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【Test Drive】Urban NoblesBMW 220i Active Tourer Luxury

●The suggested price is 1.89 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 17.6km/L

●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

●Pleasantly new family-based design elements, flagship technology equipment

There is room for improvement in the details of the interior decoration materials

The 2 Series Active Tourer, which was born in 2014, not only caused a lot of controversy when it was launched as the first front-wheel-drive car under BMW, but also became a major force for the brand to take root in the pursuit of young family customers. After the first-generation model achieved global sales of over 430,000 units, the second-generation model, code-named U06, is positioned as a more sophisticated and technologically advanced urban sports runner, and strongly undertakes the original entry-level luxury market!

The new second-generation 2 Series Active Tourer held its online premiere on October 6 last year, and has been launched in markets around the world since February this year. Under the active operation of the general agent, Fande, the new car was quickly launched at the end of March and was popular with domestic consumers. Meet, the imported model adopts a single power configuration of 220i, and is divided into two levels of standard and luxury, priced at 1.72 million yuan and 1.89 million yuan respectively. In addition, M Sport style kits are also provided for buyers who prefer a sporty style. It will be installed on the basis of the Luxury model, and the price will reach 2.032 million yuan after the option.

more luxurious

As long as there is still a little impression of the first-generation model, it should not be difficult to see that the new generation 2AT still continues the original high-top sedan silhouette, but compared with the fully enlarged body size (length +32mm, width +24mm, height +21mm), The evolution of the new car's design style is even more impressive. The first is the double-kidney-type radiator cover that will become the focus of every new BMW family model when it is launched recently. Here, it adopts the one-piece octagonal frame design with a strong sense of presence, with the integrated L-shaped light guide strip daytime running lights. The slender headlight group and the simple-shaped front bumper with upright air guides on both sides make the overall front of the car look taller, thicker and more imposing, swept away the relatively bland visual experience of the previous model.

The new generation of 2AT continues the outline of the original high-top sedan, and the body size is fully enlarged and introduced into the new generation styling style.
The whole car series comes standard with smart LED headlights with Glare-free light pattern change function, and is equipped with L-shaped light guide bar daytime running lights.
The new octagonal integrated large double-kidney water tank shield is very eye-catching, and the central part also integrates ADAS sensing elements.

Turning your attention to the side of the car, you will first notice the flat door handle design that follows the footsteps of new-generation models such as 4 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series Coupe. The aerodynamic design such as the side upright air deflector and the flattened floor allows the car to create a low drag coefficient performance of only 0.26Cd, which is actually helpful for improving fuel consumption and suppressing high-speed wind shear; as for the rear part of the car In response to the simple style of the front of the car, the same slender L-shaped LED taillight group and the flat rear bumper shape bring a broad and stable image. Both the air curtain and the bottom of the rear bumper are made of fog silver trim, and the satin aluminum window frame is combined to embellish the luxurious texture. If the M Sport package is selected, it will be changed to a combination of sporty front and rear bumpers and bright black trim.

The door handle adopts a new flat design, and with other aerodynamic designs such as a flat bottom, it brings a low drag coefficient of 0.26Cd.
The taillight group echoes the slender and sharp outline of the headlights, and the recognizable L-shaped light guide strip has also become one of the elements of the new generation family.

Technological leap forward

Since it was published online from the original factory, the console layout of the new-generation 2AT has been almost faithfully transplanted to the pure electric flagship recreational travel iX. It gives a very warm and delicate first impression; actually sitting in the car, the new three-spoke steering wheel is not as avant-garde and unique as the hexagonal shape of the iX. The thick grip and hollow fog silver trim are more sporty, but the sides are fast The keys are still replaced with a layout similar to that of the iX due to the simple design style and the operation requirements of the iDrive 8.0 interface. As for the one-piece curved screen that is most reminiscent of the iX, the 12.3-inch + 14.9-inch digital meter + 10.7-inch is here changed from 12.3 inches + 10.7 inches The touch screen configuration is indeed much smaller than the iX, but because the body size is also relatively small, it can still bring a strong atmosphere of future technology.

