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【Test Drive】Science and Technology Innovation Family NumberVolkswagen Commercial Vehicle Multivan Style

●The suggested price is 2.478 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 12.4km/L

●Original factory warranty for 4 years with unlimited mileage

●Pleasant point of pure home MPV driving texture

●Regret only has a single power configuration

In terms of multi-person loading and space utilization capabilities, I believe that the performance of the past generations of Multivan will not disappoint, but the driving experience with a strong sense of business travel is still far from the home MPV that most people think of. However, with the new generation For the first time, Multivan is built with the new-generation MQB sedan chassis, and everything begins to be different...

First of all, it must be explained that the original factory of the new generation of Multivan did not give the name of T7, which symbolizes that the model positioning has already escaped from the traditional business travel status of the Transporter series. Different customer needs, for example, because the new generation of Multivan uniformly adopts gasoline turbo + front-wheel drive, consumers who want high-torque diesel four-wheel drive can choose the T6.1 Multivan 4Motion model, but if they want the luxurious interior of the new generation Multivan with diesel power Consumers may still have to look forward to whether there will be additional introductions in the future.

streamline trendy style

Different from the dignified momentum created by the square lines of the traditional T series, the new generation of Multivan looks more dynamic and streamlined from the appearance outline. The front bumper with the geometric wind tunnel shape and air dam design not only adds modern and trendy elements, but also brings It comes with a new-generation technological style similar to the ID pure electric car series, but at the same time fully retains the classic Bulli van family style that has been inherited in one continuous line, so that people can see that the new car is reinterpreted and evolved based on the past, not born out of nowhere The gods will make a fortune.

The new-generation Multivan has a more rounded and refined exterior design, which not only effectively reduces wind resistance, but also greatly enhances the urban texture.
The front bumper adopts the design of the lower air dam in a geometric wind tunnel shape, bringing a new-generation technological style similar to that of the ID pure electric vehicle series.

In order to get closer to the image of a luxury MPV, the new generation of Multivan also pays great attention to details. First, the imported models are fully equipped with IQ.Light LED Matrix matrix headlights, horizontal LED taillights, front bumpers and door handles in the same color as the body, Black exterior rearview mirrors, welcome floor lights, and dark heat-insulating glass in the passenger compartment, etc. The Style model that was tested added a continuous LED positioning light for the water tank guard, a transverse chrome trim on the side of the car, and an 18-inch V-shaped trim Five-spoke wheels, etc. In addition, it also provides a variety of lively car color options, such as bronze gold, Mediterranean blue, and pearl black/phantom red two-color painting, etc., to meet the individual needs of car owners.

All models are equipped with IQ.Light LED Matrix matrix headlights as standard, and the Style model also adds continuous LED positioning lights.
The horizontal LED taillight group helps to enhance the atmosphere of the passenger car, and the side trim strips exclusive to the Style model can also be seen here.

Urban transportation is more convenient~Multivan Life

As the entry-level model of the car series, the Life model with a price of 1.998 million yuan and the Style model with a price difference of nearly 500,000 yuan, in addition to the simpler appearance and slightly simplified interior equipment, there is actually a big difference in the length of the car 200mm (both wheelbases are 3124mm), that is, the Life model shortens the length of the tail compartment and controls the overall vehicle length within 5 meters. In terms of space performance, it will naturally be relatively compact than the Style model.

The interior of the Life model adopts ArtVelours high-end velvet seats and hairline decorative panels, and the equipment is also simplified.
The second-row seats of the new generation of Multivan cancel the previous 180-degree rotation, and instead install them reversely after disassembly, and all models require additional options.

Digital technology interior

Like the previously launched new-generation Caddy car series, the new-generation Multivan also fully follows the digital trend of VW's new-generation passenger car series such as the eighth-generation Golf in terms of interior layout, including 10.2-inch digital instruments and a 10-inch touch screen on the center console It adopts a continuous design and is covered with a large area of ​​black piano paint. At the same time, it also integrates the electronic shift lever assembly and digital touch panel. In addition, configurations such as touch lamp switches and center console touch shortcut keys are also integrated. Everything is in order, only the steering wheel is left without the style of touch shortcut keys on both sides.

The new generation of Multivan is more in line with passenger cars in the layout of the console, and the technological atmosphere and luxurious texture have made great leaps.
All models are equipped with a 10.25-inch digital instrument as standard, and the Style model is equipped with a Pro advanced version that can display navigation map screens.

