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【Test drive】Second-in-command's attackThe new third-generation Honda HR-V S+ Jinhua version

As the second-leading HR-V under Taiwan Honda, it has finally ushered in a new third-generation facelift model; the new model not only has a more pleasing new appearance and interior layout, but also has a richness of equipment. It has also been upgraded, and more importantly, the Honda Sensing active safety assistance technology that consumers expect is included as standard, which can be said to be even more powerful for product competitiveness. In addition, it has also replaced a new power system that greatly improves the average fuel consumption, coupled with the Honda-style chassis handling and the reserved space function advantages, not only the internal and external likability is doubled, but the overall product combat power can be described as a higher level.

Honda HR-V S+ Jinhua Edition

●Suggested price of 819,000 yuan

●Average fuel consumption 17.0lm/L

●Pleasant point Fashion-forward and handsome appearance, Honda Sensing is included

The regret of the lost pearl e: HEV power is absent

Like its big brother CR-V, it is the HR-V of Taiwan's Honda's main sales model. Since it was introduced into localization in 2016, it has always had a very good sales performance, and has established a very good market reputation and image. In the follow-up, under the strong selling pressure of Nissan Kicks and Toyota Corolla Cross, it still maintains stable sales performance, which is enough to prove that HR-V is very popular and loved by consumers.

Now, the new generation HR-V, whose product power has evolved significantly, is finally on the market in China. Although it failed to catch up with the e:HEV power system, it is a little disappointing, but the new and eye-catching interior and exterior design is the standard of Honda Sensing. With the addition of powerful space-changing functions and other product features, it is already quite attractive, especially after adding a lot of equipment, the price of the new car has only increased slightly, so the CP value performance can be said to be better than before, no wonder It seems that Taiwan Honda is confident to set an annual sales target of 10,000 units. According to the latest news, the number of orders received for the new HR-V has exceeded 2,200 one month after the pre-sale, and the sales status is really hot. As for the greatly evolved new HR-V, what is the actual combat performance? Let's keep reading!

High-value fashion and avant-garde styling

The appearance of the new HR-V can be said to be quite high, and it is also a major selling point of the product. The overall appearance is quite dynamic, fashionable and technologically avant-garde. The front of the car is a large-area hexagonal grille-type water tank guard to create a calm character and attract attention. The internal grille S+ Jinhua version is painted in black, while the Prestige version is configured in the same color as the body. , the texture rendering and visual experience are more outstanding and eye-catching. Connected to it are the three-dimensional LED headlights with a very sharp and impressive shape, together with the lower air intake dam decorated with grids, and the three-dimensional multi-layered front bumper shape, forming a beautiful and beautiful high-rise. The appearance of beauty.

The hexagonal grille-type water tank guard at the front of the car is stylish and eye-catching. The internal grille S+ Jinhua version is painted in black, while the Prestige version is configured in the same color as the body, with a better texture presentation.
The sharp and piercing LED headlight group integrates the same imposing L-shaped daytime running light bar inside.
The trendy, bright and technologically penetrating LED taillights also have a rectangular light block design with a very good texture inside.

In the side part of the car, compared with the previous generation model, the body size of the new generation HR-V has not changed much. However, because the car width is slightly increased by 18mm and the car height is also slightly reduced, it has a lower body. The posture, plus the line of the A-pillar is also more inclined this time, and the roof line after the C-pillar is also cut downward, and with the hidden door handle design of the C-pillar, it creates a visual image of a coupe-like hatchback sports car. . As for the rear, it is also the highlight of the facelifted HR-V, especially the use of the trendy through-type LED taillight design, which is not only eye-catching and highly recognizable, but also highlights the high-tech texture of the new HR-V.

