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【Test Drive】Swagger Top StudentKia Sportage X-Line 4WD

The all-new five-generation facelifted Sportage has finally arrived in Taiwan and is ready to go on sale! Just like the previous new generation Sorento and Carnival, this car also brings amazing product strength. It not only has a very visually stunning and avant-garde shape, but also brings out luxurious technology and safety equipment. The European-standard long-axle models launched are more suitable for the size space that domestic and domestic consumers love. Coupled with the good power performance and road texture, there is indeed a chance to compete in the fierce domestic and imported medium-sized SUV class distance market. Stand out from the crowd.

●The estimated price of the new car is 1.5 million yuan

●5-year original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

The lovable point is avant-garde technology modeling, high-quality interior, Chinese culture host

The regret of the lost pearl digital instrument is still not Chinese culture

First of all, I would like to explain to you that under the active introduction plan of the general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia, the new Sportage will start taking orders for pre-sale at the fastest speed in early June this year, and will be officially released in mid-June. However, these The date is after the public test drive, so the detailed specifications and official price information have not been released before the deadline, but the general agent also released a total of 3 models for sale, namely Trendy, Apex. The X-Line 4WD is the same as the X-Line 4WD, and the X-Line 4WD with the top gauge is the model tested this time. It is the only version with four-wheel drive and is equipped with an X-Line exclusive appearance kit, including a water tank guard. The shape and material of the inner net and the style of the lower bumper air intake dam are all different from those of the Trendy and Apex models. At the same time, there are LED fog lamps at the bottom, and the tail lamps adopt advanced technology LED settings and are equipped with 19-inch models. tire beads; in addition, the whole vehicle is also surrounded by black scratch-resistant plastic, and other models are painted with paint instead of scratch-resistant material, so the overall appearance of X-Line 4WD is rougher off-road than Trendy and Apex models. to match the character of a four-wheel drive SUV.

Both Apex and X-Line AWD models feature 19-inch two-tone machined aluminum rims with tire size 235/55 R19.

Stunning and eye-catching bold and avant-garde look

From the new Sorento, Carnival and the first EV6 electric body, you can see a very distinct and more eye-catching appearance design full of strong European style, and the new generation Sportage also follows the same logical thinking, using the EV6 The latest "Opposites United" design vocabulary first appeared on electric vehicles. The front of the car adopts a new large-area Tiger Mask tiger water tank guard instead of the previous Tiger Nose shape, but the most eye-catching thing is that it adopts a boomerang style. "ㄑ"-shaped LED daytime running light, this sharp and unique daytime running light is matched with a diamond-shaped upper and lower split headlight group. At first glance, it looks like two bright diamonds, which are very bright and highly recognizable. The side part of the car also creates a strong sense of muscularity through sharp lines and deep sheet metal folding lines, and is matched with thick and sturdy side skirt trims and slightly bursting tortoise-like rear fenders and wheel arches. The rugged feel of an SUV. In addition, Kia's chrome wing trim (X-Line is black paint) that Kia has recently seen in the new car is also added to the D-pillar to highlight the family flavor. As for the rear of the car, it has a similar charm to the EV6. The left and right are also LED taillights designed in a boomerang style. Although there is no LED light guide in the center to connect the left and right, it is decorated with black paint trims, and the left and right run through. The stylish visual impression, combined with the hidden rear wiper design, the slightly warped line ending and the simple and flat tailgate design, really create a connection with the EV6 impression.

The domineering water tank guard adopts the new Tiger Mask tiger shape, and the geometric grille water tank guard with bright black coating is exclusive to the X-Line.
The "ㄑ"-shaped boomerang-type LED daytime running lights are eye-catching and eye-catching, including the far and near headlight groups and the direction lights, which are integrated into the diamond-shaped light group in the dial, which is quite creative.
The taillight group also adopts a boomerang design that echoes the headlights, while the X-Line is equipped with advanced technology LED taillights with different interior light bar styles.
The rear bumper at the rear of the car is also specially designed with a Tiger Mask tiger shape to echo the front water tank guard, and the interior is more three-dimensional bumps to enhance the visual texture.