In terms of equipment settings, the new generation of Multivan models are equipped with dual electric sliding doors for the passenger compartment, electric opening and closing tailgate, Keyless keyless system, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, three-zone electronic constant temperature air-conditioning system + rear seat independent control panel and Air outlets, reversing display, automatic parking assistance, etc., are more convenient and practical than the standard. The Style model is upgraded with Savona two-color leather seats, dual front ergoComfort comfortable electric adjustable seats, multi-mode cabin atmosphere lights, HUD head-up display and Harman Kardon surround sound system, etc., the level of comfort and luxury has been raised to a higher level. The most important thing is that all models are equipped with IQ. The Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle system with distance adjustment cruise + active lane correction assistance, Side Assist vehicle side blind spot warning, RTA rear lateral traffic flow warning including brake assist and Exit Warning safety warning, etc., help to improve driving safety and reduce traffic accidents. Fatigue from long-distance driving.

The new car adopts a unique double A-pillar design, which not only creates a low-sloping streamlined appearance, but also takes into account the openness of the car interior.

Seven variable spaces

All new-generation Multivan models adopt a 2-2-3 fully independent seat configuration. Each seat in the second and third rows can adjust the seat back angle, slide back and forth, or be disassembled. Although the original factory emphasizes that the new seats are lightweight Design, but the weight of a single sheet is still over 20 kg, so it takes a lot of effort to operate it alone; in addition, with the new slide rail design, the 180-degree rotation function of the second-row seats, which was a major feature of Multivan in the past, has No more, if you want to present the two- and three-row sitting style, you need to choose a special seat that can be installed in reverse and have a seat belt on the back. It sounds like the convenience is not as good as before, but in fact, the second row The seat is no longer limited by the structure and space required for rotation, which can further improve the riding comfort.

All new-generation Multivan models adopt a 2-2-3 fully independent seat configuration, and the second and third rows of seats can be freely adjusted and disassembled.
The Style model is equipped with a newly designed gull-wing multifunctional conference table as standard, which not only has a larger unfolding area, but also can freely slide back and forth among the three rows.
The third row of seats can also be greatly adjusted using the slide rails to meet various space utilization requirements in different usage scenarios.

In addition to the function of the seven-seater seat, the new generation of Multivan also continues the excellent tradition of the car series in terms of storage planning. First of all, in the front row, there is an independent mobile phone tray under the touch shortcut keys of the center console (if wireless charging can be integrated) The device will be better), after the bottom cover is turned outward, there are double cup holders and open storage space, and there is another hidden storage space after the large-area decorative panel in front of the co-pilot is lifted, and the front door decorative panel also provides upper and lower double storage space. In the rear part, you can also see the inner trim of the double sliding door with USB charging holes and storage slots, and the storage space on both sides of the tail compartment integrates 12V power sockets, etc., but the most representative is the exclusive standard configuration of Style models. The new gull-wing multifunctional table can be automatically raised with one button, and the two sides of the table can be unfolded to bring a wide use surface, and it can also be moved back and forth between 1~3 rows and disassembled. The flexibility of use and space utilization can be said to be excellent. New highs.

The whole car series is equipped with three-zone electronic constant temperature air conditioner with air purification function as standard, so that all car occupants can enjoy a comfortable and healthy riding experience.

sedan road texture

Since the new generation of Multivan is developed based on the sedan-type MQB chassis platform, you can clearly feel the delicate road texture different from the past when you take a test drive on the road. When leveling the road, it will inevitably bring a more rigid and obvious sense of bounce and impact, which has now been replaced by the light and smooth suspension action. In response to the four driving modes of energy saving/comfort/sports/personalization (15-segment manual setting), the soft and hard settings of the damping can be switched at any time. The demand for smooth driving on curved mountain roads, combined with the consistent neutral and solid steering feedback of VW models, the overall driving experience is not far from that of Sharan, the representative of VW's seven-seater mid-to-large MPV in the past.

The new-generation MQB sedan chassis allows the new-generation Multivan to fully get rid of the blunt and bouncing road texture of the previous commercial vans, and it can be used with the DCC active chassis control system to meet the needs of different road conditions.

In terms of power configuration, the imported models of the new generation of Multivan are uniformly equipped with the EA888 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine with a maximum output of 204hp/32.6kgm. Completed in 9.4 seconds, with a top speed of 200km/h. Reflected in the actual driving experience, this car can provide quite brisk and smooth acceleration when starting and driving at a low speed. Mode or shift paddles to control the speed range to maintain a torque strike zone of 2000~4000rpm, in order to maintain a stable and powerful output response.

The imported models uniformly adopt a 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine configuration, and the exquisite and smooth running quality is more in line with the luxury MPV positioning of this car.
The Style model is equipped with three-dimensional 18-inch V-shaped five-spoke wheels, and the tire size of 235/50R18 can take into account both visual effects and shock absorption capabilities.

Test drive experience ~ a new choice for home luxury MPV

Regardless of appearance impression or driving experience, the new generation of Multivan fully escapes the strong business atmosphere of the past and presents it in a comfortable and luxurious household MPV style. It is a rare good choice.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Multivan Style Specification Table


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