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【Test Drive】Top Starship Business TravelHyundai Staria CEO-B 7-seater

●The suggested price is 2.098 million yuan

●Original warranty for 5 years and 100,000 kilometers

The delightful point is that the driving vision is wide, the control is flexible, and the quietness is good

The bottom of the carriage is high, petite or elderly need assistance

The Hyundai Santa Fe, which looks like a starship, can be described as a highly eye-catching car recently. The positioning price of the top business travel flagship ranges from 1.498 million to 2.098 million, and the seat configuration also covers 7, 8 and 9 seats. combination. The Staria tested this time is the top CEO-B 7-seater model, which can not only meet top business needs, but also play the role of high-end home MPV.

Compared with the business-oriented overall interior and exterior design of the previous four generations of cars, the newly remodeled Staria not only combines Star (star) and Ria (same as Wave) to form a new name, but also locks in a higher-end top-level business travel product in terms of product positioning. , and emphasizes a comfortable ride with a sense of luxury. In addition to the new car name that escapes the look and feel of commercial vehicles,

The neat shuttle-shaped body, which is close to that of a spaceship, also completely gets rid of the moderate and pragmatic design of traditional commercial vehicles. Although the box structure is still retained behind the B-pillar, the sloping front like a concept car is matched with slender and transverse daytime running lights. , Matrix LED headlights, successfully create an eye-catching design texture, even as a home MPV can be competent without being obtrusive.

Shuttle avant-garde appearance

Positioning gorgeous upgrade

The original factory emphasizes building Staria with an inside-out concept, and its avant-garde appearance will lead the trend in the next 10 years. In terms of appearance, Staria does retain the appearance of a very high proportion of the concept car. The simple geometric figures and lines are cleverly combined, showing a minimalist futuristic and avant-garde design. The sloping line of the hood and the A-pillar in one go is matched with the daytime running lights that run across the front of the car, creating a smooth and smooth upper half of the front of the car; the matrix LED headlights on both sides of the lower water tank guard not only reveal different dot matrix oddities Interesting, it also seems to pay tribute to the digital creation style of "pixel art". In order to highlight the equipment level of the CEO, the appearance of the whole car is specially embellished with an exclusive rose gold kit, including: water tank guard, projection matrix LED headlights, front and rear factory badges, left and right mirror covers, door handles and 18-inch aluminum rings.

The CEO grade is equipped with an exclusive rose gold kit, factory emblem, water tank guard, matrix LED headlight frame and lower air dam trim, which add the finishing touch to the texture of the front of the car.

The continuation of the smooth and neat lines on the side of the car also finds a perfect solution for the Founder car body considering functionality. The waistline is deliberately lowered, and the larger window glass area reduces the visual heaviness of the car body. The 18-inch rose gold geometric cutting aluminum ring is also conducive to visually coordinating the huge body. At the rear of the car, the left and right upright strip lights also echo the headlights with fine-grained lattice LED lights, and at the same time resolve the rut that the change of the taillights and the sense of design of the business car are difficult to be innovative due to the square opening of the tailgate. The rear windshield on the tailgate adopts a large-area covering design and is equipped with a hidden rear wiper, which contributes to the neatness of the shape; and in addition to the three-dimensional rose gold factory emblem, the car model name is printed in a printed form. Below the factory emblem, there is also a bit of a special sense of sophistication.

The side of the Staria continues the neat lines of the front of the car, finding a perfect solution for the Founder body that considers functionality. The low waistline and large window glass area effectively reduce the visual heaviness of the car body.
The vertical tail light group adopts fine-grained lattice LED light group, which pays tribute to "pixel art" and also gets rid of the rut that commercial vehicles have not changed much. The large-area rear bumper and the hidden rear wiper contribute to the neat shape.