The simple and open cockpit has the style of its own pure electric flagship leisure travel iX, and the combination of various decorative panel materials and atmosphere lights has also made great progress.
The 10.25-inch digital instrument has three display style options, and can also automatically adjust the background color of the instrument according to different driving modes.
The new-style steering wheel adopts a three-spoke three-dimensional shape, and the arrangement of the shortcut keys on both sides is also much simpler than in the past due to the overall design style.

Not only the interior design style comes from iX, but the new generation 2AT also introduces the latest iDrive 8.0 control interface, but since the signature iDrive integrated knob is cancelled, almost all operations must be completed through the touch screen, and the new operation interface is on the main screen. The main function menu (which can be quickly entered through the physical control keys with three horizontal lines next to the icon) are arranged in large animation blocks with real-time information display, which have excellent performance in terms of aesthetics and ease of use. The menu bar will suddenly become a mixture of many small icons that lack classification. Although the driver can drag and arrange common functions by himself, when he is new to the vehicle or performs some less commonly used settings, he can see the whole surface. The densely packed functional icons will inevitably lead to a dizzying feeling of dizziness and not knowing where to start. At the same time, the design style is also significantly different from most other pages. I hope that subsequent version upgrades can be improved.

The new generation 2AT cancels the physical air conditioning control panel, and changes to the temperature adjustment and independent air conditioning system menu screen at the bottom of the screen.
The main interface of iDrive 8.0 is arranged in the style of large animation blocks, but the menu bar suddenly turns into numerous small icons that lack classification. There is room for improvement in terms of design consistency and operation.

In addition to the iDrive 8.0 control system, the new-generation 2AT is also equipped with a number of new-generation technologies as standard, including the mobile phone digital key 2.0, which can be automatically unlocked by induction as long as you approach the door without taking out your mobile phone, and AR that maps navigation route guidance with the front photographic screen. The augmented reality navigation function, the automatic parking assist system that supports more parking methods and automatic exit functions, and the automatic reverse assist system that can memorize the driving route of the first 50 meters (below 50km/h), etc., are also upgraded. Equipped with 5AU intelligent driving assistance system, it should be noted that active lane maintenance assistance, side collision avoidance assistance and forward traffic warning are all optional items on the standard model, and only the Luxury model enjoys full functions.

Practical space function

In addition to introducing a large number of iX interior design styles, the new generation of 2AT also cooperates with its own practical attributes to lock the family guest floor, and has made a lot of efforts in storage planning and space functions. For example, the central armrest adopts a semi-suspended design and integrates electronics at the front end. The gear shift paddles, driving mode and audio control assembly can be extended all the way from the bottom to the bottom of the center console to become a coherent semi-open storage space, which is enough to accommodate personal items such as wallets, mobile phones and even small handbags. There are dual USB-C charging ports and a large wireless charging device for mobile phones with fixing clips. Unfortunately, the double cup holder is shallow in depth and has no clamping function. Shaking, while the plain hard plastic parts around the cup holder, door handle, window switch, etc. may be limited by positioning and cost considerations, the texture performance is not very good, and it is easy to leave scratches, and the fineness of details is still improved. space.

The suspended central armrest design not only adds a sense of the future, but also has a better performance in space planning and flexibility of use.
The mobile phone wireless charging device integrated in the front of the central saddle is not only easy to pick and place, but also has a fixed clip design to avoid shaking during travel.
The new paddle shifter assembly is quite compact and delicate, and the P gear is directly integrated with the electronic handbrake control key.

