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【Test drive】Stronger power burstVolvo V60 T8 Recharge Inscription

After the original factory changed the V60 series to provide B4 and B5 light oil electric power with the 48V third-generation Drive-E power system in 2021, the previous top-spec T6 PHEV was also simultaneously changed to T8 Recharge Inscription plug-in oil electric power Power to replace, not only the maximum combined horsepower output is increased by 50hp to 390hp, but the 0~100km/h acceleration also advances from 5.4 seconds to 4.9 seconds. Now, the original factory has increased the power efficiency for the T8 Recharge model, increasing the overall horsepower output by 65hp to 455hp, the pure electric driving range has also increased by 31km to 88km, and the 100km acceleration time has been refreshed to 4.6 seconds.

The suggested price is 2.76 million yuan

Average fuel consumption 58.2km/L

Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

Pleasant points: Strong acceleration power, 88km pure electric driving range

Unfortunately, Qi mobile phone wireless charging is absent

This time Volvo has carried out a comprehensive power innovation for its new year-style PHEV models such as V60, XC60 and XC90, from the engine internal combustion engine, electric motor and even battery module design, etc. are strengthened and upgraded, that is, through the rearrangement of battery modules, motor The improvement of power and the replacement of crankshaft-integrated starters and generators with higher efficiency and power have enabled the car to have the advantages of larger battery capacity, stronger power output, and higher pure electric endurance to meet the All-round car needs of car owners.

The T8 Recharge Inscription model is equipped with a chrome-plated straight waterfall water tank guard with a deep visual quality and a large size.
The shape of the LED headlights has not changed, and it still adopts the highly recognizable shape of Thor's Hammer, and has automatic steering function.
The fully family-shaped vertical LED light guide taillight group is highly recognizable.
With a 19-inch 5-spoke multi-rib black diamond-cut aluminum rim, the tire is 19-inch Continental PremiumContact 6.
The large panoramic power sunroof is standard only on the B5 R-Design and T8 Recharge Inscription premium models.

445hp, 100 in 4.6 seconds

In terms of power configuration, the V60 T8 Recharge adopts a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged + supercharged gasoline engine code-named B4204T56, and is equipped with a lithium battery pack increased to 18.8kWh and an electric motor on the rear axle to form eAWD full-time Four-wheel drive system. The engine part can output 310hp, 40.8kgm maximum horsepower and peak torque, and the electric motor part can output 145hp and 31.5kgm (original 87hp/24.5kgm), which is a lot higher than before, especially the combined maximum horsepower and torque output are To 455hp and 72.3kgm, a substantial increase of 65hp and 7.0kgm compared to the original 390hp and 65.3kgm. With the Geartronic 8-speed automatic transmission, the 0~100km/h acceleration time also advances to 4.6 seconds, which is even faster than the original 4.9 seconds. Faster and fiercer, so even though this car weighs nearly 2.1 tons, driving it can be said to be a piece of cake. In addition, due to the use of Plug-in Hybrid Electric power system, the configured 18.8kWh lithium battery can provide a pure electric driving range of up to 88km, and the pure electric speed can reach 140km/h, which is higher than the original 57km and 125km/h. The h speed has been greatly improved, and even the average fuel consumption value of the Energy Bureau can reach 58.2km/L (original 55.1km/L), which is an earth-shattering figure.

Equipped with a 2.0-liter Hybrid petrol-electric hybrid system whose power has been greatly increased to 455hp and a maximum combined power output of 72.3kgm, the 0-100km/h acceleration advances from 4.9 seconds to 4.6 seconds.
The direct speed of pure electric driving and the strong acceleration of the 455hp gasoline and electric power generation make the low-key V60 T8 Recharge look like a big wolf in sheep's clothing.

To briefly explain, the original factory's innovation and transformation project for the power output efficiency of the V60. First of all, engineers replaced the supercharging kit of the traditional engine with a more powerful crankshaft integrated starter and generator (CISG), and the power was increased from the original 34kW to 52kW, which not only made the engine output curve more linear In addition, it can also provide more extra power output when the vehicle starts to accelerate or full throttle overtaking, bringing a more smooth and smooth acceleration performance. In addition, the series and row stacking of battery modules are rearranged and the single cell capacity (from 34 Ah to 51 Ah) is increased in exchange for greater battery efficiency, thereby creating a total battery capacity of 18.8kWh and a pure battery of 88km. Electric range. In addition, the power of the rear-axle electric motor has also been increased from 65kW to 107kW, which increases the torque output from the original 24.5kgm to 31.5kgm, and the pure electric driving speed is also raised to 140km/h.

