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【Test drive】Free flight, the sea is blueeMOVING iE125 cool travel in Xiaoliuqiu

Taking advantage of the opportunity of Zhonghua Motors to introduce the eMOVING iE125 white-brand electric scooter into Xiaoliuqiu, let us take a trip to "Xiaoliuqiu Ride through", and enjoy the relaxed, arbitrary and pleasant riding fun while enjoying the ride. Enjoy the unique marine ecological scenery of Xiaoliuqiu and the beauty of the blue sky and white clouds and the sunset. I thought that using eMOVING electric scooters as a means of sightseeing on a small island like Xiaoliuqiu would indeed be the best partner for tourists to visit scenic spots. We can do our best to protect the local clean natural scenery.

●Suggested price of 73,800 yuan (exquisite type)

●Full battery cruising range 155km

●0~50km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds

●Maximum speed of 100km/h

Although the report content of this article is based on "China's eMOVING iE125 white-brand electric scooter is officially deployed in Xiaoliuqiu", and at the same time it promotes that China Motor is committed to promoting low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation of outlying islands, but since there have been few test rides on two-wheeled locomotives in the past, In addition, after a whole day of riding around the island, I was really impressed with the white-brand rechargeable electric scooter iE125, so I decided to report it as a "new car test drive". In addition to the detailed product introduction, There is also this hot but also super cool test ride around the island to share with you, of course, the local must-eat food recommendation. However, before that, it was also quite sure and supported the efforts made by Chunghwa Motor for environmental protection and low-carbon transportation in the outlying islands of Taiwan. Since 2012, various types of eMOVING electric scooters have been introduced to Penghu, Kinmen, Ludao, Matsu, Xiaoliuqiu, etc. The layout planning of the outlying islands, and even the next stop to Lanyu, is committed to building a low-carbon island in Taiwan, providing more convenient transportation resources for the residents of the outlying islands, and serving as a green energy vehicle for local low-carbon tourism.

Currently the only rechargeable white-brand electric scooter

The iE125 white-brand electric scooter I tested this time has the biggest product feature that it is an electric scooter with a plug-in design, which is quite different from the "battery exchange type" used by other competing brands, and is established in Xiaoliuqiu. Charging at the charging station is completely free, which is of course a "charging benefit" policy jointly created by local dealers and Zhonghua Automobile in order to attract tourists to rent. However, this fast-charging white-brand electric scooter iE125 has a cruising range of 155km when fully charged, so even though it has circled around Xiaoliuqiu 3 times, the power has only been used up a little more than half, so tourists Basically, you can avoid the problem of finding a charging station for charging, but if you really need it, you can have a mileage of about 40km (about 78 km with a super fast charge) in 10 minutes of fast charging, and the convenience is indeed quite good.

In addition, if you buy it yourself, the iE125 provides 3 model grades, namely the exquisite model (the test ride model), the luxury model and the flagship model. The prices are 73,800 yuan, 79,800 yuan and 85,800 yuan respectively, but the current purchase Electric scooters can also receive subsidies from the Industrial Bureau, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the environmental protection bureaus of various local governments (the amount of the subsidy is determined by the announcement of the local government), and even distinguishes between the government subsidies for new purchases and the subsidies for retirees and new purchases, so the last car is purchased. The amount will vary from region to region (you can try the calculation on the eMOVING official website).

For self-purchased users, Zhonghua Automobile also provides 3 types of battery leasing tariff plans, namely the basic model of 399 yuan, the lightweight model of 599 yuan and the advanced model of 799. The 399 yuan can only be charged at home, but the battery warranty is provided; the 599 yuan plan can be used for 100 minutes of fast charging at home and abroad; as for the 799 yuan plan, it can be charged and eaten.