12.3-inch hyperboloid digital display

The interior design of the new Sportage also uses many of the same design elements as the EV6, such as a driver-oriented hyperboloid digital screen, one-button switching digital control panel, E-Shift electronic knob gear shift system and air outlet and The shape design of the central saddle, etc., in addition, a large number of fog silver metal and black piano paint trim are used in the cabin, and are matched with wood grain trim, leather and suede and other materials, which greatly enhances the luxury and exquisite texture. The visual or tactile sensations are better than ever.

The biggest highlight in the cabin is of course the panoramic curved large screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch multimedia touch panel. The former has been widely used in many new models of the Group, providing a very rich and clear and easy-to-interpret Driving information, and can change different display themes and colors according to different driving modes. The latter 12.3-inch touch-sensitive multimedia video screen host is a surprise, because it finally has a "traditional Chinese culture" interface. This is the first time that Kia has provided a host with a Chinese culture interface in China, which is very important for many users. It is definitely a great boon for readers, and this screen host is not only sensitive and responsive to touch, but also the function icons on the home page can be customized. At the same time, different information is displayed in a split screen. The operation and use are quite intuitive and convenient, and more importantly, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function is also absent.

The new interior design, in addition to the material texture and technological atmosphere has been greatly improved, the panoramic curved large screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch touch console is the biggest highlight of the cabin.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument can provide rich and easy-to-interpret driving information, and can change the theme and color of the display according to different driving modes.
The 12.3-inch multimedia touch console is the first to add Traditional Chinese culture interface, and supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function, which is more convenient to use.

In the equipment part, the general agent can be said to be sincere and full of luxury technology equipment this time. The entry-level Trendy models are equipped with LED head and tail lights/daytime running lights, Push Start, Smart Key, and Level 2 intelligent driving assistance as standard. system (SCC/FCA/LFA/DAW/BCA/SEW/AHB/BSVM), 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch multimedia audio-visual system, dual-zone thermostat, touch switch air conditioner/audio function panel, electric driver seat, Equipped with RVM reversing development, Drive Mode and induction electric tailgate, it is believed that this equipment lineup can meet the needs of most consumers. The mid-level Apex models are equipped with BVM blind spot development assist, SVM surround view assist, Harman Kardon audio, shift paddles, E-Shift electronic knob shifting system, and 64-color adjustable atmosphere lights. As for the top-spec X-Line 4WD, in addition to the exclusive X-Line appearance and blackened interior kit, dual front seat heating/ventilation functions, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, rear heated seats, and Qi mobile phone wireless charging are added. As well as optional panoramic electric sunroof lights and other equipment, it is indeed impeccable for this scale.

The adjustment interface of the air conditioner and audio system is integrated into the touch panel, and the switching function can be performed with one button.
The new three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel feels good to the touch and grip, and the X-Line model also has a heating function.
The X-Line model is equipped with a wireless charging stand for mobile phones, and it also provides a 12V power socket and Type-A and Type-C charging jacks inside.
The large panoramic electric sunroof is the selling point of the SUV, and it is also a plus point for the product. (optional)

More spacious, more intimate and comfortable ride

The new-generation Sportage introduced into China this time also chooses the long-axle version provided by most overseas markets. Its body length/width/height dimensions are 4660/1865/1680mm, respectively. It has increased by 175/10/25mm, and the wheelbase has been stretched by as much as 85mm to 2755mm. Such an increase in body size can not only bring a larger and more stable momentum to the appearance, but also help the performance of the passenger space in the cabin. Taking the actual ride of an adult with a height of 175cm, it can be seen that the increase in the wheelbase brings the advantages of the rear seat space. In addition to the extra space for two fists at the knees, there is also one space between the head and the canopy. There is a lot of distance between the fists, and the seat back has 14-stage inclination adjustment. At the same time, the coverage of the seat cushion is also quite good. The length of the seat surface is also long enough, and the leg support is good, so the whole riding experience is very spacious and comfortable. .

The new-generation Sportage is larger than the previous generation, with an increase of 175/10/25mm in length/width/height respectively, and the wheelbase is elongated by 85mm to 2755mm. In particular, the rear shape and taillights have design elements similar to those of the EV6.
The dual front seats of the X-Line model are upholstered in leather and suede, with electric adjustment and heating and ventilation.

