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【Test Drive】Seven-seat luxury LSUV masterpieceRedesigned Infiniti QX60

The QX60, which is based on three generations living in the same house and the essence of family, is the biggest product feature is that it has a spacious and comfortable cabin space performance and seat change function design, which also makes it from a seven-seater LSUV crossover to MPV level. And now the new generation of the redesigned QX60, in addition to the domineering, sturdy and stable appearance, has more luxurious interiors and rich equipment than before, plus Level 2 ProPILOT driving assistance technology. Equipped with the upper body as standard, this seven-seater luxury SUV that can carry a family for joy and enjoyment has a beautiful new look.

The suggested price is 2.79 million yuan (flagship model)

Average fuel consumption 10.0km/L

Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

The lovable part is Dingtian, luxurious and large, and the second row has a one-button flexible retractable design.

Regret of the Pearl has a higher card burning tax

Maybe you haven’t forgotten, in fact, the QX60 is the JX SUV flagship that was launched in 2011. This car was renamed QX60 in 2012, and in 2016, it launched a slightly modified model with a slightly modified appearance. In 2019, the VQ35DD in-cylinder direct-injection V6 engine with a power increase of 40hp was replaced. Until June 2021, the original factory released a new and overhauled QX60. The general agent Yulon Nissan chose to officially introduce it for domestic sales in September 2022. That is to say, the QX60 has only developed to the second-generation model, but the sword of the second-generation QX60, which has only been honed in the past 10 years, has indeed made people feel the great innovation and evolution of the new QX60. The car technology can keep up with the world trend, and it is even more extreme to create a seven-seater luxury SUV belonging to this era, especially the more luxurious Autograph extreme six-seater choice Matching, it pushes the sense of honor and luxury to the highest point.

Domineering styling with strength and craftsmanship

In terms of body size, the body shape of the new QX60 has not been further enlarged, but has been reduced by 46mm in the length of the car to 5047mm, but the width and height of the car have increased by 21mm and 28mm respectively, reaching 1981mm and 1770mm, as for the wheelbase. Maintain the original 2900mm. But even so, the car length of more than 5 meters still makes it look quite large and sturdy, but different from the past, the previous generation is round and aggressive, while the new generation QX60 looks much more square, and uses more A lot of sharp angles and sharp lines are used to outline the outline, creating a more rigid and powerful appearance.

Although the body length of the new QX60 is reduced by 46mm compared with the previous generation, the body shape of more than 5 meters is still more than 5 meters. With the strong sheet metal parts and the body lines with tension, it still looks domineering and strong.

From the front of the car, the enlarged and domineering double-bow water tank cover not only incorporates elements of traditional Japanese "origami" craftsmanship into the inner net, but also has a relief of the word INFINITI under the chrome-plated water tank cover frame, creating a visual texture. First-class, coupled with sharp-looking LED digital key headlights, large air intakes on both sides of the front bumper and a chrome spoiler trim on the lower edge, the entire front of the car looks impressive while being graceful. momentum.

In addition to the use of a hidden D-pillar design to create the visual impression of a suspended roof, the side part of the car also uses muscular sheet parts and protruding wheel arches to create a sturdy feeling; , the window frame and the lower edge of the side skirt are more chromed with a samurai sword-shaped edge trim to enhance the neat and dynamic atmosphere. As for the rear of the car, the most eye-catching feature is the keyboard-type LED taillights that echo the LED digital keyboard headlights. There are 22 LED light sources on each side, which are both bright and highly recognizable. In addition, the INFINITI brand words are inlaid under the logo quite in line with the trend, and two large-area chrome-plated trim panels are designed on the lower edge of the rear bumper to echo the front of the car. The luxurious atmosphere is self-evident.

The family-made double-bow water tank guard has a very beautiful shape with its inner net incorporating the elements of traditional Japanese "origami" craftsmanship. In addition, the embossed INFINITI words are also combined under the chrome-plated water tank cover frame to show the bearing and texture.
Combined with the new generation of design vocabulary, the LED digital key headlight not only has a sharp shape, but also has the technology of active lighting and steering.
The hidden D-pillar design creates a visual impression of a floating roof, while the window frame is decorated with a chrome-plated edge trim in the shape of a samurai sword to make the side shape more neat and dynamic.
The LED digital keyboard taillights echo the headlights, with a horizontally extending design and incorporating a unique 3D depth and 22 LED light sources, adding a splendid technological beauty to the rear of the car.
The 20-inch 10-spoke lightweight two-color aluminum rim is matched with 225/50R20 Bridgestone Alenza Sport all-season tires, which have quite good comfort and stability.
The brand-new cabin layout greatly simplifies the complex button settings in the past, and at the same time, through a large area of ​​leather covering and rich electronic technology equipment, it creates a rich and luxurious technology atmosphere.

