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【Test Drive】IngenuityMazda 3 e-Skyactiv X Edition

●The suggested price is 1.228 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 17.2km/L

●The original factory warranty is 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

The lovable part is more in line with the smooth dynamic response of the spirit of the one-man-horse

The regret of the bead is difficult to see the value from the performance specifications

In this era of pursuit of output efficiency, a small-displacement turbo engine seems to be the only way to maintain the life of the internal combustion engine, but Mazda engineers, who have always been unconventional, have taken great pains to develop the SPCCI spark control pressure in addition to sticking to the natural intake configuration. Ignition technology is not only to pursue the improvement of the book data that can be seen, but also to further implement the brand driving philosophy of "people and horses"...

Although Skyactiv X compression ignition technology was officially launched in mass production with the fourth-generation Mazda 3 as early as 2018, it was limited by the fact that the original factory was mainly supplied to Europe, the United States, Japan and other markets at the beginning, and Skyactiv-G 2.0L was still used in domestic introduction. The gasoline engine has a single power configuration. It was not until the end of March this year that Taiwan Mazda announced the start of the first batch of limited orders for 100 vehicles. It is expected to start delivering cars in May, and the price is 1.228 million yuan.

The Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv X Edition introduced this time adopts a single five-door hatchback model setting. The equipment setting is compared to the 20S Signature top model, and is equipped with the Carbon Edition Package. Therefore, in the exterior part, you can see the black water tank guard, Double-ring blackened LED taillights and flashing black 18-inch rims are equipped, but the flashing black exterior rearview mirror is missing. In addition, the front fender and the right side of the tailgate are also added with exclusive model nameplates to identify the body; In terms of decoration, the wine red leather seats, console and door trim are the most eye-catching, but in addition to the SPCCI system activation related display and the i-Stop idle engine opening and closing system control keys and other related functions, the overall configuration and Petrol models are no different.

A prominent Skyactiv X-exclusive emblem is added to the front fenders, and the rims use the same flashing black style as the Carbon Edition.
The exclusive nameplate at the rear of the car is also one of the few places that can be recognized on the outside, and the taillights are blackened with a large area that highlights the double-ring shape.
The interior part uses wine red leather to decorate the seats, consoles and door trim panels, exuding an exceptionally elegant and unique atmosphere.
The instrument shape maintains the three-ring style combined with the unique design of the central 7-inch digital instrument, taking into account the recognition and richness of information display.
On the left side of the console, there is an i-stop idle engine opening and closing system control button, but the vibration is already slight with the assistance of the ISG integrated starter motor.
Through the 8.8-inch central information display, the fuel status of the engine can be grasped at any time, and the SPCCI mode can be maintained under most driving conditions.

As the core of e-Skyactiv X technology, SPCCI spark-controlled compression ignition technology, simply put, is to apply the compression ignition principle of diesel engines to gasoline engines. Turbine engines are mostly around 200bar) to achieve atomization effect, and at the same time with precise injection timing and intake and exhaust temperature control, can create a 15:1 ultra-high compression ratio and achieve stable compression ignition ignition combustion; in addition, 24V light The oil-electric system and the ISG integrated starter motor are mainly used to use the braking kinetic energy recovery system to supply lighting and other on-board electrical equipment to further reduce the burden on the engine.

Mazda's unique e-Skyactiv X gasoline compression ignition engine combines SPCCI technology and 24V light oil electricity, with a maximum output of 180hp/22.9kgm.

In fact, on the road test drive, the first and most impressive thing about this compression ignition power system is the smooth running quality that greatly exceeds the general four-cylinder gasoline engine. From starting, idling, starting to the speed increase, you can feel it everywhere. The operation of the parts is extremely delicate and soft, especially the frictional resistance that most four-cylinder engines obviously increase when the accelerator accelerates is almost non-existent in this car, and the throttle, speed and torque output show a brisk and easy-to-control proportional increase , that is, the driver can easily and intuitively control the speed change through the depth of the right foot pedal, and the torque response after 2000rpm can meet most driving needs, even if you want to accelerate overtaking, you don't need to Kick-Down frequently. Pull and turn. Interestingly, perhaps because the mid-range torque output is wide enough, the six-speed manual transmission matched with this car has a lazier shift response than the general gasoline version, and the gear control logic that responds to changes in the accelerator pedal force is also biased. Moderate and conservative, it does not create a warm-blooded and active fighting atmosphere when it is smooth and easy to open.

No matter in terms of book output or test driving experience, e-Skyactiv X does not overwhelmingly beat the gasoline version of Skyactiv-G in terms of performance output, and it can even be said that the gap is not very obvious, but the former's extremely brisk and smooth dynamic response plus Mazda 3 itself has neutral and flexible driving characteristics, and the overall fit is obviously higher. Whether it is driving in urban areas or driving on mountain roads, it can maintain a calm and calm attitude to respond to every driving need, and this natural harmony Doesn't the driving experience of the car perfectly reflect the "human-horse-integrated" driving philosophy that Mazda has always emphasized?

Compared with the change of acceleration force or zero-hundred performance, the smoother and more relaxed engine speed change and output characteristics are more impressive.

Test drive experience ~ looking for taste Bole

From the perspective of the so-called CP value, Mazda 3 e-Skyavtiv X Edition will definitely not be included in the pocket list of most consumers. The only choice not to be missed.

Mazda 3 e-Skyactiv X Spec Sheet


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