Compared with the previous generation, the body size of the new-generation HR-V has not changed much, except that the width of the vehicle is slightly increased by 18mm and the height of the vehicle is slightly reduced. The sleek running style is paired with transverse LED taillights to create a dynamic and technological appearance.
The S+ Jinhua version of the test drive is standard with a 17-inch six-spoke Bright Black style two-tone aluminum ring; while the Prestige Honor Edition is equipped with a more sporty 17-inch six-spoke Sporty Gray two-tone aluminum ring.

Simple and elegant interior design

The interior layout of the new HR-V is also refreshing. The overall design is simple and elegant without losing the sense of design, especially emphasizing the shape of the fully horizontal large T-shaped center console, which allows the driver to have more For a spacious front view, even the air-conditioning vents are hidden in the decorative lines of the console, which is quite ingenious in design thinking. The center console is led by an 8-inch floating touch screen host, with Chinese culture interface, radio, Bluetooth audio and video, mobile communication and Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions to meet the basic needs of the car. In addition, the standard 4.2-inch color LCD instrumentation of the S+ model does not adopt a full digital LCD display, but there is also a 4.2-inch color LCD screen in the center, which can clearly display basic driving information and the operation status of Honda Sensing. In addition, the leather-covered three-spoke multi-function steering wheel not only has a good-looking shape, a moderate diameter, but also has a good steering feel. However, the S+ model does not come standard with shift paddles (the Prestige version is standard). A pity.

The brand-new interior layout is simple and elegant without losing the sense of design, and the equipment is also more abundant and upgraded.
Although the instrument adopts a more traditional double-ring design, a 4.2-inch color LCD screen is embedded in the center, which can display a wealth of driving information and the operation status of Honda Sensing.
The standard 8-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video screen host of the whole car has built-in radio, Bluetooth audio and video and mobile communication systems, and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection functions.
The good-looking three-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel has a moderate diameter and a good steering feel, but the S+ Jinhua version does not come standard with shift paddles.

In addition, there is a particularly novel design, that is, the 3-mode L-shaped air-conditioning vents located on the left and right sides of the console. In addition to the general closed and standard modes, this equipment has an additional "diffusion" mode. The cold air will be blown back from the air outlet, along the gap between the door panel and the seat to the back seat, so as to achieve better circulation efficiency and make the entire cooling room more even and fast.

The standard configuration of the S+ Jinhua version is a general constant temperature air conditioning system, and only the Prestige honor version is a constant temperature air conditioning system with independent left and right control.
The 3-mode dual front-seat L-shaped air-conditioning vents are quite ingenious and ingenious, and the "diffusion" mode allows the car to achieve a cooling effect more quickly.
The equipped upgrades include the newly introduced Idle Stop idle speed energy saving system, steep hill descent system and electronic handbrake (with Brake Hold) and other items.

In terms of equipment, the new HR-V does not disappoint. The S+ model comes standard with a 4.2-inch color LCD instrument, an 8-inch central control screen (supporting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto), Smart Entry, Push Start, and 3-mode L-shape. Air-conditioning vents, somatosensory pressure-relieving front seats, reversing camera, Brake Hold, EPB electronic parking brake and Honda Sensing protection system, etc.; while the top-spec Prestige model adds gear shift paddles, wireless charging stand , dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system and Hands-Free induction opening and closing electric tailgate (with automatic exit function) and other equipment.

Standard Level 2 "Honda Sensing"

The most impressive upgrade of the new HR-V is that the entire car series is equipped with the Level 2 Honda Sensing active safety assistance system as standard, including the ACC active distance adjustment cruise control system (with LSF low-speed automatic follow-up function) ), CMBS collision mitigation braking system, FCW forward collision warning, LKAS lane keeping assist, RDM road deviation suppression, LDW lane deviation warning, AHB high beam automatic switching and LCDN front vehicle departure reminder system, etc. -V finally has a more complete and complete security strength to face various opponents. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest 100-degree front ultra-wide-angle camera lens and high-speed image processing chip, so that the system has a wider detection field of view and stronger discrimination ability, and even strengthens its function for the CMBS collision mitigation braking system. Including oncoming vehicles when turning left, bicycles crossing the road, pedestrians at night and motorcycles in front are all listed in the scope of detection and protection.

