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【Test Drive】Luxury XinyiEQE 300 from Mercedes-EQ

●Suggested price is 3.26 million yuan

●The cruising range is 639km (WLTP)

●Original warranty for 3 years with unlimited mileage (battery for 10 years or 250,000 kilometers)

●Comfortable driving experience, advanced technology cockpit atmosphere

●The choice of car models is less

The EQE, which appeared after the EQS, gave people a sense of sight from the appearance design to the technological equipment. It was not until the actual road test drive that they found that the positioning and adjustment of the two were clearly separated, and the quiet The smooth pure electric power combined with the leisurely driving style that Mercedes-Benz has always been good at makes EQE create a delicate texture that surpasses traditional mid-sized luxury cars...

In order to quickly establish a complete lineup of EQ pure electric vehicles, Mercedes has launched EQE, EQS SUV, EQE SUV, EQA, EQB and other models non-stop since EQS. After the EQS, EQA, EQB and the EQE of this test drive were released in one breath in late September. The two medium and large pure electric SUVs are also expected to arrive in Taiwan at the end of the second quarter of 2023, attacking the emerging pure electric market. The ambition is very strong.

similar but different

At first glance, the EQE 300 test drive car in front of me is quite similar to the EQS 450+ that I first came into contact with about half a year ago (the two test drive cars also happened to be black), but in fact the length and wheelbase of the former are shortened 270.90mm, and the width and height of the car are also slightly reduced by 20.2mm. When you see the real car, you can fully feel that the overall shape of the EQE is relatively compact, and the rear shape is thicker and fuller. The hood and front air dam are laid out with relatively lean and sharp lines to create a more youthful and energetic visual experience. However, if you want to quickly identify vehicles moving in the distance, the fastest way to identify them is that EQS will have an extra water tank The LED light strip above the guard, and the rear part must be judged from the third brake light located on the upper edge of the rear windshield (EQS) or the front end of the tailgate (EQE).

The new EQE adopts the same One-bow bow roof design as the EQS, and also has a low drag coefficient of 0.22Cd.
EQE mostly uses sharp lines to create a youthful and dynamic look on the front part of the car, and the imported models are also equipped with multi-beam intelligent digital headlights as standard.
The EQE is equipped with a night star-shaped water tank shield with a large number of three-pointed star emblems as standard, but the upper penetrating LED light bar of the EQS is cancelled.
The EQE chrome-plated model lettering on the front edge of the window frame and the design of the wiper water inlet on the left front fender are all based on the EQS.
The penetrating LED taillight adopts the three-dimensional spiral design common to the EQ family, and the third brake light is integrated at the front end of the tailgate.

Compared with the previous EQS, the domestically introduced EQE 300 is also equipped with a night star-shaped water tank guard with a large number of three-pointed star emblems as standard and is equipped with an Electric Art appearance package, using bright black air intake dam trim strips and lower edges of front and rear bumpers The surrounding chrome trim is embellished, and the AMG Line appearance package can also be selected, which is replaced with a large-opening air intake dam shape, and a rear bumper that uses double horizontal grille chrome trim and a diffuser-like shape to add a sporty atmosphere. The exterior kits are all available in night version, that is, the rearview mirror and all chrome-plated trim strips including window frames and body side skirts are all changed to bright black treatment, and the dark heat-insulating glass behind the B-pillar is replaced. Although the ring part is designed with a large spoke coverage area and low wind resistance, there are at least three 19-inch models and five 20-inch models to choose from, so there is still room for personalized matching to a certain extent.

Simple technology is still

Continuing the design thinking of the appearance, the EQE also adopts the simple technology layout pioneered by the EQS in the interior. It is composed of on-screen digital instruments and a vertical 12.8-inch OLED high-resolution touch screen. In addition, the multi-functional sports car steering wheel and inner door handles are replaced with exclusive shapes to make a distinction, and some materials are selected according to the model positioning. The adjustment and the overall texture are not as delicate and excellent as EQS, but the EQE corresponds to the mid-sized luxury car class like E-Class, which is still at the top level.

The simple and technological cockpit layout is also adopted from the EQS, and only differentiated for the shape of the steering wheel and inner door handles.
The 12.3-inch wide-screen digital instrument has a variety of display mode options, and it is an exclusive EQ design that is different from fuel vehicles.
Although the EQE 300 is equipped with multi-beam intelligent digital headlights as standard, the dazzling meteor shower projection function needs to be selected separately.

The new EQE maintains the brand standard in terms of equipment, except for dual front seat ESCs with memory function, 64-color ambient lighting around the interior lighting, Keyless-Go kit, standard dual-zone constant temperature air conditioner, mobile phone wireless charging device, and 15 speakers In addition to the basic items such as the Burmester 3D surround sound system, the multi-beam intelligent digital headlights are also included in the standard configuration list. It is a pity that the dynamic projection welcome function commonly known as the meteor shower mode needs to be selected separately. In addition, the MBUX multimedia system is also introduced to expand The real-world navigation function is a great boon for consumers who are highly dependent on navigation. In terms of options, panoramic electric glass sunroof, luxurious four-zone constant temperature air conditioner, head-up display, luxurious front seats (ventilated/heated), multi-support inflatable and adjustable front seats with massage function and Air-Balance negative ion air freshening kit are provided. , even the car keys can be made of rose gold and chrome-plated to meet luxury buyers with different budgets and needs.

