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【Test drive】Strongly outfitted running upper bodyKia Stonic 1.0T GT-line

The small facelift Stonic, which was introduced into China in March 2021 last year, although there are not many changes in appearance and interior, it also comes standard with a more complete and Level 2-compliant Drive Wise intelligent safety assistance system. It is also equipped with a 48V light oil and electricity system, which greatly strengthens its product strength and market competitiveness. This time, the top-spec GT-line model with more personality and running style has been further introduced, so that this cross-border small leisure travel with a dynamic urban style has added a sports trend. The level of equipment, but also has the essential strength to let go and fight.

●The suggested price is 889,000 yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 19.9km/L

●5-year original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

●The pleasing point is more out-of-the-box interior and exterior design

●The Regret of the Pearl is a non-Chinese cultural interface of the multimedia video host

South Korea's Kia launched the Stonic mid-term minor facelift model in 2020, and Taiwan's general agent, Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia, also introduced it to the domestic market in March of the following year, and launched 1.4 fashion version, 1.4 stunning version, 1.0T smart oil There are four models, including the electric fashion version and the 1.0T smart gasoline-electric stunning version, but they lack the GT-line sports version first launched by the original factory. Now it seems that this is a marketing strategy deliberately adopted by the general agent. It is to lay the groundwork so that the GT-line version can stir up the topic of Stonic again this year, and then boost the sales performance of the entire car series.

GT-line exclusive sports running frame upper body

Basically, the general version of the Stonic has a very dynamic and fashionable appearance, but with the blessing of the GT-line exclusive kit, it adds a distinct sports style. It is replaced with a black grille for decoration, and at the same time, the lower part is equipped with three air holes with strong contrasting colors, which gives a bright visual experience to the eyes. In addition, the new-style front bumper air intake dam is designed with a honeycomb grid, and the lower part is framed by a distinctive chrome-plated metal trim to frame the LED fog lights, with large openings on both sides of the air intake paint trim and The enlarged 17-inch two-color cutting aluminum ring not only shows the momentum, but also upgrades the appearance and texture. As for the headlight group, it maintains the original eye-catching and highly recognizable Tiger Eyeline design, and integrates four-point LED daytime running lights, which is still very eye-catching.

The front tiger-nose-shaped water tank guard and the baffle air intake dam are all presented with a honeycomb grille, and three brightly-colored air intakes are added below the guard, making the style more imposing.
Tiger Eyeline style LED headlights are integrated with highly recognizable four-point LED daytime running lights.
The GT-line model comes standard with exclusive 17-inch two-color cutting aluminum rims, and the tires are 205/55R17 ContiPremiumContact 5.

As for the rear of the car, in addition to the existing LED light guide bar taillight group, the newly designed rear fog lights and reversing lights are also placed on the left and right sides of the rear bumper; in addition, the lower edge of the bumper is also replaced with visual The stronger silver-like metal trim, with the splitter design and the left and right double-outlet chrome exhaust tailpipes, create a more extroverted and performance-oriented atmosphere. In addition, the GT-line model also has an exclusive two-color painting design. In addition to the test car model's xiongcang gray body with a skylark yellow roof, there is also a xiongcang gray body color with a bright red roof color scheme, allowing the owner to Create your own personal style.

The taillights maintain the original LED light guide design, and there is an ECO hybrid nameplate on the lower left side of the tailgate representing the 48V light oil electric power, replacing the previous EcoDynamics+ nameplate.
The rear bumper at the rear of the car is replaced with a fog silver lower splitter and a left and right double-outlet chrome-plated rectangular exhaust tailpipe that highlights the running style.
The newly added Xiong Cang gray body with a skylark yellow roof is also the exclusive body color of the GT-Line model.

Sports interior, rich and complete equipment

In the interior design of the cabin, although the interior layout of the 1.0T GT-line still maintains the existing structure, after entering the cabin, you can find the difference from the general version. The main difference is that the steering wheel has been replaced with a more rung D-Cut three-spoke flat-bottomed shape, the center console has also been given a large area of ​​carbon fiber-like trim, and the entire car seats have been replaced with Tiger Nose. The textured leather-cloth composite seat, combined with the metal accelerator and brake pedals, brings a more sporty atmosphere to the cabin.