Luxurious and meticulous with the perfect match

The new-generation QX60 still incorporates the Japanese refined and luxurious style of Infiniti under the brand-new interior layout design. The entire cabin, including the center console, door armrests and central saddle, is covered with large areas of leather. , together with the excellent textured white moringa wood trim and chrome metal trim, to create a refined and luxurious cabin atmosphere with noble charm. In addition, it also greatly simplifies the complex button settings on the previous center console, and adopts a driving-oriented operation interface, so that the entire cabin has excellent taste and high texture, and is more simple and refreshing, especially in the 12.3-inch fully digital The instrument, 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen, and SBW line shift system and other equipment configurations show a high-tech sense in line with the trend. As for the equipment, the dazzling range has made people impeccable. In addition to the above equipment, the entry-level fashion model includes dual front electric adjustable seats (with additional heating function), electric adjustable multi-function leather steering wheel, and Chinese 3D satellite navigation. , three-zone independent constant temperature air conditioning, panoramic electric glass sunroof, electric tailgate, AVM surround view image display assistance, Bose premium audio (16 speakers) and a full set of ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance systems are all standard.

The brand-new cabin layout greatly simplifies the complex button settings in the past, and at the same time, through a large area of ​​leather covering and rich electronic technology equipment, it creates a rich and luxurious technology atmosphere.
The standard 12.3-inch semi-suspended multimedia touch screen host of the whole car series integrates multiple control functions, and its picture quality and operation fluency are of a high level. It also supports wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto.
Behind the central saddle, there are shortcut buttons for broadcasting, navigation map, screen homepage and surround view image assistance system, and the adjustment and setting of various function systems can be intuitively and simply performed through the circular knob.
The electronic smart car interior rearview mirror that can provide a 50.8-degree wide-angle field of view can clearly see the road conditions behind the car even when the car is fully loaded. It has an active brightness adjustment function, and can also be switched to traditional rearview mirrors.
The BOSE Performance audio with 16 speakers is a top-level mobile concert hall tailored by the original factory for the QX60 according to the acoustic analysis of the car room.

The flagship model tested added a 10.8-inch full-color HUD head-up display, mobile phone wireless charging device, dual front seat pressure relief massage function, dual front seat ventilated seats, second-row heated seats, in-car electronic rear-view mirrors and The surrounding cabin atmosphere lights and other equipment are completely rich. If you want more luxury and honor, you can also add 200,000 to choose the Autograph extreme six-seater package, which has a black roof two-color body design and a black roof rack on the outside, and a black interior canopy design on the interior. At the same time, the center console is covered with diamond pattern leather, and then matched with Semi-Aniline leather diamond pattern seats and Captain Seats second row dual independent seats, you can enjoy the exclusive space of honor.

The convenient and practical Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand is standard equipment exclusively for the flagship model.

In terms of safety equipment, the new generation QX60 can be said to have solved the problem that was criticized in the past for not having Level 2 specifications. For the first time, the ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance system was introduced, which made up for the LKA lane maintenance system lacking in the predecessor ProACTIVE, so that the new QX60 finally achieved Complying with the standard of Level 2 self-driving level, the whole system includes ICC full-speed intelligent speed control (with overtaking assistance), LKA lane keeping assistance, PFCW over-the-horizon vehicle collision warning, PFEB automatic emergency stop assistance (with pedestrian detection) BSI Blind Spot Side Collision Prevention, LDP Lane Departure Prevention and RCTA Rear Side Traffic Warning System, etc. The ProPILOT system is not only very simple to set and operate, but its actual performance is also quite remarkable. The acceleration and deceleration control when following the traffic flow is very linear and gentle, and it will not suddenly accelerate or decelerate and cause the occupants to feel uncomfortable.

The multi-function leather steering wheel that integrates the ProPILOT system and audio and video control buttons has a slightly flat-bottomed shape, bringing a touch of sportiness.

Comfortable and intimate enjoyment beyond spaciousness

Although the car length of the new QX60 is shorter than that of the previous generation, it still has a very spacious and comfortable passenger space under the car length of 5047mm and the wheelbase of 2900mm. More spaciousness and relaxation. First of all, let’s start with the double front seats. Not only are the seat backs wide and the seat cushion long enough, but the support and coverage are also quite good. In addition to electric adjustment, the double front seats also have heating, ventilation and electric massage functions. , the ventilated seats can be said to win my heart in the hot summer test drive, and the massage function can also slightly reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving.

The dual front seats, which are quite comfortable and comfortable to sit on, not only have heating and ventilation functions, but also have a three-mode pressure-relieving massage function, which is very considerate for the front seat occupants.

