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【Test drive】Performance tide tourVolkswagen T-Roc R

●The suggested price is 1.798 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 12.3km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●Pleasant points, hot-blooded fighting character, eye-catching unique shape

●The tendency to push the head of the regret of the bead is more obvious

After successively introducing the Tiguan R, the new generation Golf R and other models, Taiwan Volkswagen also added the T-Roc R at the timing of the launch of the small facelift T-Roc, further expanding the lineup and visibility of the R high-performance family in China , the suggested price of 1.798 million yuan is also the easiest one to start with in the current R family. It is no wonder that the first batch of 150 quotas were quickly snapped up as soon as they were listed.

The slightly facelifted T-Roc car series, which was officially launched in China on May 12 this year, except for the maintenance of the 280 TSI Style Design and 330 TSI R-Line Performance models during the pre-sale period, and the price setting of 1.228 million and 1.448 million yuan. In addition, an additional 1.798 million yuan T-Roc R is the flagship performance. Is the extra exclusive interior and exterior configuration and power output worth the price difference of 350,000 yuan from the 330 TSI? That's the point of our test drive.

Details make the difference

Although the difference between the actual appearance and 330 TSI R-Line Performance is limited, but close contact with the T-Roc R can really feel the performance momentum that is different from the general model. First of all, it must be said that the R-exclusive metallic blue car color contributes Jue Wei , not only the insider fans can immediately recognize it at a glance, but even ordinary passers-by are easily attracted by its eye-catching but not too high-profile unique color, and the front bumper shape is maintained on the premise of maintaining the same outline as the R-Line style kit. On the one hand, the front air dams on both sides are replaced with the opening design with actual air intake effect and the looming internal cooling water tank. At the same time, a larger area of ​​black glossy surface treatment is used to create a wider and flat visual effect. R-specific configurations such as blue brake calipers with R-marks, central blackening of the rear bumper, and bilateral quad-exhaust tailpipes have accumulated a distinctive overall appearance bit by bit.

There is an R mark on the upper right corner of the water tank guard. Although it is the same as the R-Line emblem, the metallic dazzling blue car color alone is enough to identify the body.
The shape of the front bumper is roughly the same as that of the R-Line appearance kit, but the air dams on both sides really have the function of opening air intake and heat dissipation.
The combination of 19-inch Estoril rims and blue brake calipers, I believe that it goes without saying that you can feel the unique identity of this car.
The standard rear dark privacy glass echoes the blackened elements such as the carbon fiber-style C-pillar design, window frames and luggage racks.
The real bilateral four-outlet exhaust tailpipes are also a major feature that cannot be mistaken, and a blackening treatment is added to the center of the rear bumper.

Continuing the familial interior tone that was integrated into the flat touch style design after the minor facelift of the car series, the T-Roc R also injects a number of R-specific configurations to create a fighting atmosphere, the most worthy of which is the sports multi-function steering wheel. It is covered with breathable leather on both sides, embellished with blue stitching, blue trim strips and R-shaped emblem on the lower disk spokes, R racing mode shortcut keys, and even the greatly elongated sports car-style shift paddles, etc., all bring vision. The Nappa Carbon carbon fiber pattern sports leather seats are also changed to R-specific configurations such as blue stitching and seatback embroidery, and the door trim stitching is also replaced with R-specific blue elements. , cabin atmosphere lights, and the outer edge of the foot pad, etc., add a unique atmosphere in the cabin. In addition, the introduced T-Roc R equipment is basically set at the high-end level of the 330 TSI model, with only an additional R-exclusive blackening kit and Beats surround sound system as standard.

The interior layout is basically unchanged, mainly relying on R-exclusive elements such as the steering wheel, seats and a lot of blue stitching to embellish the performance style.
The R mark can be seen at the bottom of the 10.25-inch digital instrument, but there is still no clear difference from the R-Line model.
An exclusive R racing mode touch shortcut key is added on the left side of the steering wheel, and the sports car-style shift paddles with a lot of length can be seen at the rear.
The only standard 300W output Beats surround sound system in the car series, but the actual listening experience is not much better than the original sound system.
The configuration of the gear assembly and the console saddle is the same as that of the general model. It will be more unique if some R-exclusive markings can be added.
The cabin ambient light is changed to R exclusive royal blue, which can better match the blue stitching on the door trim.
The Nappa Carbon carbon fiber pattern sports leather seats are additionally equipped with R-specific configurations such as blue stitching, and also have electric adjustment and memory functions.
The rear seats are also decorated with R exclusive blue stitching. Although the upper sunroof is called panoramic, it actually only extends to the central part of the rear seat.

positive personality

Like the previously introduced R family car, the T-Roc R is also powered by the EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine, although the maximum output has been slightly reduced from 320hp/42.8kgm to 300hp/40.8kgm, but in the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch engine Driven by the automatic manual transmission and 4Motion active intelligent four-wheel drive system, 0~100km/h can still be completed in 4.9 seconds, which is on par with the Tiguan R and Golf R Variant, and the top speed is also electronically limited to 250km/h. In order to control the strong power, the T-Roc R adopts the R-exclusive sports suspension with the body lowered by 20mm and comes standard with the DCC active chassis control system.

The DCC active chassis control system is the same three-stage adjustment as the Tiguan R, and the overall suspension setting is also inclined to be tough and solid.
Like other R families, it is powered by a 2.0L straight-four turbo engine, but the maximum output is slightly reduced to 300hp/40.8kgm.

Driving on urban roads in comfort or normal mode, the T-Roc R's brisk and smooth dynamic response is not reminiscent of the car's 300hp horsepower, but the quick-rebound sports suspension and low profile ratio of 19 inches. The feet can't hide the innate blood gene, and after changing to the racing mode that replaces the sports mode, the more direct and positive throttle response is matched with the obviously richer exhaust sound (although most of it is simulated sound) and the occasional sound. The sound of backfire and explosions makes the overall combat index soar. The more rigid damping setting cooperates with the four-wheel drive system that can provide sufficient grip and tracking. It is not afraid of the mountain road with twists and turns. Unfortunately, this car is It is not like the high-performance brothers such as Tiguan R and Golf R, which are replaced with new-generation four-wheel drive with R Performance torque distribution system. The overall handling characteristics are still biased towards the front-drive style, that is, the cornering speed is fast, or the cornering oil is charged too early. If you are too fast, you are prone to push your head, and you need to strictly follow the driving guidelines of slow in and fast out in order to obtain smooth and stable dynamic feedback.

The dexterous and accurate steering response is almost the same as that of a performance steel gun, but if you are eager to accelerate the throttle when exiting a corner, it is still prone to push.

Test drive experience ~ purer blood tone

Not only the difference in design style that can be seen with the naked eye, the T-Roc R also greatly enhances the degree of sportiness in terms of driving personality. For the performance-oriented personality buyers who are eager for passion, the price difference of 350,000 yuan from 330 TSI to R is definitely worth it. , but on the other hand, if there is still a certain proportion of daily car comfort needs, then the performance of general models will be more comprehensive.

VW T-Roc R Spec Sheet


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