The interior, which already has a very good texture, is lined with GT-line exclusive kits such as the D-Cut flat-bottom steering wheel, carbon fiber-like trim, and Tiger Nose textured leather seats, adding a sporty performance flavor.
The D-Cut three-piece flat-bottomed leather steering wheel is not only good-looking, but also top-notch in texture and grip. There is a GT-line nameplate emblem on the lower edge.
The center console is decorated with a large area of ​​carbon fiber-like textured panels, and the performance and sports atmosphere is spontaneously born.
The whole car seat designed with Tiger Nose texture composite material can be said to be the main promoter of creating a warm-blooded atmosphere in the cabin.

As for the equipment, since it is the top-spec model in the car series, it has the most abundant and complete equipment items, such as a 4.2-inch full-color smart travel computer, an 8-inch multimedia video and audio touch screen (supports wireless connection to Apple CarPlay) & Android Auto), Push Start, Smart Entry, ISG idling stop system, Drive Mode multiple driving modes, climate control, Bluetooth communication system and reversing image assist system are all listed as standard. In addition, the 1.0T GT-line is also equipped with DriveWise intelligent safety assistance technology that meets Level 2 as standard, including SCC intelligent cruise control, full-speed LFA lane maintenance assistance, and FCA forward active collision avoidance assistance (including pedestrian/knight/vehicle detection). (test), HBA intelligent high and low beam adjustment, BCA blind spot anti-collision active braking assistance, RCCA rear traffic anti-collision active braking assistance and DAW driving fatigue warning system, etc., the specifications can be said to be quite complete and high-level.

The floating 8-inch multimedia audio-visual touch system integrates wireless connection with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto function, but unfortunately there is no Chinese language interface.

The power is light and smooth, and the control feels like a European system.

The power system part still adopts the power configuration of 1.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine + 48V Mild Hybrid light oil-electric system, and is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The maximum horsepower and torque output is 120hp and 20.4kgm. The average fuel consumption can reach 19.9km/L. This 48V system mainly uses a single electric motor to assist the engine output to achieve the purpose of improving power smoothness and engine operating efficiency. Therefore, in fact, after the road, the most impressive thing is that the starting acceleration response is quite brisk, and the medium-low The re-acceleration force in the speed range is also quite smooth and abundant, although it is not enough to bring a sense of passion, but in the Sport mode, the 7-speed automatic transmission with agile shifting rhythm also makes the entire acceleration dynamic response both positive and handy. , on the whole, it is enough to meet the general daily car needs.

Equipped with a 1.0-liter turbo gasoline engine and a 48V light gasoline-electric system, the maximum horsepower and torque output are 120hp and 20.4kgm, but the average fuel consumption has increased to 19.9km/L.
After adding the 48V system, the electric motor assists the engine output, not only the starting and acceleration response is more brisk, but the heavy-footed accelerator overtaking is also more calm.

In terms of drivability, although the Stonic GT-line is a sports model, it has not been specially adjusted or set for the suspension system. However, its original setting is quite inclined towards European-based adjustment, especially the solid chassis. With the flexible suspension settings and precise front direction, people can enjoy the driving pleasure brought by the flexible and neat driving feeling when driving through the city or running on the mountain road. The driving feeling and the good road texture of the European hatchback car.

The solid chassis, flexible suspension settings and flexible and precise steering response give the Stonic GT-line the excellent handling and road feel of a European hatchback.

Test drive testimonials ~ strength and appearance are more attractive

The additional introduction of the Stonic 1.0T GT-line version not only strengthens the sales lineup of the car series, but also enhances product competitiveness and consumer appeal through its sporty and performance-oriented interior and exterior appearance and higher-end equipment standards. Even in the highly competitive imported small CUV market, the car series can still have the strength to let it go and compete with many European and Japanese brands and even group brothers.

Kia Stonic 1.0T GT-line Spec Sheet


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