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【Test Drive】Innovative PioneerBMW iX xDrive40 Ultimate

●The suggested price is 3.2 million yuan

● Cruising range 372~425km (WLTP)

The original factory warranty is 3 years and unlimited mileage (battery module is 8 years and 160,000 kilometers)

●Pleasant point Quiet and fast dynamic performance, breaking the traditional luxury cockpit

● Regret of the Pearl, the new iDrive 8.0 control interface needs to be re-accustomed to

Although BMW established the electric vehicle sub-brand i as early as 2011 in order to lay out the field of electric vehicles in advance, the i3, the first pure electric product launched in 2013, is very clear because of the avant-garde design style of the very clear positioning of urban mobility vehicles and the polarities of likes and dislikes. It has been difficult to achieve sales success in the market. At the same time, as consumers' expectations for the new generation of electric vehicles are gradually changing, BMW has to readjust the research and development direction. At the 2018 Paris Auto Show, the design method is extremely simple and sci-fi. The Vision iNext concept car, vigorously announced the new look that iX will bring.

Two years after the launch of the Vision iNext concept car, the all-new iX was finally officially unveiled as a mass-produced car in November 2020, and the general agent Fan De also quickly launched online pre-orders in May last year and announced the pre-sale price in July. 12 Released at the end of the month, the imported models are divided into xDrive40 flagship version: 3.2 million yuan, xDrive50 flagship version: 3.9 million yuan, but due to the limited production capacity of the original factory, the delivery of vehicles began in March this year, and the media test drive event was not until April. It will be held later in the day.

Disrupting Design Thinking

As long as you have a little knowledge of BMW's past models, the first sight of the iX should feel both familiar and unfamiliar to us, because the new car has the same overall design style or detailed styling elements as the current family car models. Not a small gap, even the signature double-kidney-shaped water tank guard has a new vertical closed design and a three-dimensional diamond pattern on the surface, bringing a unique visual experience different from other models in the past, and also introduced a unique autologous repair coating. Layered material, slight scratches can be restored to level within 24 hours at room temperature or 5 minutes at high temperature.

The new iX adopts a very simple and rounded design method, which not only creates a modern visual effect, but also helps to reduce the wind resistance coefficient.
The whole car series comes standard with LED headlights, and the angel eye circles of the previous signature have evolved into simple eyebrow-type daytime running lights.
The double-kidney-type water tank guard with self-healing coating is still the visual focus of the front of the car, and many sensing elements are integrated inside.
The shape of the taillight group is also simple and retains the three-dimensional undulating design. Here, the layered tailgate lines can also be seen.

Benefiting from the simple contours, recessed door handles, exclusive aerodynamic wheels and other configurations, the high-end Malaysia's new pure electric leisure travel iX can also have a low wind resistance coefficient of 0.25Cd performance, which helps to improve high-speed endurance and The level of silence in the cabin. In addition, in order to meet the preferences of domestic consumers, all the introduced iX models are equipped with sporty aerodynamic kits and bronze exterior kits as standard. The rim size starts from 21 inches. The xDrive50 model comes standard with the same 22-inch multi-spoke as the test car. The two-tone style makes the appearance of the new car more dynamic.

The front hatch is a closed design that consumers cannot open by themselves, so a lift-up factory emblem design with added wiper water is specially added.
The door handle adopts an in-line design, and even the copper-colored outer frame that integrates the sensor door lock function fits within the body line.

sci-fi luxury cockpit

The interior of the new iX also adopts a minimalist style that breaks the traditional frame. The newly developed one-piece floating curved screen integrates a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 14.9-inch touch screen. The steering wheel is also specially designed to allow the driver to easily read the instrument information. Hexagonal design, but the most impressive is the new gear seat design combined with the exclusive top-level crystal interior kit, not only the crystal clear visual effect is a perfect match with the warm natural wood grain veneer, hidden under the wood grain veneer The touch function keys are more embossed with slightly raised marks, which are simple and beautiful, and also bring an intuitive and accurate operation feel. However, because of the matching iDrive 8.0 control system, there are many adjustments in the arrangement of the menu interface and the operation method of the physical keys. Whether it is a brand lover who is used to the iDrive system in the past or a novice car owner who is in contact with it for the first time, it is best to spend more time familiarizing with the settings and positions of various function options before officially starting the road, so as to reduce the time spent searching back and forth during the journey. time, and the potential risks that may result from distracted operations.

The highly simple interior design is refreshing, and the exquisite work details and luxurious atmosphere are indeed worthy of the flagship positioning of the new generation of pure electric leisure travel.
The new steering wheel not only adopts a special hexagonal shape, but also the multi-function control buttons on both sides of the disk are simplified a lot.

The introduction model adopts a consistent high-level equipment setting, including LED headlights + high beam assist, welcome light blanket, smart Comfort Access keyless system, electronically controlled dimming panoramic glass roof, olive leaf tanned leather interior / instrument panel Covering, electric adjustment of dual front seats including memory function + driver's seat massage, top-level crystal interior kit, luxury four-zone constant temperature air conditioner, intelligent satellite navigation + AR augmented reality function, head-up display of vehicle condition, mobile phone wireless charging device, mobile phone digital The key 2.0, harman/kardon audio system and Personal Co-Pilot intelligent driving assistance technology are all standard on the whole car, except for the laser headlights (135,000 yuan), Bowers & Wilkin immersive 4D top audio system (278,000 yuan) High-end equipment such as automatic door closing (44,000 yuan) can be selected by prospective car owners according to their budget and needs.

