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【Test Drive】Set the tone luxuryFord Kuga EcoBoost 250 AWD Vignale

Different from the Kuga EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line, which pursues dynamics, performance and running style, Ford Liuhe launched the Kuga EcoBoost 250 AWD Vignale model based on the previous Kuga EcoBoost 250 AWD flagship X model. The model emphasizes the Italian elegant and luxurious style, so it will form a gorgeous 1.2 million-level combination with the ST-Line X model, further expanding Kuga's consumer audience and market share. Next, let everyone know how Kuga Vignale flaunts elegance and luxury.

Text/Yang Zhihan, Picture/Gu Zongtao

  • Suggested selling price 1.269 million yuan
  • Average fuel consumption: 12.0km/L
  • Factory Warranty: 3 years with unlimited mileage
  • The pleasing point: the elegant and luxurious texture has been upgraded to another level
  • Regret: The Vignale's makeup at the rear of the car is not obvious

Domestic Ford Liuhe launched the 2023 New Year-style Kuga models with adjusted configuration and model compilation in early December, including the Kuga EcoBoost250 AWD Vignale (hereinafter referred to as Kuga Vignale) model that first appeared in China, and became an eye-catching model. biggest highlight. As for Vignale in the end why? What does it mean? To put it simply, Vignale is a boutique sub-brand of Ford in Europe, famous for its unique luxurious aesthetic style and exquisite and high-quality workmanship; and the word Vignale comes from an Italian engineer named Alfredo Vignale, The engineer founded a vehicle design company in 1946. He has cooperated with brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin to launch Vignale joint boutique cars. Acquired by Ford, but De Tomaso was acquired by Ford in 1973 and incorporated into its brand, and has the right to use the Vignale trademark. In addition, not only the Kuga car series, Vignale boutique models have appeared on European models such as Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo, and this time the Kuga Vignale is also the first time to go outside Europe, making Taiwan the second sales outside Europe. Boutique grade Kuga's Market.

The water tank shield adopts a wavy grille design, and the visual experience and texture are enhanced through the upper layer of matte silver and the lower layer of high-gloss black.
The front fog lamp holders on both sides are also inlaid with "aluminum satin" inverted L-shaped chrome-plated trim.
The headlight group adopts the same single-projection headlights as ST-Line X, and the LED light guide strip daytime running light design is integrated inside.
Under the factory emblem at the rear of the car, the nameplate of Vignale is used to replace the word Kuga to demonstrate its luxury status.

Luxurious and high-quality appearance

Compared with ST-Line models, Kuga Vignale has a refreshing front appearance under the exclusive appearance kit. First of all, the double-layer design of the water tank guard is adopted to create a sparkling visual effect through the two-tone grille of fog silver and high-gloss black; The side fog light base is also added with an L-shaped decorative frame with "aluminum satin finish", and then matched with the same single-type LED projection lamp group and L-shaped daytime running lights as the ST-Line model, forming an elegant and large , At the same time, it has an exquisite and high-quality front appearance. On the side of the car, in addition to the bright chrome-plated window frames on the Vignale nameplate above the front doors and the chrome-plated trim strips inlaid in the side skirts, Kuga Vignale also comes standard with Zhenyao extremely gray two-color cut aluminum rings that have been upgraded to 20 inches in size. Create a high-end and luxurious temperament style. As for the luxury ink on the rear part of the car, there is less luxury ink. Only the Vignale nameplate replaces the previous Kuga word located in the center of the tailgate. At the same time, the center of the rear bumper is decorated with aluminum satin polished trim to strengthen the visual texture, but the square shape on both sides is single. The exhaust tailpipes still exist, allowing the Kuga Vignale to not only create a luxurious texture, but also show an extraordinary performance.

The rear bumper is also embellished with silver trim, and is equipped with a double-sided single-exit square tailpipe that can enhance the performance.
Standard 20-inch Zhenyao extremely gray two-color cut aluminum rims and German Continental PremiumContact 6 sports tires.

Exclusive Windsor breathable leather seat

Interior texture upgrade is also the focus of Kuga Vignale. As soon as you open the door, you will be greeted by the exclusive Vignale welcome pedal, and the console trim and door trim that you can see after sitting in the cabin are replaced with Urban wood grain trim, including the console, steering wheel, gear shift saddle, The cup holders and even the window button trims on the door panels are all replaced with black piano paint parts, which makes the atmosphere of Zheng's cabin really more advanced and more textured. In addition, the most important part is that all the car seats are covered with Windsor Windsor breathable leather, and the seats are also thickened by 10mm. "Craftsmanship" design not only greatly improves the overall tactility and texture atmosphere, but also significantly improves the support and comfort of the actual ride. Only if the covering of the seat back and seat cushion can be strengthened, it will be more perfect.

The layout of the interior has not changed, but through a large number of black piano paint veneers, leather coverings, wood grain veneers and other materials such as lining and stitching design, the high-end luxury and texture atmosphere of the cabin is enhanced.

