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【Test Drive】Volkswagen ID.3 Life

●The suggested price is about RMB 1.4-1.6 million (depending on the equipment of the model)

●The cruising range is 426km (WLTP)

●Vehicles provided by Kaiteng International Vehicle Industry (04-23898891)

●Pleasant features Lively design style, spacious cabin atmosphere, brisk driving experience

It is a pity that the materials used in the interior parts are of average texture, and there is no single-pedal mode

From the Beetle, which laid the foundation of national cars, to the Golf, which led the trend of hatchbacks, Volkswagen has always maintained the most approachable benchmark models since the brand was founded. As the trend of the car industry gradually turns to electrification, the new ID. Will take over the stick of the two predecessors and move on to the next generation...

Since the ID electric car series has not yet appeared on the stage, I believe many domestic consumers will think that VW has not actively responded to the current electric car trend, but in fact, VW’s original factory’s exploration of electrification can even be traced back to the first generation of Golf in the 1970s, and it has continued since then. Carried out the development and experimental production of electrified vehicles. In 2013, VW launched two new-generation electric vehicles, e-Up! and e-Golf based on the seventh-generation Golf, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The brand-new ID.3 unveiled at the scene also created a new series of electric vehicles, fully declaring the brand's determination to vigorously move towards electrification.

Only limited by the strong demand in Europe (more than 30,000 orders were received after the announcement), the original ID car series is still in a state of short supply. Although Taiwan's Volkswagen Motors said that it has started planning the introduction, it has not been able to determine the timetable. Domestic traders are more powerful. After the introduction of the e-Golf, Kaiteng International Automobile Co., Ltd. in Taichung has recently completed the relevant vehicle inspection of ID.3 and generously provided certified vehicles for media test drives. Let us Get a chance to experience it early.

Playful and lovely sense of the future

The ID electric car family starting from ID.3 all adopt exclusive styling styles. Of course, for car fans who are familiar with VW, they can still see the design strokes of the family, but the overall line layout has become more rounded and changeable, especially The front part of the car uses slightly rising curves on both sides to outline the headlights and front air dam. From a distance, it looks like a cute face with a smile at any time; it is worth mentioning that this test drive model is only Life For entry-level models, the headlights adopt the basic configuration of upper-brow LED daytime running lights and reflector lamps. For high-end models such as Business, Style and Max, they will be replaced with exquisitely shaped IQ.Light projection lamps. The anthropomorphic feeling of watery and bright eyes.

ID.3 has been replaced with a new flat factory emblem. Although this car has basic reflective headlights, it still has LED daytime running lights with eyebrows.
The horizontal taillight group and the ㄈ-shaped light guide strip are simple and neat in shape, which also echoes the eighth-generation Golf.

The round and full body outline makes ID.3 have a slightly enlarged visual effect. In fact, the length of 4261mm is 26mm shorter than that of the eighth-generation Golf, and the width of the car is slightly increased by 20mm. Only the height (+74mm) and wheelbase (+ 138mm) is a significant increase. At the same time, due to the identity of pure electric power, ID.3 cancels the traditional water tank shield design, and the simple front air dam is equipped with automatic opening and closing grilles to meet the heat dissipation requirements. The design of the flow plate, inclined A-pillar, large rear spoiler and low-drag rim design keeps the drag coefficient at 0.27Cd to provide better high-speed endurance.

ID.3 adopts a medium-sized hatchback size setting similar to that of the eighth-generation Golf, and adds a sense of future through exclusive design elements.
The simple front air dam is equipped with automatic opening and closing grilles to meet the heat dissipation requirements, and VW's new-generation honeycomb lattice design elements can also be seen above.
The black painted tailgate extending from the roof is a major feature of ID.3's appearance, and it also forms a clear contrast with the white factory emblem/model lettering.