Transparent ring cabin view

digital driving interface

Entering the Staria's cabin, the high field of vision of the commercial vehicle is helpful for judging the environment and conditions outside the vehicle, and the design of the low waistline and the large glass area of ​​the whole vehicle also brings a good driving viewing field, even when facing the Staria with more than 5 The driver of the meter can have a clear vision of positioning. With the assistance of SVM surround view image, whether it is turning or reversing during driving, the positioning pressure of the blind corner of the line of sight can be effectively relieved, so that the Staria will not feel like reality when driving. One of the surprising advantages is the size of the body.

From the driver's point of view, the planning and design of the Staria's steering wheel, instrument panel and even the central multimedia integrated screen and console are no different from imported RVs. In addition to the 10.25-inch digital screen instrument that can switch and display multiple functions and setting options, through the BVM blind spot image assistance integrated into the instrument, the two ring instruments can also be switched to BCA blind spot collision avoidance assistance when turning or changing lanes. The display screen is a very practical safety helper for driving. In addition, the digital instrument can also display different colors and styles with the switching of driving modes.

The sedan-style instrumentation and center console, as well as the transverse air-conditioning outlet design, convey the advanced positioning of the Staria car series.
The 10.25-inch digital instrument can display different styles (Normal/Eco/Sport/Cube) according to different Drive Mode driving modes, and can also provide BVM blind spot image assist function.

The seemingly one-piece center console is composed of an 8-inch touch screen multimedia console on the upper half and an air-conditioning control panel on the lower half. In addition to providing wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto, the multimedia host also has Bluetooth voice control function. It would be more convenient to provide a traditional Chinese culture interface. The convenient Qi wireless charging stand is designed directly under the air conditioner panel, and there is a light signal to display the working status. When used with wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto, there is no need to worry about the power consumption of the mobile phone.

The upper half of the center console is an 8-inch touch-sensitive multimedia console with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions. It is a pity that there is no traditional Chinese interface.
The upper half of the center console is an 8-inch touch-sensitive multimedia console with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions. It is a pity that there is no traditional Chinese interface.

Luxury seven-seater setting

Excellent space function

The seven-seat CEO-B model uses Nappa leather and adopts a 2+2+3 configuration. The second row is equipped with two independent Relaxion zero-gravity electric seats. The reclining angle can reach 120 degrees, which can fully satisfy the For rest during long rides, and for back seat buyers. The third row of seats is a standard three-seater setting, benefiting from a vehicle length of more than 5 meters and 3 meters and a wheelbase. After sitting in the center aisle of the second row, there is ample room for legs and knees. In order to meet the environmental comfort requirements of the large cabin space, the Staria CEO-B is equipped with an independent constant temperature air conditioner for the cockpit/the second and third rows of seats. In addition to the front and rear dual electric glass sunroofs, the roof also provides left and right air outlets for the second and third rows. , For the CEO-B model, the whole car adopts a high-quality brown interior with a suede-like canopy. With the ventilation and heating functions of the first and second row seats and 10-color adjustable LED cabin atmosphere lights, it can highlight the top Positioning of business travel.

The second two independent Relaxion zero-gravity electric seats have ventilation/heating/four-way legrest adjustment/one-button reclining function.
Staria CEO-B has dual-zone independent thermostatic air conditioners for the front/second and third rows. The rear card can be operated through the canopy switch, and the second and third rows also have independent left and right air outlets.

In addition to the spacious multi-person passenger space, the loading space is also one of the key points of the business car. Whether traveling or playing golf, it is an important consideration to meet the number of people to be carried and the accommodation of luggage and golf equipment. Staria CEO-B's second and third rows of seats have adjustable seat back angle and long slide rails that can slide forward and backward, and the third row seat cushions can be folded upwards to change the maximum flexibility of the loading space. In addition, in addition to the smart left and right electric side sliding doors that can be opened by remote control/induction, the CEO-B model is also equipped with an intelligent electric tailgate that can be opened and closed automatically. As long as the Smart Key is carried with you, the door Opening and closing are easier and more convenient.

