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【Test Drive】Luxgen URX Neo 7-person big life home with improved appearance

This time, Luxgen launched this "URX Neo" model, which can be called a small facelift of URX, at a lightning speed, which is really surprising, because in addition to a new front face, In addition to making the appearance more handsome and better-looking, other design aspects such as multimedia, safety assistance systems and seat styles have also been strengthened and upgraded. The overall combat power can be said to be upgraded to another level. This refurbishment is another wave of sales boom.

Suggested price is 1.139 million yuan (7-person big living home version)

Average fuel consumption 11.9km/L

Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

The pleasing feature is higher appearance, spacious space and strong function

The regret of the lost pearl is that the active safety is still missing the Level 2 level

While everyone was focusing on the n7 pure electric SUV body jointly built with Hon Hai, Luxgen took advantage of the situation to regroup its only mid-sized SUV model URX and launched a mid-term facelift of the URX Neo. The power specification of the chassis has not changed, but the actual range of change is not small. Not only is the facelifted and handsome appearance with higher value, but also the interior equipment, texture, multimedia system and safety technology are also upgraded simultaneously, and bring There are two new car colors of Lai Brilliant Gold and Xingyao Gray for the test drive, so in terms of the range of changes, the sincerity is already quite in place.

High-value front face appearance

The URX Neo, which has been replaced with a new front appearance this time, adopts the new-generation family design vocabulary opened by the n⁷ pure electric car model, except that the front and rear of the car are changed to "LUXGEN" to replace the previous L-shaped factory. In addition to the emblem, the original Xingyao hexagonal water tank shield in the center has been changed to a borderless gradient dot matrix design, bringing a sense of the future similar to electric vehicles. In addition, the large C-shaped air intakes on both sides also surround and integrate the LED headlights. With the separated 3L LED daytime running lights on the upper layer, it not only gives new ideas and visual impressions, but also the overall appearance is more imposing than before. N7 is more eye-catching and beautiful. The side part of the car is replaced with a new 18-inch five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum ring, which also adds a dynamic element to the appearance. As for the rear of the car, the changes are relatively small. Only the original trim panels of the same color in the center of the taillights on both sides are changed to bright black, and the chrome-plated trim strips below are replaced with red reflectors to create a visual effect similar to the through-type taillights. The rear of the car is brighter and more conspicuous.

The completely new shape of the front of the car replaces the previous factory emblem with the LUXGEN brand, and the borderless gradient design of the dotted water tank shield brings a sense of future technology like an electric car.
The LED headlight group still adopts a separate design, but there are C-shaped air intakes on both sides of the new-style front bumper that look aggressive and aggressive.
The original chrome-plated trim in the center of the rear of the car is replaced with a red reflector, which is connected with the LED taillights on both sides to create a visual effect of through-type taillights.
The standard configuration is very dynamic and fashionable new 18-inch five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum ring, and it is equipped with Bridgestone Ecopia HL422 PLUS tires.

Enhanced texture and comfort

The interior layout design of URX Neo remains the same, and it still adopts the simple AI concept cockpit design. The instrument panel information is integrated and projected on the HUD head-up display through ARD augmented reality, and it is equipped with a 12-inch HD touch screen to display various Items of driving information and adjust the settings of various functions of the vehicle. This time, the central control touch screen host has introduced the Luxgen Think+ 5.0 human factor interface, and increased the resolution of the AR view to 1.2 million pixels. At the same time, the air conditioner button panel below has also changed from the previous traditional buttons to capacitors. Touch button design, but its Apple Carplay and Android Auto mobile phone connection function is still being certified during the test drive, and it is expected to be upgraded and used in the future.

The layout of the cabin has not changed, but through the use of dark blue trim and different seat materials, the texture atmosphere and sense of luxury in the cabin are enhanced.
The 12-inch HD touch screen host has introduced a higher-end Luxgen Think+ 5.0 human factors interface, and the buttons such as the air conditioner below have been changed to capacitive touch buttons.

In addition, in addition to replacing the door trim and central saddle with new dark blue trim in the cabin, the seats are also upgraded to a new design of Luxgen Care+, emphasizing the application of multi-layer relief materials to strengthen left and right support Comfort, ride coverage and shock absorption, and the length of the seat cushion is also extended to the thigh to strengthen the support; in addition, the seat material is also made of leather mixed with silver-gray wool cloth with European-style texture and hand-made silver stitching. Improve texture and ride comfort. Indeed, with the re-cutting design and the use of wool fabric materials, the whole car seat has a good touch and visual texture, and the foam is moderately soft and hard, making it comfortable and compliant to sit on the whole, and at the same time it is quite comfortable. Slip effect, especially the original factory emphasizes that this material is not only not easy to be stuffy, but also has the characteristics of anti-fouling and splash-proof, and its durability is very good.