Simple and bright sense of openness

Entering the cabin, ID.3 can be said to bring VW's traditional simple console design to a new level. The height and thickness of the console are deliberately lowered, and the low-sloping A-pillar creates a forward-extending visual experience. At the same time, driving the traditional The instrument panel assembly is also replaced by a small 5.5-inch digital instrument fixed on the steering column, giving people a particularly bright and open feeling when sitting in the driver's seat; in addition, whether it is the console or the door trim Different shades of gray are used for the steering wheel or the steering wheel, and the seats are also configured with two-color cloth, which makes the overall cockpit atmosphere more lively and layered. It is a pity that the door trim and the bottom of the central saddle, etc. The plastic material is a bit rough, and the Life model tested is only equipped with a plastic steering wheel. The overall look and feel is not refined enough. No wonder the original VW factory has emphasized that it will further improve the interior detail texture when it announced the launch of the minor facelift ID.3.

The simple shape of the console brings a very open sense of space in the car interior, and various storage functions are also quite rich and diverse.
The 5.5-inch digital instrument adopts a linkage design fixed on the steering column, and the electronic gear knob is also integrated on the right side.
The 10-inch touch controller is equipped with a multimedia operating system based on MIB 3, and the interfaces related to power management are also very complete.
In the menu, you can see the Car2X Communication vehicle interconnection communication system that is standard for European models. Unfortunately, there is no relevant system support in China.
ID.3 has a traditional vehicle start button configuration under the steering column, but it is hardly used in daily driving.
The space in the front seat is very wide and ample, and the seemingly flat two-color cloth seat has exceeded expectations in terms of comfort and support.

As the representative of the new generation of national cars succeeding Beetle and Golf, convenience and practicality are naturally one of the main core designs of ID.3, so we can see that there is an elastic belt for storage at the bottom of the center console, and the central saddle is planned There are functions such as dual cup holders, mobile phone storage areas, and large open spaces. High-end models also provide wireless charging functions integrated in the mobile phone storage area, as well as privacy roller blinds in the rear space. In general, apart from the rear seat center armrest that is only available on high-end models, the rear seat air-conditioning outlets that domestic consumers are more concerned about are also absent. At the same time, although the knee space benefits from the 2765mm long wheelbase, it is better than ordinary mid-size models. The performance of a hatchback, but the height of the floor is still inevitably increased in response to the thickness of the battery pack under the car, the degree of leg stretch is slightly affected, and the occupants above 175 cm tend to feel that the headroom is relatively cramped.

There is an elastic belt at the bottom of the center console to store small belongings, and there is plenty of space for the double cup holders in front of the center saddle.
The central saddle has a dedicated space for placing mobile phones (high-end models also integrate wireless charging), and the open space at the rear can also be flexibly used.
The driver's side door only has dual electric window switches, which is a major feature of the ID car series. To control the rear door windows, you need to touch the front Rear button first.
There is an interactive light bar on the lower edge of the front windshield, which will show different colors and styles when the vehicle is powered on and ready to drive.
The sitting height of the rear row is slightly raised to reduce the impact of the thickness of the battery pack under the floor, so the headroom of occupants above 175 cm will be slightly cramped.
The luggage compartment volume of 385~1267L is slightly better than that of the eighth-generation Golf, but the rear seat backs are not flat enough and there is no additional storage space under the floor.

direct linear lightness

The ID.3 built on the brand-new MEB electric vehicle platform currently adopts a rear-axle single-motor configuration (after the minor facelift, it is expected to add a GTX performance version with front and rear axle dual motors), the maximum output can reach 204hp/31.6kgm, and it is equipped with a 58kWh Pro It has two battery capacity settings with the 77kWh Pro S (only a single Tour model is available). The 0-100km/h acceleration is completed in 7.3 seconds and 7.9 seconds respectively. The WLTP cruising range is 426 and 546 kilometers. The general AC charging power is up to 11kW, DC fast charging can reach 120kW (Pro S can reach 170kW).

Although it is built for the new MEB pure electric platform, there is no additional storage space design under the front hatch.