In addition, there are also many thoughtful and ingenious designs for rear-seat passengers, such as the rear-seat Type-C charging hole set on the side of the front seat, and the large hook behind the front-seat headrest that can easily hang clothes or items. The preferences and needs of consumers at this level. As for the space volume of the rear luggage compartment, it has a performance of 586 liters in the standard 5-seater state, and the bottom plate also adopts a functional double-layer design, and the cargo space can be expanded after the 6/4-separated rear seat is folded forward. To 1872 liters, there are also configurations such as seatback quick dumping lever, hook and 12V power jack, which can win the appreciation and favor of car owners.

The rear seat has a very spacious and comfortable seating space, and the seat back that can be adjusted in 14 stages of inclination makes it easy to find a comfortable sitting position. The rear seat of the X-Line model is equipped with a heating function as standard.
The rear luggage compartment space can be expanded and adjusted from 586 to 1872 liters. The bottom plate also adopts a more functional double-layer design, and has thoughtful and practical configurations such as quick dumping levers, hooks and 12V jacks.

Smooth, linear acceleration dynamics

In terms of power performance, the new generation Sportage has abandoned the conventional diesel engine, and this time, it has not introduced the Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid oil-electric power system that appeared in overseas markets, but is equipped with the same Smart stream 1.6-liter as the Tucson L. T-GDi turbocharged gasoline engine (with CVVD continuously variable valve duration system technology), matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, can output a maximum horsepower of 180hp and a maximum torque of 27.0kgm. Judging from the current turbo power, this output data is not particularly eye-catching, and the adjustment of the engine and gearbox does not emphasize the performance orientation setting, so the starting acceleration is still brisk and vigorous, but in the normal mode, which The re-acceleration performance of the rear section is like a 2.0-liter NA engine, which is smooth but does not have obvious explosive force and acceleration force. Only with strength can you feel a slightly energetic acceleration sprint. Therefore, if you want to obtain a more enthusiastic acceleration performance, you need to switch to the Sport mode. At this time, the gearbox immediately increases the speed and delays the shifting timing, and the engine power is released. It will also be more full and energetic, making people feel the sporty atmosphere and tonality more in line with the Sportage's dynamic appearance. But frankly speaking, for consumers of this class of SUVs, strong dynamic performance is not necessary, and the smooth, linear and non-drudgery acceleration response can meet the standard requirements, after all, the flexible use of space and ride comfort are what The demands and key points of the car model.

Equipped with the same Smart stream 1.6-liter T-GDi turbocharged gasoline engine as the Tucson L, with CVVD continuously variable valve duration technology, it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 180hp and 27.0kgm.
The transmission adopts a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission setting, with 4 driving modes including Eco/Normal/Sport/Smart, and adopts the intuitive E-Shift electronic knob-type shift system design.
In the general mode, the overall dynamic performance is mainly smooth and linear, while in the Sport mode, a fuller and more vigorous re-acceleration performance can be obtained.

Comfortable and fun to drive

The fifth-generation Sportage is also built on the Hyundai Group's brand-new N3 chassis platform structure. However, the entire suspension setting is more comfortable than its twin brother Tucson L, which is more comfortable. The texture and cabin sound insulation, as well as the ability to handle the vibration of the pothole road surface, both perform very well, and they are also quite suitable for the setting of family cars. However, in addition to the clear driving feeling and solid chassis feedback, the Sportage has a very flexible suspension setting, which makes it have a very good roll performance when cornering at high speed. The stability is very good, and the combination of the four-wheel drive system also makes the tracking in the corners better, brings better ground contact, and makes people have a high degree of driving confidence in Mercedes-Benz mountain bends.

The suspension setting of the Sportage is quite European-style solid, and it maintains ride comfort, and the four-wheel drive system with Lock locking function can also make people play on the beach.

Test drive testimonials~ A dark horse in sales!

The general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia said at the outset that, as the main force of brand sales, the new generation of Sportage not only shoulders the sacred mission of strengthening the brand image, but also shoulders the heavy responsibility of developing the market. After the test drive, I can tell you clearly that this is indeed a car with outstanding product essence, and you can even feel the efforts made by the original factory on it, especially the stunning appearance and high quality that can be described as swaggering. The interior layout, spacious and comfortable riding space, and the improvement of luxurious and rich equipment and safety technology are all surprising, and I have a good impression of it. It is really a charming SUV that people want to own. . Now let's look at the price strategy operation of the general agent. If there is not too much increase compared to the previous model, I believe this will be a dark horse in sales!

Kia Sportage X-Line 4WD Spec Sheet


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