Including the door trim and the central saddle are replaced with new dark blue trim, bringing a more vivid visual experience and high-end texture.
The large panoramic electric sunroof is the exclusive equipment only available for the top-spec flagship 7-seater Big Life Home Edition.
The seat material of the whole car is changed to leather mixed with silver-gray wool cloth with European-style texture, and then matched with hand-made silver stitching to simultaneously improve the texture and ride comfort.
The second row of seats adopts a 6/4 separation design, and has a front and rear sliding function of 80mm, and the seat back can also be adjusted in 10 stages of inclination, so that a comfortable sitting posture can be easily obtained.
When the second row of seats is moved to the front, the occupant’s knees are about 1 fist away from the front seat back, while the third row occupants (170cm) have about half a fist’s knee space, so it corresponds to an adult Riding is no problem.

In terms of safety equipment, URX Neo has also upgraded the entire car series to be equipped with a full-speed range ACC active vehicle distance control cruise system (including Stop & Go), in addition to AEB automatic braking assist, LDWS+ driving deviation detection warning, BSD blind spot detection warning and Full Side View + non-blind spot side image are also listed as standard equipment for all models. Of course, if the lane keeping centering system can be supplemented and the automatic driving level is raised to Level 2, it will be It's more satisfying. However, forward-looking technological equipment such as AR Around View + AR safety video around the car, Eagle View + 360-degree surround video, Alley View + bilateral front-facing video, Live Rear View + rear-view Live video, and AR See-through View + AR chassis perspective video are also available. None were absent.

The brand's forward-looking technologies such as AR Around View + AR safety video around the car, Eagle View + 360-degree surround video and other driving AR imaging systems are all complete and standard.

Light and vigorous at low speed, smooth and gentle at high speed

In terms of power, the entire URX Neo series is still equipped with a 1.8L Twin Scroll Turbo inline 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine jointly developed with Japan’s Tomei, coupled with an AISIN six-speed automatic manual transmission system, with a maximum horsepower and torque of 202hp and 30.6kgm output. The power of this engine is the same as in the past. The whole power adjustment mainly focuses on the brisk and powerful start adjustment when driving in urban areas. In particular, the peak torque of 30.6kgm is concentrated in the 1500~4000rpm speed range commonly used in urban areas. Therefore, as long as you lightly step on the accelerator, you can bring a brisk acceleration response, and not only the front part of the accelerator is sharp, but also the acceleration of the accelerator in the low-to-medium speed range can bring out full and abundant acceleration force, and it is easy to drive the nearly 1.7-ton body. Comfortable, even the driver has to be careful to deal with and get used to its accelerator response, so as not to cause discomfort to the occupants in the car due to frequent and sudden acceleration forces. It's just that when entering the medium and high speed range, the entire acceleration force will tend to be smooth and gentle. Of course, this is not because the power is not enough, but that the process of pulling up the tail speed takes longer to stack.

The power is equipped with a 1.8-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine, and is matched with a 6-speed Aisin manual transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 202hp and 30.6kgm.
In addition to the brisk acceleration from the start, the power release in the low-to-medium speed range of 1500~4000rpm that is often used is full and abundant.

Comfortable and stable driving experience

With the chassis suspension also maintained at the original setting, the URX Neo still shows a rather calm and soft comfort texture when driving on ordinary roads, and it has a good performance in terms of cabin sound insulation and crushing shock suppression. The overall road texture has a certain level. In addition, under the comfort-oriented control adjustment and the long-travel suspension setting, even in the face of mountain road curves, its flexible characteristics can also provide sufficient support in time when the body rolls and the center of gravity shifts It can control the whole cornering dynamics in a fairly balanced and stable manner, and bring easy-to-use, stable and safe driving experience to the driver. This is quite an appropriate setting for an SUV that mainly meets the needs of family rides.

The soft suspension setting is very good at suppressing vibration when dealing with uneven roads and potholes, which can bring a comfortable ride, but the roll will be more obvious when cornering, but the support of the suspension is sufficient , so that the vehicle has a smooth cornering dynamic performance.

Test drive testimonials~ It will be more confident to fill in the lane and center it

To be honest, the remodel of URX Neo this time is indeed larger than originally expected. In addition to a new face, the interior texture and safety equipment have been improved. You can really feel the sincerity and Carefully. However, there are still some shortcomings. Although the full-speed range ACC is added, the lane centering system is still missing. This will undoubtedly suffer a loss among many competitors with Level 2. After all, consumers nowadays are very penny-pinching. Relatively speaking, if the lane centering system can be supplemented in the future to meet the Level 2 standard, I believe it will be more confident to compete in the fiercely competitive domestic SUV market.

Luxgen URX Neo Spec Sheet


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