Benefiting from the enlarged body size, light-colored interior configuration and optional panoramic electric sunroof, the overall rear seat of the test car is full of spaciousness, and the 175 cm occupant can easily enjoy more than a fist of knee space and a reclining angle. The large seatback setting also makes the head space more than 2 punches. Unfortunately, the adjustable rear seat space system, which was listed as standard on the previous model, has been changed to optional. Consumers who flexibly allocate the space between the rear seat and the luggage compartment will have to spend an extra 19,000 yuan to obtain the 13 cm rear seat 6/4 separation front and rear sliding, and the 4/2/4 separation seat back angle adjustment function. In addition, the basic luggage space of the new generation 2AT remains at 470L, which is similar to the previous generation. However, the 220i introduced in China requires an additional 48V battery to be placed under the tail compartment floor, and the volume is slightly reduced to 415L. The maximum volume after the rear seat back is folded is also It only comes to 1405L (the previous model was up to 1510L).

walk around the city lightly

Although it is called 220i, the new-generation 2AT model is actually still equipped with the same 1.5L three-cylinder gasoline turbo engine as the previous generation 218i. In addition to the maximum output increase of 20hp/2.1kgm, it also introduces the brand's first ISG 48V light gasoline engine. System, the additional power output that can be provided has increased from 11hp to 19hp. At the same time, because the integrated drive motor is directly connected to the gearbox in series, the performance is also better in terms of transmission efficiency, power response and reduction of idle vibration.

The introduced 220i AT uses the same 1.5L three-cylinder turbo engine as the previous generation 218i, and is also equipped with the brand's first ISG 48V light oil-electric system.

Combined with the efficient transmission of the Steptronic seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the new car can provide a fairly brisk and smooth dynamic response from acceleration from the start to the speed limit of the national highway, and it is more able to stop and go on urban roads with traffic flow. Give full play to the innate advantages of quiet, calm, economical and energy-saving, such as low-vibration idling on and off, early shutdown of the engine under low load for coasting mode, and very instant acceleration response after stepping on the accelerator pedal; of course, if you continue to drive intensely on mountain roads , or full throttle re-acceleration above 100km/h, it is still obvious that the exhaust sound is relatively thin, the lack of detail and extensibility in the high-speed range, and other inherent problems that are unavoidable for small-displacement engines.

Provides three driving modes: individual, sport and energy saving, and adjusts the accelerator response sensitivity and steering wheel assist force.
The 1.5L three-cylinder turbo is paired with the new ISG 48V light gasoline engine, which allows the car to have a fairly brisk and smooth acceleration response under most driving conditions.

The new generation 2AT is still built on the FAAR front-wheel drive platform, and maintains the front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension configuration, but once you hit the road, you can find that the overall driving performance is much more solid and stable than the previous generation, plus the light and smooth steering. The hand feel does give people a more superior and calm driving experience. On the one hand, it is because the damping toughness of the front section has been strengthened, and the materials of the connecting rod gaskets should also be improved. At the same time, the standard 205/60R17 is also selected for the test drive. The 225/45R19 large-size tires with two levels in a row can effectively avoid a large body roll when driving on a road with a slight height difference or when the cornering speed is fast, but the low flatness is easier than the 19-inch rim tire. For obvious fine vibration and bouncing feeling, if consumers prefer soft and comfortable road texture, it is recommended to maintain the 17-inch configuration.

The test drive uses an upgraded 225/45R19 large-size rim tire, which has excellent visual effects but is relatively easy to cause fine bounce and rolling noise.
The new-generation 2AT’s road performance is quite stable, solid and full of toughness, but the optional 19-inch rim tires are prone to obvious fine initial vibrations.

Test drive experience ~ continue to develop the entry market

According to the original factory data, about 80% of 2AT car owners have entered the BMW brand car for the first time. It is obvious that the strategy of focusing on practicality and large space has worked. Therefore, the new generation car model also maintains the original route and moves forward, in order to improve the quality. , Comprehensive product strength, and strive for the recognition of more young family buyers.

BMW 220i AT Luxury Spec Sheet


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