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【Test Drive】Yunwen YunwuMaserati Ghibli Trofeo

●Suggested price of 7.18 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 7.9km/L

●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

●Double personality that can be comfortably travelled and driven with enthusiasm

●The regret of the bead, fuel consumption and tax burden

From the introduction of the 48V light oil electric power system to the compilation of new models, the Ghibli car series has been moving towards a comfortable and urbanized route in recent years. It was not until this time when I had the opportunity to test drive the performance flagship representative Ghibli Trofeo that I found that the one with passion The Poseidon Trident with track genes and wild and uninhibited personality has never left...

The Trofeo high-performance models in the current Poseidon family are the Levante Trofeo, which first entered the high-performance SUV field in 2018. After the enthusiastic market response, the Ghibli Trofeo and Quattroporte Trofeo were added in August 2020. In addition to the Levante Trofeo that has been continuously introduced in Taiwan, Montina, Taiwan, also introduced two new high-performance luxury RVs in April last year to meet the peak buyers who love Italian luxury coupe.

low-key but unusual

Compared with many high-performance RVs that have been replaced with aerodynamic kits, the first impression of this Ghibli Trofeo in a pure black coat is much more low-key, but careful fans will definitely be able to see from the two on the hood. The concave heat dissipation holes in the road, the red Trofeo words and heat dissipation fin holes on the front fenders, and the performance-oriented exclusive configurations such as the protruding lower spoiler and diffuser at the bottom of the front and rear bumpers can be seen. In addition, in the Trofeo car On the inside of the standard 21-inch Orione two-color forged rims, you can also see the Fuoriserie customized series of Lime green calipers painted on the car, which escapes the common red caliper stereotype of high-performance braking systems. More embellished with a different Italian style.

Equipped with high-end smart LED matrix headlights as standard, the shape is quite square and avant-garde, and the lighting effect is also higher.
There are two more concave vents on the hood, reminding you that the powerful heart of Ferrari is below.
The trident emblem on the C-pillar is one of the characteristics of the Maserati family, and the two red lines at the bottom are the Trofeo exclusive logo.
The front bumper not only adopts the design of the air intake dam with a larger opening, but also adds a carbon fiber outer frame and a lower spoiler to enhance the performance.
The 21-inch Orione two-tone forged rims also feature a trident image, and the inside can see the Lime green calipers of the Fuoriserie custom series.
The bilateral four-outlet exhaust tailpipes and carbon fiber guide grooves once again declare the performance identity, and the clear singing voice under the full-force drumming is even more unforgettable.

Entering the cabin, the first thing that attracts attention is the large-area high-gloss carbon fiber trim covering the three-spoke steering wheel and the central saddle, which can immediately associate with the word performance. It also comes standard with ventilation/heating, multi-directional The sports dual front seats with convenient functions such as ESC and 2 sets of memory for the driver's seat, together with the contrasting stitching embellishment of lime green which belongs to the customized series of Fuoriserie as the calipers, subtly echoes the seemingly low-key and practical The appearance is full of details; the equipment continues the original rich configuration of the car series, including intelligent LED matrix headlights, electric sunroof, Pieno Fiore top natural leather interior, 10.1-inch MIA multimedia touch host, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, Keyless Go, and wireless mobile phone charging are all standard, as well as ADAS advanced driver assistance systems, regardless of luxury technology or active safety.

The interior layout maintains the consistent shape of the car series, and a large area of ​​high-gloss carbon fiber trim is replaced for the steering wheel and central saddle to create a chilling atmosphere.
The style of the double-ring periscope instrument is the same as that of the general model, except that the word V8 is added at the bottom of the tachometer as an exclusive identification.
The digital information screen in the center of the instrument is small in size but full of functions, including the change of vehicle status when switching the driving mode can be clearly informed.

From lightness to passion

The strong heart from Ferrari under the hood is definitely a highlight of the Trofeo car series. This 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine mounted on the Ghibli Trofeo can provide a maximum horsepower of 580hp at 6750rpm, and an amazing peak torque of 74.4kgm. Continuous output between 2250~5250rpm, combined with ZF eight-speed manual automatic transmission and ejection start function, 0~100km/h acceleration can be easily completed in only 4.3 seconds, and the top speed has reached 326km, which is enough to compete with other supercars. /h; In order to drive strong power, this car is also equipped with Skyhook electronic damping, rear axle mechanical limited-slip differential and high-performance braking system, and the Corsa track driving mode exclusive to the Trofeo series is also added.

Trofeo's exclusive sports chassis is set to be strong but not too rigid, and more importantly, it can give drivers enough dynamic feedback and driving confidence.
The 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine from Ferrari is almost impeccable, from the full and dense power output to the surging clear exhaust sound is unforgettable.

Driving on urban roads in normal mode, Ghibli Trofeo's brisk and smooth acceleration and road response fully maintain the brand's consistent comfortable texture, without obvious sacrifice due to high-performance positioning. After switching the Sport mode, the overall dynamic response is much faster, but The overall driving feel and shock absorption performance still maintain a fairly linear and progressive luxury car style, and even make people doubt whether it really has a performance strength close to 600 horses. However, the real good show starts when the Corsa track mode is activated, including steering feedback, roll suppression, and even the exhaust sound, which immediately becomes a lot more direct, even if it is shuttled on the tricky mountain road with narrow and sharp turns, it is very sharp and fast. The fast cornering response of the front of the car and the active dynamic performance of the rear axle can also make people instantly forget that this is a medium and large luxury RV with a length of nearly 5 meters and a weight of over 2 tons. Feel what is the throttle response of turbo lag, you can increase the power of your right foot as soon as you get out of the corner, enjoy the full and abundant power output and the surging sound, which will bring you a bloody driving atmosphere, but this car has a tonnage after all. Not light, the brakes are more prone to thermal decay under continuous and intense driving. You need to pay attention to the changes in the braking force and reduce the speed in time to cool down.

The Ghibli Trofeo can be said to be the ultimate expression of the GT Grand Touring spirit emphasized by Maserati: both comfortable long-distance travel and full enjoyment of the driving pleasure.

Test drive experience ~ the last chance to collect

With the Ferrari engine supply contract coming to an end in 2023, and the Ghibli car series likely to bow down in 2024, if you want to experience a high-performance luxury car with pure Italian style, bloody and addictive, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Hurry up and get your hands on Ghibli Trofeo now.

Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Spec Sheet


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