Dynamic fashion and handsome shape

Judging from the current white-brand electric scooters, the exterior design of the iE125 is indeed out of its own style, and does not fall into the exterior impression style created by the opponent Gogoro. The shape of the whole car is quite dynamic, fashionable and youthful. Different from the relatively simple tonality of its miniature or lightweight models, the car includes a faucet made of black piano paint, tiger tooth LED reflective headlights, U-shaped LED light guide taillights, and round and The three-dimensional liquid crystal instruments formed by superimposing elliptical elements on each other have a sense of texture and design, and the four car colors provided, including lightning orange, wind galloping gray, aurora blue and electric white, are believed to be very suitable for young people. taste.

The LED reflective headlight group adopts a unique tiger-tooth shape design, and the left and right sides are the direction lights.
The LED light guide bar taillights with U-shaped design are both eye-catching and technological, and the overall visual texture is quite good.

The body length/width/height of the iE125 is 1800/680/1110mm, which is comparable to that of the mainstream 125 gasoline or electric vehicles, but its 1280mm wheelbase is relatively short, which also makes it have better steering flexibility. In addition, its 750mm seat height design is also lower than the average, so it is more friendly to the riders. Coupled with the one-piece design of the seat cushion, not only the length space is enough for two people to easily double-load, but it is designed with a slightly inclined angle and has a slight front and rear. The drop, coupled with the non-slip material covering, makes it very comfortable to sit up and does not allow the rider's hips to slip due to the inertia of the brakes, which contributes to driving safety. In addition, the space of the pedal is similar to that of the general white-brand scooter of the same level, but it is also designed with non-slip material. As for the storage space under the seat cushion, the storage space is not large. The reason is that the starting battery is placed in the rear section, which compresses the storage space. It can probably put a 3/4 hood helmet, raincoat, gloves and other items.

The one-piece seat cushion can be easily double-loaded in the length space, and it is designed with a slightly inclined angle and has a slight drop between the front and rear, so it is quite comfortable to sit up.
The body length/width/height of the iE125 is 1800/680/1110mm, which is comparable to the general mainstream 125 oil car or electric car, but the wheelbase of 1280mm is relatively short, and the seat height of 750mm is also lower than the average, which is more friendly to the people. passenger.
The storage box under the seat cushion is equipped with a battery at the rear, so the storage space is compressed, and a 3/4 helmet, raincoat, gloves and other items can be placed.

Practical and convenient equipment for car thinking design

The most admirable thing about the iE125 is that it is a two-wheeled electric scooter created by automotive design thinking. Among them, the automotive-grade TFT LCD instrument is a major feature (exclusive to luxury/flagship models), which can display and provide a wealth of vehicle information. , including battery power/speed/mileage/tire pressure information/maintenance reminder, and can change the color of the instrument and tablecloth settings, especially through the Bluetooth and smartphone connection to download the exclusive APP, you can lock and unlock the vehicle on the mobile phone And open the seat cushion, and can record the parking position, download the driving recorder video to watch, as well as traffic accident notification and charging station, service base query function, etc., very practical and considerate, and even has vehicle diagnosis function, can be used for power, electronic control, battery Check with tire pressure and other systems. Others such as speed control, reversing function, USB charging socket and light delay extinguishing settings are all from the design thinking of the car. In addition, the "electric parking rack" on the mid-to-high-end models is even more convenient and easy to use, and the car can be parked elegantly through the closing and closing buttons on the right handle, which is definitely a plus point for both male and female riders. .

The refined model for the test ride is equipped with a color LCD instrument as standard, while the luxury and flagship models are equipped with an automotive-grade TFT LCD instrument, which can display vehicle information such as battery power, speed, mileage, tire pressure information, and maintenance reminders.

Boost, which is very sticky to the back, accelerates instantly

The electric motor power of the iE125 is 6kW, the battery capacity is 36Ah, and it is matched with the same CVT stepless gearbox as the traditional fuel vehicle. 3.9 seconds, the top speed can reach 100km/h, this data performance is indeed much better than the opponent, especially with the CVT transmission system, so it can make torque amplification at the moment of starting acceleration, to release enough brisk and energetic In particular, the car also provides three power modes, Eco/Speed/Boost, which can be selected by riders according to their needs and environmental road conditions. In the speed range of 0~30 km/h commonly used in urban areas, only The Eco mode can easily handle it, but if you are on a roundabout road with high and low undulations or even long slopes, you can switch to the Speed ​​standard mode to respond. At this time, the direct, smooth and linear release of acceleration force is completely out of the question, even If you want to be more enthusiastic, just press the Boost button, you can enjoy 60 seconds of powerful acceleration, and whether it is the moment of starting or re-accelerating overtaking, it is quite powerful and powerful, and you can completely ignore the existence of the long slope on the island.