In addition to the improved texture and comfort, the double front seats made of Windsor breathable leather also have a 10-way electric adjustment function, and 3 sets of memory settings for the driver's seat, and not only the memory settings of the seat itself, It can also be linked synchronously with the exterior rearview mirror and the interior HUD head-up display, which can be said to be a very practical and convenient equipment. As for all the good things that were originally on the flagship X model, none of them are missing on Kuga Vignale, such as a 12.3-inch full digital instrument screen, an 8-inch floating LCD touch screen (supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems), SYNC 3Entertainment and communication integration system, satellite navigation, left and right dual-zone constant temperature air conditioner, Qi wireless charging stand, HUD head-up display, B&O audio (10 speakers) and 360-degree surround view video assistance system, etc., the level of equipment is not inferior to luxury imports of the same level The strength of the car.

The interior equipment items of Kuga Vignale are almost handled according to the ST-Line model level, so this set of 12.3-inch full digital instrument panel is also standard equipment.
It comes standard with a dual-zone constant temperature air conditioner, and a Qi wireless charging stand and USB and Type-C jacks are installed below.
There is an 8-inch touch screen on the top of the console, built-in SYNC 3 entertainment and communication integration system, original Chinese satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and other functions.

In addition, there is no doubt about the safety equipment of Kuga Vignale. It is also equipped with Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving assistance technology with quite complete specifications as standard, including full-speed ACC cruise control (with Stop & Go), iACC intelligent cruise control Cruise control, LCA lane guidance assist, ISA intelligent speed limit assist, TSR road sign recognition assist, AEB full speed range auxiliary braking, PCA forward collision warning, BLIS visual blind spot detection, RED road edge detection, LDW lane departure Systems such as shift warning, LKA lane departure assist, ESA evasive steering assist, driving fatigue warning, CTA reversing traffic warning, AHB automatic high beam and other systems meet the Level 2 standard.

Both the console trim and the door trim are replaced with Urban wood grain trim, and the texture improvement is quite impressive.

Passionate performance, calm and comfortable driving

In terms of power, Kuga Vignale is equipped with the same EcoBoost 250 2.0-liter turbocharged power heart as ST-Line X, and is equipped with an 8-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive settings. It has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 250hp and 38.7kgm . The performance of this engine on ST-Line models tested many times in the past is really impressive. Generally speaking, it can provide brisk, full and vigorous acceleration in various speed ranges and road conditions, especially when climbing or climbing. Even situations such as high-speed overtaking are quite easy. Even if the car is fully loaded, there is no situation of powerlessness at all, and it even brings people a passionate driving experience. The overall acceleration performance can be regarded as the best in its class.

B&O advanced surround cabin audio plus 10 speakers are also standard equipment for Kuga Vignale.

However, in terms of handling performance, since the Kuga Vignale's suspension system is biased towards a comfortable soft-tuning setting, which is different from the ST-Line X model's sporty tuning setting, the feedback characteristics of the two cars in terms of handling performance and ride comfort There are also differences. The most obvious difference is that when cornering, the Kuga Vignale

For high-end luxury SUVs, the panoramic electric sunroof is an indispensable joyful equipment.
Kuga Vignale is certified as a passenger car, so in addition to not seeing the anti-collision bar in the rear compartment, the rear seat also has complete front and rear sliding and seatback angle adjustment functions.

The degree of roll of the car is more obvious than that of the ST-Line model, but even so, its stability and tracking performance during high-speed cornering are still quite good, which does not reduce the confidence in driving.

All the seats of Kuga Vignale are made of Windsor breathable leather material, and both front seats are equipped with 10-way electric adjustment function.

However, for the vibration feedback when driving on uneven roads or potholes, the ST-Line model with a hard-tuned suspension, the rear seat passengers have to bear the obvious crushing vibration feedback, even if the Kuga Vignale is equipped with a 20-inch low-profile ratio Tires, but the suspension setting tends to be soft Q, which also makes its rear seat comfort significantly better than that of ST-Line models, which is not so hard and fastidious for a Vignale model that emphasizes luxury and exquisite texture The calm and comfortable chassis suspension setting is more reasonable and tasteful.

Equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and an 8-speed manual transmission, it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 250hp and 38.7kgm.

Test drive testimonials ~ admiration for the courage to break through and try

Rather than saying that Kuga Vignale is used to enhance the brand image, it is better to say that it is a clever marketing method used by Ford Liuhe to open up territories and expand consumer groups.Indeed, such a "high-end luxury" route can be said to be

It took a different path and took a road that domestic SUVs have not taken before. Although there is a little test of water temperature in it, it does provide consumers with a luxury luxury model in addition to the ST-Line model that emphasizes the sporty character. Top with Kuga for option. Let alone the sales performance after that? But at least give high praise and affirmation to Ford Liuhe for its brave breakthrough attempt.

The acceleration power of Kuga Vignale is also very full and powerful, whether it is in various speed ranges or in the face of climbing and high-speed overtaking, it is easy and pleasant, completely worthy of the reputation of a performance SUV.
The softer Q suspension setting makes Kuga Vignale have a more comfortable ride experience than ST-Line models, but despite this, it can still maintain calm dynamics and excellent tracking performance when facing corners.

Ford Kuga EcoBoost 250 AWD Vignale Specifications Table:


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