Practical functions such as dual cup holders, mobile phone wireless charging device and USB slot are integrated under the central saddle cover.
There is also a large storage space under the central saddle as in the EQS, and it is equipped with a belt design that can be easily fixed.
The standard Artico black/gray comfortable seats look flat but supportive, and there are ambient light bars on both sides of the seat back.
The wheelbase of more than 3 meters brings ample knee room performance, but there are still situations such as low sitting point and slightly cramped head room.
The EQE adopts an independent tail compartment design different from the EQS slanted tailgate. The volume of 430L is average but the flatness is still excellent.

Delicate power output

Considering the car buying habits and acceptance of domestic consumers, the new EQE only introduces the EQE 300 rear-wheel drive model from the various power configurations provided by the original factory this time. If you want high horsepower or four-wheel drive configuration, you can only go straight to Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4Matic Performance Edition. Of course, in terms of general transportation needs, the EQE 300 equipped with a rear axle permanent magnet synchronous motor is more than enough for a maximum output of 245hp/56.1kgm and an acceleration performance of 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100km/h, but I still hope that the industry can add more in the future The introduction of different power versions can be closer to the preferences and needs of different consumers.

In addition to the different sound effects provided by EQE, in addition to matching the response of power increase or decrease, even the vehicle start, multimedia system operation and other parts will be changed together.

In terms of endurance performance, the EQE 300 is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with an available capacity of 89kWh. The WLTP endurance range can reach 639 kilometers. With 170kW DC fast charging, it can replenish 250 kilometers of endurance in 15 minutes, and the fastest time is only 32 minutes. After completing 10-80% charging, the original factory also provides a 10-year or 250,000-kilometer warranty (to ensure that the battery capacity is not less than 70%), showing confidence in its own electric vehicle technology. The same as the EQ family models such as the EQS 450+ and EQB 300 that were tested before, the display of the remaining mileage of the EQE 300 is still very reassuring, and it can quickly make adjustments to the current driving conditions of the vehicle. The range of driving distance is extremely small, so there is no need to pay attention to the change of remaining power, and the so-called mileage anxiety is fully eliminated. With the continuous construction of a comprehensive charging network by the industry and partners, it is believed that it will become more convenient and convenient to use.

In the actual road test drive, the most surprising thing about the EQE 300 is that the overall power response is very delicate and linear, and the ease of control is even better than that of the EQS 450+ that was tested before. , It also reminds me of the calm and easy driving experience of previous large-displacement gasoline cars. At the same time, the kinetic energy recovery power divided into D+/D/D-/D Auto is also more gradual and natural. With D+ In the single-pedal mode with the slow start turned off, there is little too abrupt pulling feeling. In the D Auto mode, the kinetic energy recovery force change process that is increased to maintain the distance between the cars in front is also much smoother. Of course, such delicate and smooth power performance is mostly due to the continuous refinement and fine-tuning of the electronic control system, so I believe that the EQS car series should be able to reach the same level after the update, and perhaps we can expect more improvements and optimizations in the future Space.

EQE has a variety of kinetic energy recovery power adjustments and slow start function settings similar to fuel vehicles idling and sliding, which can be adjusted according to driving preferences.

Solid chassis skills

Unlike EQS, which uses the same Airmatic air suspension system as the flagship RV S-Class, the EQE 300 is equipped with steel coil springs as standard for a comfortable suspension setting, plus the tire size of 255/45R19, which can be clearly felt when it is on the road. The soft and dense yet stable and solid traditional Mercedes-Benz tonality is obviously different from the pure soft tone of EQS 450+ with a slightly floating feeling, and the road feeling feedback transmitted to the driver through the steering wheel and seat is also very good. It is much clearer and clearer, which makes people more confident in the control of road surface changes and vehicle dynamics. It is quite in line with the positioning of self-driving models, and it can also provide a comfortable and pleasant mobile experience for all passengers in the vehicle.

The power performance of the EQE 300 is quite gentle and linear, and the unhurried acceleration makes all passengers in the car feel comfortable.
The five-spoke wheels in the shape of bright silver double ribs can take into account low wind resistance and dynamic visual effects, and the tire size of 255/45R19 also provides excellent initial shock absorption capacity.

Although it is not equipped with a 10-degree rear axle steering system as standard as the EQS, the handling performance of the EQE 300 is still quite remarkable. First of all, the rather agile steering response can quickly drive the nearly 5-meter-long body according to the driver's expectations As the route advances, the suspension travel that is soft in the front section and strong in the rear section can also effectively control the excessive center of gravity change and body roll of the body, further reducing the obvious weight that may be caused by the empty weight of nearly 2.4 tons, as long as it is not deliberate Entering the corner with a higher speed will not easily cause restless situations such as head pushing and side slipping. If you can maintain a smooth driving pace, it can even bring a certain amount of driving fun.

The standard comfortable suspension of the EQE 300 is soft overall and the rear section is very tough, and it can show a smooth and calm dynamic response under most road conditions.

Test drive experience ~ more electrification

Perhaps influenced by Tesla, when many people mention electric vehicles, especially pure electric RVs, they have a stereotype of violent acceleration and strong performance. However, EQE uses the quieter and smoother characteristics of the electric drive system to eliminate it. The unavoidable vibrations and setbacks of previous fuel vehicles can be said to further enhance the comfort that Mercedes-Benz was good at in the past to a new level, making people feel the luxury driving experience that truly belongs to the new generation.

EQE 300 Spec Sheet


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