The second row of seats with a 6/4 separation design, in addition to sliding back and forth, the seat back also has multi-stage angle adjustment. The actual 175cm adult rides, even if the seat is pushed to the front, it will not feel cramped when sitting. The sense of oppression, especially the flat design of the floor of the second-row seats, allows the occupants in the middle to have a good space to stretch their feet under the green without bulging. Of course, if there is no third-row occupant and the second-row seats are pushed to the end, the performance of both leg and head room is very spacious and abundant. In addition, in order to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers in the third row, there are one-button quick retract buttons on the outside of the second row of seats and on the backs of the seats, which can be said to be labor-saving and convenient to operate. In addition, in front of the second row of seats, an independent thermostatic air conditioner control and a three-stage electric heating function button are also set, and there are also AC power sockets and dual USB charging jacks below. As for the second and third rows The air-conditioning outlets are set on both sides of the roof. The original factory emphasizes that this arrangement can enhance the degree of convection of the indoor air and accelerate the cooling effect.

As for the space performance of the third row of seats, due to the sufficient longitudinal space in the cabin, a 175cm adult can still get acceptable knee space, and the head space will not be oppressive. It can be adjusted in multiple stages, so that the occupant's sitting position can be much more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, there are also thoughtful designs such as USB charging jacks and dual cup holders on both sides of the third-row seats. At the same time, after manual dumping, the button on the left side of the trunk can be used to restore the upright state electrically, which is also convenient and labor-saving. Thoughtful design.

After the second row is properly adjusted, the third row actually sits at 175cm for adults, and still has enough knee and head space; in addition, considerate equipment such as USB charging jacks and dual cup holders are also provided.
The front of the second row is equipped with independent thermostatic air-conditioning control and electric heating function, and there are also AC power sockets and dual USB charging sockets below.

In the luggage compartment, the space capacity of the trunk is 411 liters under the standard seven-seater, and it can be expanded to 1178 liters after dumping the third row of seats. It can reach 2135 liters, plus there is a hidden storage space with a capacity of 54 liters under the tail compartment floor, so it can definitely meet the daily load needs.

The electric panoramic glass sunroof is definitely a plus point for the SUV.

Delicate, full and stable output of V6 engine

In the power system part, the new QX60 still uses the 3.5-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine of the previous model, and maintains the maximum horsepower and torque output settings of 295hp and 37.3kgm, but the transmission system is replaced with a new 9-speed manual automatic transmission. To replace the old CVT continuously variable transmission system. Although the tax is higher due to the larger displacement, after all, the car weighs 2.1 tons, and the fineness and stability of the V6 engine output can also meet the QX60's product requirements for comfort performance, plus The output data on the book is not bad, so the power performance at low speed is still full and smooth, and the acceleration power at high speed is more readily available, especially the 9-speed manual automatic transmission is quite smooth for power connection. In order to be excellent, let the driving have a delicate and gradual acceleration process. Even in the Sport mode, the release of the entire acceleration force will not be too aggressive and violent, which will affect the overall driving texture and comfort performance. This is a luxury SUV that is designed for family comfort.

Comfortable handling without soft feet

The QX60, which takes family cars as its main appeal, will naturally focus on comfort performance in the suspension adjustment settings, which also makes this car very capable of handling road crushing shocks The vibration of the road surface is effectively suppressed, so the rear passengers will not feel the obvious bouncing feeling, and the quiet performance of the cabin after the sound insulation is strengthened is quite good, so that the passengers can be immersed in a relaxed and comfortable cabin environment. When the scene was replaced with winding mountain road bends, the inertial influence of the huge body shape and the more comfortable suspension adjustment still affected the flexibility and neatness of the QX60 when entering and exiting the bends, but fortunately, The soft-tuned suspension still maintains a certain degree of support in the corners. Although the body roll is still obvious, there will be no unstable phenomenon of soft feet or four-wheel sinking, especially the body swing when the center of gravity is shifted. Within the predictable range, coupled with the excellent tracking and stability performance brought by the AWD four-wheel drive system, the QX60 can also show a reliable sense of handling in mountain bends.

Under the comfortable and quiet driving texture, the QX60 still has a good head directivity in mountain bends, coupled with sufficient suspension support and excellent tracking performance of AWD four-wheel drive, so even if the car height brings the body roll, However, it still provides a smooth and stable handling experience for driving.

Test drive testimonials ~ reborn evolution

Although it is a bit too much to describe the remodeled QX60 as "reborn", it is undeniable that the product strength displayed by the new generation QX is indeed enough to compete with European competitors. Whether it is the trendy design of the exterior or interior, the luxurious texture mastered by the LSUV, or the higher standard performance at the level of safety technology, they are all highly appreciated and affirmed. The advantages of flexible passenger space brought by the three-row seats, and the more affordable price setting compared to European counterparts, make the new generation QX60 a highly competitive and value-for-money seven-seater in the market. The luxury LSUV, especially for Infiniti, is undoubtedly a boost to the brand.


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