There is a Boost button below the right handle. After pressing it, it is quite fast and aggressive whether it is starting or accelerating again. It is an acceleration tool for long and steep slopes.

In terms of handling, the iE125 has a front wheel size of 90/90-12 and a rear wheel of 100/80-10, and is equipped with front/rear disc brakes and CBS linkage braking system, so the braking performance is quite good and the stability is good . The inner diameter of the front fork is 33mm (equivalent to the sports scooter), and the rear shock absorber adopts a single-sided shock absorber, so the body jump will be more obvious when encountering potholes and uneven roads. However, because the battery is placed under the pedals instead of the seat cushion, the center of gravity is lower, so that the handling when cornering is relatively stable, giving people more riding confidence and a sense of security.

Front/rear disc brakes and CBS interlocking braking system are standard, and the braking force is excellent; the front 90/90-12 and the rear 100/80-10 are also common tire specifications.
The steering response of the iE125's faucet is quite flexible, and the battery is placed under the foot pad and has a lower center of gravity, which makes the cornering stability quite good, plus the excellent front and rear brake performance, giving people enough peace of mind to ride Take the feeling.

Test drive experience ~ with car-like technology and convenience

The eMOVING iE125 with the "smart electric vehicle" as the main design axis can be called a masterpiece of Zhonghua Automobile looking forward to the future. It is not only designed with automotive thinking, but also brings more convenience and thoughtful in terms of ergonomics and operation interface. The experience of using the battery, coupled with the unique "rechargeable" design, challenges the current "battery swap" mode dominated by Gogoro. Is this good or bad? Which is better in the future? It's hard to tell right now. But what is certain is that, judging from the sales volume of its opponents, battery swapping is indeed a very successful business model. As for the iE125's fast-charging charging method, although it can be said to be a "far-sighted" work, it still needs to overcome The problem is the popularity of charging stations. Therefore, Zhonghua Automobile can only actively speed up the deployment of charging stations and cooperate with strategic partners, so as to truly reflect the product value of the "fast charging iE125".

At present, the fast-charging charging stations set up in Xiaoliuqiu do not need to be charged for charging, and a mileage of about 40km can be achieved in 10 minutes of fast charging.

fridge freezer

In the sweltering heat of summer, having a bowl of "Mango Snowflake Ice" filled with mangoes is definitely one of the happiest things in life. This "Xiaoliuqiu Refrigerator Ice Shop" mainly uses homemade snowflake ice bricks with healthy, low-sugar and no added flavor and pigment as its signature ice products. Especially during the period when Xiaoliuqiu Aiwen mangoes are abundant, the local small farmers cooperate with Aiwen as ingredients. The very popular mango ice cream and seasonal ice products (strawberry snow ice) are launched, which are very worth tasting to cool off in the hot summer.

No. 166-1, Zhongzheng Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 0918767127

Ogawa Sushi Turtle Bento

Originally, it was just famous to collect this limited edition "Turtle Bento Box" from Xiaoliuqiu, but after ordering the fried shrimp sushi and salmon roe lunch, it turned out to be surprisingly delicious, refreshing and not greasy, especially the fried shrimp sushi. Rich in layers, there are crispy fried shrimp, Q-bombed shrimp eggs, fresh lettuce and cucumbers. The taste and texture are all top-notch. The most important thing is that there is a super cute turtle lunch box that you can take home as a souvenir. Visitors to Ryukyu must definitely come and taste it.

1st Floor, No. 61-25, Zhongshan Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 0933781737

e-Moving iE 125 Refinement Spec Sheet


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