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【Test Drive】Fine CarvedPorsche Macan

●The suggested price is 2.84 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 10.6km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●Pleasant points, internal and external details, shape and texture have been upgraded

The power boost of the regret of the bead is relatively innocuous

Although under the current wave of electrification, Porsche has confirmed as early as 2021 that the next-generation Macan will be built on a pure electric platform, but at the same time, it has also launched a second minor facelift version for the current Macan series, introducing a new-generation family-style design and continuing. Improve product strength, hoping to continue to satisfy traditional buyers who prefer fuel vehicles before being forced to exit the market.

The second minor facelift Macan has obvious adjustments in the composition of the car series. The first is to cancel the original Turbo model and replace it with GTS as the flagship representative of the car series (perhaps to give the Turbo name to the next-generation electric version?), and then It is the Macan T, which is between the Macan and the Macan S, with four-cylinder turbo power and a sporty chassis. Unfortunately, the latter will not be imported into China. In addition, the industry has released the price of the 2023 model at the end of April this year. The entry version of the Macan for this test drive has been increased by 130,000 yuan to 2.97 million yuan. million.

Detail decoration adds texture

In order to create enough new ideas, on the premise of retaining the original body outline, the second-degree facelift Macan introduces a new shape design for many details of the appearance. The most obvious elements are the lower edge of the water tank guard, the side blade trim and the car. The three-dimensional lattice decoration on the spoiler groove at the bottom of the tail, in addition, the front air dam part adopts an integrated design that wraps up on both sides to the front of the hood, the direction light is moved to the upper grille, and the spoiler groove at the bottom of the rear bumper is also used. It has been significantly enlarged, and at the same time, it has also fully upgraded the SportDesign exterior mirrors with a hollow bracket shape, matched with the metallic gentian blue color and 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels selected for the test drive, the overall visual refinement and sporty atmosphere. Significant improvement.

The whole car comes standard with LED headlights with PDLS dynamic lighting system, and the iconic four-point LED daytime running lights are quite eye-catching.
The line layout of the water tank shield and the air intake dam has been modified to emphasize the sense of lateral openness, and the position of the direction indicator has been moved up.
The test car is equipped with 21-inch RS Spyder Design rims, which have excellent visual tension but tend to have a heavy drag feeling when starting off or re-accelerating.
The facelifted new car is upgraded with SportDesign exterior mirrors as standard, and the hollow bracket shape not only dynamic but also reduces wind resistance.
The blade trim panel on the side of the car echoes the bottom of the water tank guard and adds three-dimensional lattice decoration. Personalized options such as different materials and model names are also available.
The spoiler groove at the bottom of the rear bumper can also be seen with three-dimensional lattice decoration, and the bilateral large-diameter exhaust tailpipes are more sporty.

The interior part can be clearly seen to be in line with the new generation of family cars. Based on the T-shaped console before the facelift, the multi-function steering wheel with the same style as the new generation 911 and the lower row of control buttons are more concise. The new 10.9-inch touch screen and the central saddle designed with flat touch buttons, etc., at the same time, the PCM communication management system has also been upgraded to support the Porsche Connect interconnection system and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone connection function, although it is not called It has a new look, but the overall technology level is still keeping up with the current mainstream level. It is worth mentioning that the industry also currently provides a Macan Select Package with a total price of 294,100 yuan, which upgrades the panoramic electric sunroof, active air pressure suspension system including PASM active adjustment, negative ion air purifier, and storage space kit. , manual rear-seat side window sunshade, PDLS dynamic lighting upgrade system and Bose surround sound system and other high-end equipment, the comfort and luxury are even higher.

The basic layout of the cockpit has not changed much, mainly for the introduction of the new generation family design for the steering wheel, touch screen and central saddle.
It is replaced with a multi-function steering wheel in the same style as the new generation 911, and the lower right corner is the driving mode knob included in the sports chronograph package.
The new 10.9-inch touch screen has a more concise shape and is equipped with a new PCM communication management system and Porsche Connect interconnection system.
The central saddle is replaced with a new-generation family-style flat touch design, and the column-type gearshift has become more compact and refined.
It comes standard with dual front-seat eight-way electrically adjustable comfortable seats, which can provide a certain degree of coverage and support on both sides during intense driving.

Pleasant handling like a hatchback

It's not just that there are many adjustments to the model composition. The power setting of the second-time facelifted Macan has also been re-adjusted. The entry-level Macan model for the test drive is still equipped with a 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine, but the maximum output has been increased from 252hp/ 37.7kgm has been increased to 265hp/40.8kgm. Under the same 7-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission, the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h can be shortened by 0.3 seconds to 6.4 seconds. After advancing to 6.2 seconds, the top speed has also increased from 227km/h to 232km/h; but perhaps due to the influence of the bead size increased to 265/40R21, the small facelifted new car has a slight drag phenomenon at the start, and the speed increase response in the middle section is also affected. There is no obvious progress, and it is necessary to switch to the Sport/Sport+ mode to exert a fuller and direct acceleration force.

Maintaining the 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine configuration, the maximum output has been slightly increased by 13hp/3.1kgm to 265hp/40.8kgm after re-adjustment.
Although the bead size increased to 265/40R21 will cause a little drag, but the full thrust in Sport mode is still not to be underestimated.

The second-degree facelift Macan has no major changes in the chassis configuration. The suspension damping continues the common flexibility and adjustment settings of German SUVs. Although the test drive has been upgraded from 19 inches to 21 inches in the size of the rims Standard configuration, but it can still easily display accurate and dexterous handling posture on winding mountain roads. Although there will be a certain degree of body roll when entering corners at high speed, the transfer of the center of gravity is quite gradual and smooth, and it will not give people a sudden and uncontrollable feeling. In the face of ups and downs, the body throwing feeling will not be too obvious, and the overall driving experience is like a slightly higher hatchback, which can create full driving pleasure while being stable and calm.

The still sharp steering feel combined with the comfortable yet steady body dynamics make the slightly facelifted Macan the best-in-class control.

Test drive experience ~ detailed evolution with the times

Although the second-time facelift Macan is obviously for the continuation of the product cycle, in addition to adding new ideas to the interior appearance, the details, texture and technological equipment have also fully kept up with the footsteps of the new generation of cars, and they have been stable in the same class. The handling strength of the crown is still a strong competitor in the mid-size luxury SUV class.

Porsche Macan 20T 2nd FL Spec Sheet


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