Bottomless powerful acceleration

In fact, after the road, almost all the way, you can deeply feel and enjoy the passion brought by the strong and direct acceleration. Even if you press the accelerator in the pure electric mode, you can quickly get a full and vigorous acceleration force, and the process Smooth and quiet, this is the unique direct tonality and character of electric vehicles, especially after the pure electric mileage has been greatly increased to 88km, for office workers whose work place is not far from their homes, commuting to and from home does not even require a drop of gasoline. , you can do it with electric driving alone.

In addition to the extremely low fuel consumption, the most exciting thing is the fast pleasure after the heavy foot accelerator, especially the gasoline turbo engine is a ruthless character, with the electric motor, the violent acceleration burst out by the accelerator is straight. It is exciting, and you will even be shocked by the bottomless powerful driving force and dare not continue to explore further. The acceleration strength of breaking 100 in 4.6 seconds is no joke. Such powerful performance can not only easily meet the needs of ordinary daily car use, but also bring a passionate driving situation, and even relieve the driver from the mileage anxiety of electric vehicles, and fully display the Plug-In Hybrid plug-in type. Hybrid advantages.

The Plug-In Hybrid is equipped with a lithium battery pack whose total battery capacity is increased to 18.8kWh, and the pure electric driving range is increased from 57km to 88km.

Stable driving and good handling

The V60 T8 Recharge built on the SPA chassis platform adopts the design of the front double A-arm, the rear monobloc suspension system, and the Dynamic sports chassis setting with improved damping hardness. In particular, the excellent sound insulation project brings a very quiet and pleasant riding environment to the occupants of the car, which makes the dynamic performance of the entire body even more points. However, what is even more appreciated is the excellent performance of this car on mountain roads. Under the setting that the suspension damping strength is sufficient to fully suppress the cornering roll, and the trunk design of the station wagon allows it to have a more balanced body The front and rear counterweights and the four-wheel drive system with better rear axle tracking performance not only allow this car to have a very neutral and controlled handling response, but also can be driven calmly with a high degree of confidence and powerful kinetic energy. Enjoy the fun of killing bends where your heart is free to go.

The stable dynamic performance created by the solid chassis and the Q-bomb suspension gives people a very pleasant driving experience and road texture.

Luxurious and comfortable equipment

The T8 Recharge Inscription, which has enhanced power output this time, is as luxurious and rich as before. Although the price of 2.76 million yuan is not cheap, there is no shortage of luxury technology and safety equipment. For example, the double front seat Nappa breathable leather Power-adjustable seats (additional heat/ventilation function), dual-zone climate control, Bowers & Wilkins top audio + 15 speakers + SubWoofer subwoofer, 12.3-inch digital LCD instrumentation, 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia system, satellite navigation, HUD head-up Displays, Start/Stop, 360-degree surround view image assistance system, PAP automatic parking assistance, panoramic electric sunroof, and induction-type electric opening and closing luggage compartment tailgate are all available, and even safety equipment is treated with high standards, including ACC, LKA, LDW, BLIS, RSI, CVW, CTA, AHB, DAC, CWFAB and RCWFAB, etc., completely live up to Volvo's "safety" reputation.

The minimalist interior design style presents a warm and bright atmosphere with bright beige/black two-tones, while creating a refined texture through materials such as leather, chrome-plated metal and black piano lacquer trim.
The standard 12.3-inch all-digital instrument, in addition to the tachometer, also has the function of displaying the operating status of the electric drive system and the remaining power on the right ring.
The family-owned 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video system has Sensus information and satellite navigation control interface, and integrates the adjustment of various functions of the whole car.

Test drive testimonials ~ more pleasing electric power

The V60 T8 Recharge not only greatly enhances the power output, but also increases the pure electric driving range to 88km and the pure electric driving speed of 140km/h in one fell swoop. At the same time, the average fuel consumption has reached 58.2km/L. The advantage of electric energy is brought into full play, which greatly enhances the competitiveness and likability of this car. Coupled with the rich equipment and high-standard safety auxiliary technology, it has become an alternative "pure electric station wagon with a relatively high CP value." ".

Volvo V60 T8 Recharge Inscription Standards Table


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