The new iX introduces the AR augmented reality navigation function, which will clearly guide you with real-time images and floating indicators when approaching intersections.
The seat adjustment controls included in the top-of-the-line crystal package are shiny and refined, and they are equally easy to operate.
The central saddle with double-layer suspension design brings more open space utilization function, and the upper gear lever and iDrive knob are both made of shiny crystal material.
The storage space under the center armrest is excellent in both depth and capacity, and the internal layering and split design can also increase the flexibility of use.

Excellent battery life

Whether it is the eDrive40 or eDrive50 models, the new iX adopts the front and rear axle synchronous electric motor configuration, the maximum output can reach 326hp/64.2kgm, 523hp/78.0kgm, 0~100km/h acceleration is 6.1 seconds and 4.6 seconds, 76.6/111.5 The kWh battery capacity can provide a WLTP cruising range of 372~425/549~630 kilometers. In order to provide sufficient charging convenience, the industry not only plans to build 14 BMW i high-speed charging stations with a maximum charging power of 350kW this year, which can add 150 kilometers of battery life within the fastest 10 minutes, but also cooperates with ZTE iCharging. The BMW Charging App can be easily charged, and at the same time, the charging station information available for all BMW electric vehicles can be easily searched. However, it is still in the early stage of construction, and the BMW and iCharging stations that can be searched in the App cannot effectively distinguish between high-speed and Generally, it is hoped that it can be quickly updated and improved to avoid misjudgment in the car owner's itinerary planning.

The iX adopts the new personal, sport and energy saving three driving mode settings, the main difference lies in the direct degree of power output.

This test drive itinerary starts from downtown Taipei and arrives in Changhua in the southernmost part. It covers high-speed cruising, driving on urban roads and mountain roads. Although it is not convenient to test the power consumption in various states due to the need to change hands with fellow media friends However, during the test drive, it can be found that the available mileage displayed on the instrument will be quickly and dynamically adjusted according to the actual driving conditions. In this way, you can judge whether the remaining power is sufficient, and there will be no anxiety about suddenly discovering that the power consumption speed is faster than expected while driving, and you need to go to charge quickly or you will not be able to reach it.

The entry-level iX xDrive model already has a very full and dynamic dynamic response, and its excellent battery life also allows people to travel long distances with confidence.

Control is still great

Although the car weighs more than 2.3 tons and the maximum horsepower is "only" 326hp, under the blessing of the strong torque of 64.2kgm and the direct output of the electric motor, the iX xDrive40 tested this time has the overall acceleration response under the premise that the whole car is fully loaded. It is quite light and agile, and it can easily come to the serious speeding range of the national highway under the big foot drive. I believe that it is more than enough to meet the needs of most consumers. This time iX changed the single-pedal logic emphasized by the i3 in the past, and recovered kinetic energy. The modes are divided into four levels: automatic, strong, medium and weak, and all modes will not have too strong pulling feeling when releasing the power pedal. Generally, it is recommended to use the preset automatic mode. Adjust the recovery force in an unobtrusive way, bringing the smoothest and most comfortable driving experience.

The calm and smooth driving response of the iX is worthy of the golden brand image that BMW has accumulated over the years, and the delicate and stable driving texture can also meet the comfort needs.

In terms of handling response, the all-new iX fully continues BMW's consistently excellent driving feel. The linear and smooth steering feel and the rear dynamics with high follow-up make people feel that the body size is obviously smaller than the visual impression. Lightweight feedback, and the shape The unique hexagonal-style steering wheel may cause you to worry that the operation is not very smooth when you first contact it, but there is no obvious discomfort after driving for a period of time. The rear multi-link suspension structure, and the damping setting that is soft yet tough can bring a very comfortable road texture performance. However, the large-sized thin tires selected to 22 inches in the test drive occasionally convey some more obvious shaking feeling. What is even more surprising is that after arriving on the multi-curved mountain road, the balanced dynamic balance that BMW has always insisted can further exert the innate low center of gravity advantage of electric vehicles, so that the iX has a very calm and smooth handling skill, even if the speed of entering the corner is fast. There is a strong inertial pull that is unavoidable for most electric vehicles. If you replace it with the xDrive50 model equipped with active air suspension and rear-wheel steering system, I believe that driving comfort and handling flexibility will be even better.

The test drive uses 22-inch two-color aerodynamic rims with full visual tension, and the tire size comes to an astonishing 275/40R22.

Test drive experience ~ innovation and persistence

As a new departure in the field of electric vehicles, iX emphasizes the futuristic sense represented by electric vehicles as much as possible in terms of design techniques and digital technology, and at the same time, in terms of driving performance, it fully demonstrates the traditional car manufacturers' deep adjustment of comfort and flexibility There is no doubt that the overall level of school skills is high.

BMW iX xDrive40 Spec Sheet


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