In the actual road test drive, ID.3's very brisk acceleration response fully demonstrates the simple and direct efficiency advantages of the electric vehicle transmission structure. Although the vehicle weighs more than 1.8 tons, it does not feel heavy dragging at all, and even the re-acceleration force above 100km/h is stronger than many Urban electric vehicles should be full and vigorous, but the original factory still has an electronic speed limit of 160km/h to avoid excessive power consumption; it is worth mentioning that ID.3 is not like its predecessor e-Golf or most electric vehicles. The multi-stage adjustment setting of kinetic energy recovery power, only one B position strengthens the kinetic energy recovery mode, but it cannot stop the vehicle and keep it still, that is, it does not have the ability to drive with one pedal, but the standard Eco Assistance energy-saving auxiliary function of this car is quite Easy to use, it can automatically adjust the kinetic energy recovery force according to the road conditions ahead when driving and release the accelerator pedal. When there is no car ahead, it will slide all the way as if there is zero resistance to maximize kinetic energy. When there is a car ahead, it will increase the kinetic energy recovery force to maintain safety. The distance between vehicles, and the key point is that the force adjustment process is quite linear and delicate, and there will be no abrupt pulling or nodding. On the premise of maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles, it is only necessary to step on the brakes before the vehicle is ready to stop. The overall driving The smoothness and ease of the process is very commendable!

Benefiting from the brisk and direct characteristics of electric drive, ID.3 is more than dexterous no matter whether it is shuttling in urban areas or traveling on mountain roads.

Balanced and smooth thickness

In terms of chassis setting, ID.3 adopts the front MacPherson and rear five-link suspension structure common to European cars, and the tire size is 215/55R18. The setting should be higher than that of the eighth-generation Golf, which is less than 1.5 tons. However, after offsetting the weight of the battery pack concentrated in the center of the car bottom, the actual test drive experience shows a softer and thicker road texture, except when passing through large potholes at low speed In addition to obvious tire bouncing vibrations, road surface changes in most other situations can be quickly absorbed, especially when the vehicle speed exceeds 60km/h, there is a sense of stability that a medium and large RV can calmly level the road ahead. There is only slight wind noise and tire noise in the cabin, and the overall comfort is indeed better than that of traditional fuel hatchbacks.

The standard 18-inch two-color wheels adopt the flat design with low wind resistance common to electric vehicles, and the tire size is 215/55R18.
The configuration of the battery pack at the bottom of the car can bring ID.3 inherent advantages such as low center of gravity and balanced front and rear counterweights. With a comfortable long-travel suspension, it can also show good handling capabilities.

I came to the winding mountain road to test my skills. Although the rear-drive configuration cannot bring the ID.3 the flexible rear response of a pure rear-drive car, the steering feel is much lighter and more balanced than the traditional front-drive hatchback. The front and rear counterweights and VW's signature XDS electronic differential control assist, even tricky hairpin turns can be easily handled. Interestingly, although this car provides three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport, there is actually no obvious difference in steering wheel assist force or power output sensitivity. Only in Sport mode will there be greater kinetic energy recovery force to simulate Gear brake effect, in addition, the original factory also provides DCC adjustable electronic damping control system for ID.3 as an option, which is believed to be of great help to the creation of driving pleasure.

ID.3 also has a variety of driving mode options, and the Chassis chassis option in Individual mode requires DCC electronic shock absorbers to be effective.
The rear-drive configuration and the consistent XDS electronic differential control assistance of the VW series allow the ID.3 to have a steel gun-level sharp steering response.

Test drive experience ~ fully demonstrate the characteristics of being close to the people

From modeling design, cockpit layout to driving experience, ID.3 fully demonstrates VW’s consistent easy-to-use and friendly features. If you want to experience the charm of the new generation of national electric vehicles, you may wish to directly contact Kaiteng International Vehicle Industry to find out!

Volkswagen ID3 Spec Sheet


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