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【Test drive】New performance solutionAudi e-tron S Sportback

●The suggested price is 4.08 million yuan

● Cruising range 347~378km (WLTP)

●Original warranty for 5 years or 100,000 kilometers (8 years or 160,000 kilometers for battery modules)

●Pleasant point Full and lively dynamic response, delicate and delicate interior texture

● Regret of the bead

Compared with gasoline cars, it is much easier for an electric car to have a high horsepower of more than 4 or 500 horses and a zero-hundred performance that takes off in 4 seconds, but can it be called a performance car just by accelerating in a straight line? Audi obviously doesn't think so, because the new e-tron S Sportback has been replaced with exclusive settings from the motor configuration to the chassis adjustment in addition to the increase in output power.

Starting from the end of 2020, Audi Taiwan has successively introduced new-generation electric vehicles such as e-tron/e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT, striving to build a complete e-tron family system and a more complete pure electric life circle around Taiwan. In order to satisfy consumers who love performance leisure travel, the industry made persistent efforts to announce that the new e-tron S/e-tron S Sportback was officially launched in Taiwan on April 22 this year. The suggested prices are 3.94 million yuan and 4.08 million yuan respectively.

Expanded wheel arches add domineering

Compared with the previously introduced 50/55 models, the new e-tron S Sportback has not been significantly improved in appearance, especially because the e-tron Sportback introduced in China has been uniformly equipped with the S-line appearance kit, 21 The big feet and orange brake calipers make the main difference in shape, apart from the exclusive S-shaped emblem on the left side of the water tank guard and the tailgate, the front and rear wheel arches that are widened by 2 cm and the aerodynamic design at the bottom of the body side skirts. Fortunately, the test car is dressed in the eye-catching and eye-catching hot red car color, with the 22-inch Audi Sport five-spoke wheels and black exterior kits and other optional kits, which can still create a dynamic and domineering performance momentum.

The 2-centimeter-widened front wheel arches combined with the through-air curtain air intake design help to create a low drag coefficient of 0.26Cd.
The test drive is equipped with an upgraded 22-inch Audi Sport five-spoke wheel with a rather dynamic shape, and the tire size is 285/35R22.
The shape design of the sloping rear and the through-type LED taillights remain unchanged, and the exclusive e-tron S nameplate is added to the lower left corner of the tailgate.
The lower edge of the rear bumper is designed with a large-area diffuser plate to enhance airflow guidance. The test drive was changed to bright black paint due to the optional blackening kit.

The interior layout also does not deliberately emphasize the warm-blooded atmosphere, except for the self-illuminating aluminum alloy door sill panels, the three-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel, the S-shaped stamp on the electronic transmission gear handle, and the Dinamica/leather sports seats and other S exclusives In addition to the configuration, other layouts such as 12.3-inch digital instruments, gray natural wood grain trim, and dual-touch screens on the center console are the same as those of the general model. The equipment also includes Matrix matrix LED aurora headlights, panoramic electric sunroof, Four-zone independent thermostatic air conditioning includes rear-seat touch panel, mobile phone wireless charging stand, wireless Apple CarPlay, B&O 3D 16-channel surround sound system, and Level 2 road/city driving aid kit, etc., regardless of luxury comfort or technological convenience All are above the standard.

The interior layout is not much different from that of general models. The delicate texture maintains the high-level performance of the four rings, but it does not create a particularly strong performance atmosphere.
It is replaced with an exclusive three-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel, with an exclusive S emblem on the bottom to identify the body.
The new generation of MMI touch feedback control interface adopts the upper and lower double touch screens, which is full of technology but requires more habit to use.
There is an exclusive S mark on the handle of the electronic transmission gear, which low-key shows the performance identity that is different from the general model.
The self-illuminating S-exclusive aluminum alloy door sill panel has a good texture, and it can be clearly identified at a glance no matter day or night.
The upgrade comes standard with Dinamica/leather sports seats, which improves the sporty atmosphere and the actual wrapping effect.

More flexible torque distribution

Different from the 50/55 model, which adopts a dual electric motor configuration on the front and rear axles, the e-tron S Sportback is further upgraded to a power type with dual motors on the rear axle and a total of 3 motors. Not only does the maximum horsepower increase from 313/408hp to 435hp, the peak The torque increases by 14.7kgm to 82.4kgm, and it also has a boost mode that can provide an amazing output of 503hp/99.2kgm in a short period of time. The model is able to go as fast as 1.2 seconds. It is reflected in the actual driving experience. It is indeed more brisk and full from the start to the mid-section acceleration. In the dynamic dynamic mode, sprinting hard can also bring a quite obvious feeling of pushing back. The overall power level can definitely be called performance.

The e-tron S Sportback is mainly changed to the rear axle dual motor configuration, and the space configuration and storage plan in the front cabin are basically unchanged.

The dual-motor configuration of the rear axle is not only for increasing the power output and acceleration performance, but more importantly, it can achieve a more direct and efficient torque distribution system. Repeated tests on the multi-curved mountain road show that the e-tron S Sportback does not create the so-called flexibility by deliberately throwing the rear of the car, but rather uses the real-time output of the electric motor to make the rear of the car precise and fast. It follows the curve of the front wheels, giving the illusion of a further shortened wheelbase, while maintaining a high degree of stability and driving confidence; in addition, the e-tron S Sportback is equipped with the same sports car air suspension as the 50/55 model. The suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable road performance without losing strong support. The tire size widened by 20mm to 285mm can also bring a more stable dynamic response and sufficient grip during high-speed cruising or intense cornering. .

Benefiting from the larger power output and the rear axle torque distribution system, the acceleration response and the handling flexibility are improved to a higher level.

Test drive experience ~ deep performance strength that can be freely retracted

Different Hopes emphasizes the passion of traditional gasoline performance cars in all aspects. Both the new e-tron S Sportback and the RS e-tron GT that have been tested before are also highly addictive and superb driving skills, which are deeply hidden in the car. Under the luxurious atmosphere of comfortable travel, the comprehensiveness of dealing with various use environments has been greatly improved, and I believe it will also attract more buyers.

Audi e-tron S Sportback spec sheet


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