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【Test Drive】Focus on Running Volkswagen Golf GTI Classic Driving Edition

●The suggested price is 1.598 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 14.2km/L

●Original factory warranty for 4 years with unlimited mileage

The pleasing part returns to the classic plaid seat and comes standard with DCC

●It is a pity that the car price will not return to the previous level

Since its launch in mid-2021, the all-new eighth-generation Golf GTI, under the call of its classic name and fully innovative product strength, has attracted many steel cannon car fans to compete for it. In order to further meet the demand, Taiwan Volkswagen Motors launched an additional one in September this year. The classic driving version models also provide a limited number of 100 sets of GTI exclusive sports kits, showing a more distinctive style of passionate running.

Compared with the standard model with a price of 1.698 million yuan, the Golf GTI classic driving version with a lower entry threshold of 100,000 yuan actually has little difference in overall equipment. For example, the exterior part is also equipped with GTI exclusive aerodynamic kit and exclusive X-shaped LED front fog Lights, etc., only 18-inch Richmond five-spoke wheels replace the 19-inch Adelaide five-spoke double-rib style, but the test drive car is equipped with a GTI exclusive sports package, except for the front, rear spoiler and rear spoiler are all replaced with Oettinger sports style The shape is also simultaneously upgraded to 19-inch multi-spoke spinning lightweight wheels, but the size of the paired Pirelli P Zero running tires (225/35R19) is still slightly narrower than the standard version (235/35R19).

The red line of the water tank shield and the honeycomb grid front air dam are both GTI's signature styling elements, and the Oettinger front lower spoiler moderately strengthens the running style.
Replaced with 19-inch multi-spoke spinning lightweight wheels and Pirelli P Zero running tires, the cornering limit and driving fun are both improved to a higher level.
The Oettinger rear spoiler adopts a three-dimensional multi-layer shunt shape, and is painted in bright black to enhance the overall refinement.
The large and uniquely shaped Oettinger rear wing is quite eye-catching and also helps to improve the downforce performance at high speeds.

Entering the cabin, it is equipped with a 10.25-inch digital instrument with a GTI exclusive red interface + a 10-inch MIB 3 multimedia touch console, a GTI exclusive emblem steering wheel, and a dark honeycomb pattern trim, creating a GTI-exclusive passion for technology. In particular, the classic driving version also adds a large area of ​​black piano paint trim to the surroundings of the gear seat and the protective cover of the wireless charging device; One of the key points is to return to the GTI exclusive plaid sports car seat configuration, which not only fits the overall interior style better, but also has better support and anti-slip effects under the mixed use of woven fabric and suede-like materials. But it takes a little more time and effort to manually adjust the seat.

The interior layout full of GTI exclusive elements is still the same, only a large area of ​​black piano paint trim is added around the gear seat.
The classic driving version returns to the GTI exclusive plaid sports car seat configuration, which is satisfactory in terms of shape texture, seat support and anti-slip performance.

The classic driving version is also equipped with an EA888 Evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine in the power part, with a maximum output of 245hp/37.8kgm. Under the combination of a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic manual transmission and Launch Control, the 0~100km/h It can be easily completed in 6.3 seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. All performances are consistent with the standard version. In addition, such as Progressive Steering dynamic gear ratio steering assist system, front axle electronic hydraulic limited slip differential and VDM The electronic control assistance systems such as the vehicle dynamic management system are also exactly the same, and the dynamic limit under intense driving and the creation of driving pleasure are naturally exactly the same.

Interestingly, the classic driving version is not just a simple "reduced" model, but also incorporates the DCC active chassis control system as standard, which can automatically adjust to different driving modes such as energy saving, comfort, and sports, or in the personalized mode There are as many as 15 settings in the middle, which can correspond to more and different driving needs and road conditions, but even if it is adjusted below the preset comfort level, the 225/35R19 low-profile tires will still be more or less difficult when encountering potholes and ups and downs. There is some dense bouncing feeling introduced into the cabin. I believe that if the standard size of 225/40R18 is set, it should be able to better take into account the comfort of daily transportation and the support during intense driving.

The classic driving version comes standard with a DCC active chassis control system with 15-segment manual settings, which can be done comfortably or sportily.
The eighth-generation Golf GTI is equipped with a number of electronic systems to enhance the overall driving level, and its enthusiasm and performance are the highest in history.

Test drive experience ~ classic needless to say

The all-new eighth-generation Golf GTI is still unshakably at the same level in terms of classic image and performance. The classic driving version launched this time replaces the checkered seats loved by old-school car fans, and comes standard with a car that comprehensively improves road performance. DCC active chassis control system, for passionate buyers with sufficient budget, there is no reason to wait.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Classic Drive Edition Specification Sheet


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