal.
The R Performance exclusive large spoiler is added to the Special Edition model, which is more prominent in terms of performance and downforce.
The test drive car also uses Akrapovic titanium alloy scorpion tube (currently under certification), which brings a louder and more surging exhaust sound.

This car is equipped with the EA888 Evo4 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine common to the current R models. The maximum output is set at 320hp/40.8kgm. Acceleration from zero to 100 times is shortened by 0.1 seconds and only takes 4.8 seconds. Compared with the dynamic response of the Variant version, which is mainly dense and energetic, the gear shifting of the hatchback model feels more active, and it is matched with the clear and surging sound of the rear scorpion tube. Changes, the increase in physical acceleration can be said to be more obvious.

Equipped with the EA888 Evo4 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine common to the current R models, the maximum output reaches 320hp/40.8kgm.

In terms of chassis settings, although the Golf R/Golf R Variant also adopts the exclusive sports suspension with a 20mm lower body and the DCC active chassis control system, the overall damping setting of the hatchback version feels much higher than that of the Variant, and the road performance It is closer to the solid and hard-core style common in traditional German high-performance cars. At the same time, the R Performance Torque Vectoring torque distribution system with multi-disc electro-hydraulic clutch structure does not have the flexible effect of intentionally swinging the rear axle outward on the hatchback version, which is extremely In most cases, it maintains a neutral and stable tracking response, especially in the Special Mode Nürburgring track mode, it works together with the four-wheel drive system to exert excellent grip performance, allowing people to feel at ease in corners Step on the accelerator to accelerate, enjoy the exciting thrill of ejecting out of the corner with all your strength, and at the same time bring the control limit beyond expectations.

Golf R adopts the solid and hard-core chassis setting common to German high-performance cars, and with the torque distribution system, it can show cornering limits and speeds beyond expectations.

Test drive experience ~ the performance charm of high-tech blessing

Looking at the book output of the Golf R alone, it may not be particularly outstanding, but the solid and hard-core chassis settings combined with the torque distribution system and the Special Mode Nürburgring track mode and other electronic systems assist, the bloody speed and thrill it can show will definitely make people shout. Fun!

Volkswagen Golf R Special Edition Specification Table


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