Honda HR-V equipment compilation table

◆HR-V S+ Jinhua version 819,000 yuan


˙121hp/14.8kgm, CVT gearbox

˙LED headlights/daytime running lights/front direction lights

˙LED light guide tail light/brake light

˙4.2 inch TFT color LCD meter

˙8-inch touch audio head unit

˙ Support Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

˙Bluetooth communication system

˙3-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel,

˙Idle Stop idling energy saving system

˙3-mode dual front seat L-shaped air-conditioning vents,

˙3 mode reversing camera system

˙G-frame somatosensory pressure relief front seats

˙Walk-Away Lock leaves the automatic locking function

˙Eco Assist

˙Honda Sensing smart security protection


+60,000 yuan

◆Prestige Honor Edition 879,000 yuan

+LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system

+ Body color large one-piece tank guard

+ Front and rear bumper sports trim strips

+LED headlights with chrome trim ring

+Paddle Shift shift key

+Dual zone independent constant temperature air conditioning system

+ wireless charging stand

+ Gentleman black center console trim panel (with chrome trim strip)

+Gentleman black door trim (with chrome trim)

+Hands-Free induction opening and closing electric tailgate

(with leaving off function)

Ultra Seat seat change function remains

The cabin loading space and rich changing functions are still the strengths of the new HR-V. Its body length/width/height dimensions are 4330/1790/1590mm respectively, which are similar to the size of the previous model, and the wheelbase is still maintained at 2610mm, but With the rear seats slightly rearward and the redesign of the interior layout, the entire cabin space has been increased. In terms of rear seat knee space, it has increased by 35mm compared with the previous generation. In this case, an adult of 175cm actually rides, and the knee is about 1.5 fists away from the front seat back, and the seat foam is moderately soft and hard. , the entire seat, including the seatback angle and leg position, can provide ergonomic support, so the entire riding experience can be said to be quite spacious and comfortable, but the head space is limited by the undercut design of the roof line, so the head The top is only about 4 fingers away from the canopy, but it will not cause a sense of oppression.

The dual front seats that advertise G-frame somatosensory pressure relief are actually quite comfortable and comfortable to sit, with excellent back support and buttock coverage.
When the knee space of the rear seat is increased by 35mm, the knee space of the occupants is more generous than that of the previous generation. In addition, the seat cushion foam is moderately soft and hard, and the seat back angle is ergonomic, and the overall riding feeling is quite comfortable.

In terms of the changing function of the seat, the multi-functional change design of Ultra Seat, which has been well-received in the past, is still retained. In addition to the basic 6/4 separation and the seat back tipping forward, the seat cushion also has the function of uplifting and standing vertically. , it is convenient to place tall items such as potted plants, TV screens, and even small folding bicycles. As for the volume of the rear luggage compartment, the original factory has not released relevant data, but it also stated that under standard conditions, the rear luggage compartment can accommodate four 27-inch large suitcases or two sets of golf bags. It can be turned forward to create a very spacious and flat large storage space.

The unique Ultra Seat multi-functional change design of the rear seat is still retained. After the seat cushion is lifted, it is convenient to place high transport items such as potted plants and TV screens.

In addition, the HR-V also introduced the convenience equipment of "Walk-Away Closs" to automatically close the tailgate for the first time on the top-spec Prestige model. , In the door closing part, you only need to put the key on your body, and after opening the door, first press the button to leave the automatic door closing. When the person leaves the vehicle two meters, the tailgate of the luggage compartment will automatically close and lock. The condition of the goods when they are leaving can be said to be quite convenient and easy to use.