There is a Walk-in Button adjustment shortcut button on the side of the passenger seat, which is convenient for the driver or rear passengers to adjust directly.
In addition to the front of the instrument panel and the rear of the center console screen, there are flip-top storage boxes. Staria also has storage spaces in the doors and the ceiling of the front seats. The second-row seatbacks also have hooks, map pockets and exclusive mobile phone pockets.

Level 2 normative driver assistance

Advanced technology security attendant

At present, the automotive market attaches great importance to active and passive safety projects and even ADAS advanced driver assistance systems. As the top model, Staria CEO-B is equipped with the Hyundai SmartSense system that meets the definition of Level 2 as standard. In fact, the Staria car series includes SmartSense as standard from the GLD-C eight-seater (inclusive) level and above. This system includes: SCC intelligent active distance maintenance (with Stop & Go), LFA full-speed range Lane Keeping Assist, LKA Lane Departure Assist, FCA Front Active Brake Assist, FCA-JX Oncoming Vehicle Collision Avoidance Assist, BCA Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, RCCA Rear Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, LVDA Front Vehicle Leaving Reminder, DAW Driving Fatigue Warning, HBA intelligent high and low beam adjustment, SEA safe exit assist and ROA rear seat occupant not getting out of the car.

The suspended gear seat is equipped with SWB push-button electronic transmission by wire, EPB electronic handbrake and Auto Hold automatic parking, which is convenient to operate and saves the space occupied by the traditional gear lever.

In addition to the comprehensive ADAS advanced driver assistance system, Staria CEO-B can also see EPB electronic handbrake, Auto Hold automatic parking, HAC uphill start assist, RVM reversing development system (with dynamic guidance auxiliary line). With the assistance of the above-mentioned new technologies, even when driving this behemoth over 5 meters in urban traffic or alleys, it is not only more reassuring and safe for novice drivers, but also relatively convenient and easier for experienced drivers.

Competent performance at low turn and high torque

The car chassis is stable and flexible

Corresponding to the needs of multiple people and the weight of the vehicle, the entire Staria series adopts the new 2.2-liter VGT diesel turbocharged engine, the maximum peak horsepower of 177ps appears at 3800rpm, and the maximum peak torque of 43.8kgm appears at 1500-2500rpm. The Staria CEO-B car weighs 2378. It can be considered competent at low and medium speed starts in urban areas and re-acceleration performance under normal vehicle conditions. The matching 8-speed manual transmission also responds to downshifting when the accelerator is a little deeper. Within the expected time; if the situation requires, you can also master the gear change by yourself through the shift paddles on both sides of the steering wheel.

The new 2.2-liter VGT diesel turbo engine can be considered competent at low and medium speed starts in urban areas and re-acceleration performance in general vehicle conditions.

Staria adopts the N3 sedan chassis from the group, the front wheel is independently suspended by MacPherson, and the rear wheel adopts the rear multi-link suspension with anti-roll bar, which is reflected in the road feeling. Although Staria has a wheelbase of more than 3 meters , the tracking dynamics of the rear of the car in the corners have a sense of flexibility rarely seen in a large van body, and the original factory does not tend to be softer in terms of shock absorption and damping for comfort, corresponding to 18-inch aluminum ring with 55 flat Compared with the setting of tires and anti-roll bars, Staria should respond to the general urban road surface quality with a slight Q-elastic toughness feedback, but this setting can bring more flexible stability in corners.

Although the Staria has a wheelbase of more than 3 meters, the tracking dynamics of the rear of the car in the corners have a sense of flexibility rarely seen in a large van.

Test drive experience ~ strong players with all aspects

The actual Staria CEO-B is larger than it looks in the pictures, and the high driving angle makes people think it will be a "big guy" at first, but in fact, after the road, through a large circle of cars Vision and driving assistance with new technologies, Staria CEO-B is actually very easy to get used to. The large torque of diesel power and the setting of the sedan chassis also make it relatively flexible and stable. The top-level seven-seat configuration and equipment are quite comfortable and competent for business travel needs or home use. It must be said that other opponents of this class cannot underestimate the appearance of the Staria car series.

Hyundai Staria CEO B Spec Sheet


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