Gentle and smooth 1.5-liter power

In the power system part, the new HR-V replaces the previous 1.8-liter straight-four SOHC i-VTEC engine with the same 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine as the current Fit, matched with a CVT stepless transmission, with 121hp and 14.8kgm The maximum horsepower and torque output, although this output data is much lower than the previous 143hp and 17.5kgm, but the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau has also increased from 14.5km/L of the previous generation to 17km/L, whether it is for CAFE regulations or consumption. It is believed that it is beneficial to the requirements of fuel economy.

It is a pity that Taiwan Honda did not import the e:HEV power system, but it is not too surprising. There is no e:HEV power distribution in Taiwan's market, and it really cannot be forced.

The previous 1.8-liter single-convex engine configuration was cancelled, and a 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC naturally aspirated gasoline engine was replaced with a 121hp, 14.8kgm maximum horsepower and torque output.
The matching CVT gearbox has been optimized and adjusted, which has helped the average fuel consumption to be greatly improved from the previous 14.5km/L to 17km/L.

As for the performance after the power downgrade? When actually driving, the new HR-V is not as powerful as before after the displacement and horsepower are reduced, but it is still light, and the low-to-medium-speed performance on ordinary urban roads is also quite smooth. There is a sense of heavy drag or powerlessness, especially this time the original factory has also adjusted the CVT gearbox and the final transmission ratio, and the engine has also strengthened the output performance in the common range of 1500rpm to 3000rpm, so the overall acceleration power performance can be regarded as It is light and fast, and it is sufficient to accelerate in the middle and rear sections of fast roads. However, if you are climbing a hill with a full load of passengers or carrying heavy objects, you still have to use the S gear to keep the engine at a high speed to obtain more real-time performance. And more powerful acceleration power. However, the S+ Jinhua version I tested does not have the shift paddles and the CVT gearbox does not simulate manual settings. It does feel a little powerless when driving on a winding mountain road. It is enough to use it, but if you want to be more passionate, it will be demanding.

Under the condition that the displacement and power output are both lowered, the starting acceleration of the new HR-V is still light, and the cruising in the low-speed area in the urban area is also quite smooth and smooth, but when overtaking at high speed or running with heavy loads on mountain roads , You still have to rely on the S gear to increase the speed to obtain the desired acceleration thrust.

Honda-style slick handling

Compared with the gentle and smooth power performance, the performance of the new HR-V in terms of chassis handling is quite good this time, with Honda's consistent handling style and level.Although the suspension system is more comfortable oriented, it has some flexibility in it. Therefore, in addition to having a good road texture on ordinary roads, it has a high-level cornering response when facing mountain bends, even if entering at a higher speed. The suspension can also provide support in a timely manner, so that the dynamic performance of the entire body is stable and controlled, coupled with precise head pointing and excellent rear wheel tracking

The performance gives people quite high driving confidence, so although there is no exciting dynamic performance, it can still bring a little driving pleasure to the driver. In addition, it is worth affirming that the sound insulation performance of the cabin is indeed better than before, which not only improves the quietness of the car, but also creates a more pleasant and comfortable riding atmosphere than before.

The steering feel maintains Honda's consistent clarity, and the body dynamics during cornering are quite stable and controlled, especially the comfortable and tough suspension settings, which make it have a good road texture on general roads.

Test drive testimonials ~ powerful offensive strength

From the perspective of internal and external design, richness of equipment and safety specifications, the new generation of HR-V has indeed undergone a substantial transformation, evolution and upgrade, and even has obvious improvements in rideability, road texture and chassis handling performance. Distinguishing the space change function of the same class, these are quite sure and satisfactory; although the performance of the power performance falls short of the expectations of consumers, the more economical fuel consumption performance, as well as the new additions to the list The Honda Sensing system makes the new HR-V more in line with the needs of ordinary daily cars. In addition, the range of the price increase is in line with the increased number of equipment, which is not only reasonable and sincere, but also makes the product CP higher, making the new HR-V more powerful.

Honda HR-V S+ Jinhua Edition Specifications


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