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【Wine Unit】"Night Drunk. Art Tour" The Terrace X PUNWhen art meets bartending, a multi-sensory feast of sight, smell and taste

The "Night Drunk. Art Tour" event specially selected six pieces from the more than 500 art collections in the Ellie Hotel. The bartender transformed each piece of art into a unique bartender of the same name. Respond to the original intention of each artwork.

The first Taipei Contemporary Art Fair, Taipei Dangdai, was held in 2019. It was founded by Magnus Renfrew, the former director of Art Basel Hong Kong. Its establishment also brought a new experience and experience of international art fairs to Taiwan. Specification.

This year's "2022 Taipei Contemporary Art Fair" will make a grand comeback from May 20th to 22nd! Once again become a major event in Taiwan's art world. The Hanshe Group, which was invited to be the official hotel partner of Taipei Contemporary, actually has many art collections in its hotels. This time, "The Terrace", the lobby bar of the Humble House Ellie Hotel, specially invited "PUN", a well-known underground bar (Speakeasy Bar) in Xinyi District, Taipei, from 5/12 before the exhibition to 6/30 after the exhibition to jointly create " The Terrace X PUN co-branded art bartending, "Night Drunk. Art Tour", collides art and bartending into a multi-sensory feast of sight, smell and taste.

"The Wind Rising"

Located at the welcome entrance on the first floor of the hotel, the installation art of the conductive light-emitting panel "Bourrasque" (Bourrasque), which is like a piece of paper dancing in the air, is a British artist Paul. Paul Cocksedge's well-known works were first shown at the Lyon City Council in France in 2011. When Ellie Humble House opened in 2013, she specially commissioned Coxsky to tailor Ellie's version of "The Rising Wind" for the space on the first floor, and it became her first permanent installation in the world.

The bartender of the same name, "The Wind Rising", looks like plain boiled water on the outside. It especially interprets the transparency of the wind with its translucent liquor. The liquor is based on French gin soaked in fresh vanilla pods, infused with cardamom, apple cider vinegar and soda. Water, shake the body of the cup gently, the shredded coconut on the surface of the icicle swaying like a flying piece of paper, and the fresh spice smell floats out, highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the wind.

"Ah!" fluttering ink. Black and white vision.fairy tales

Stepping out of the elevator on the sixth floor, the video "Ah!" by Taiwanese artist Tsai Jiawei is playing on the left wall. The heroic brush lines on the wine glass are the bartender casually picking up the brush on the elegant and slender champagne glass, and putting it on the glass. The inner layer is lightly brushed with a layer of bamboo charcoal powder pectin, showing the image of ink floating in water. The elegant aroma of "Ah!" is based on Bacardi rum, infused with bergamot, cherry flavors and other liqueurs. With a light sip, the fresh, sweet and sour fruity flavor jumps to the tip of the tongue, and the finish rhymes with a hint of grapes The soft and bitter rhyme of grapefruit juice brightens the taste buds like the finishing touch.

"Night of the Day"

The 9-minute black-and-white video of "The Day of Perpetual Night" on the wall in front of the elevator on the other side of the guest room floor is a black-and-white landscape ink painting from a distance, but it is a city night scene when viewed from a distance. It is the work of Chinese photographer Yang Yongliang. . The bartender used multiple contrasts to present, using Tanqueray gin, clarified tomato water, martini vermouth, etc. to blend into a clear liquor, accompanied by black floating sorghum crystal balls, highlighting the black and white bright contrast of the work. Secondly, feel the wonderful taste of crystal balls running on the tip of the tongue in the smooth liquor as a taste comparison. Then, the sorghum wine with strong oriental flavor boldly expresses the western-style bartending to show the contrast between the east and the west. The bartender also decorated the UFO-like martini glass and the UFO-shaped lemon, brilliantly depicting the UFO scene in the last 15 seconds of the work.

"Oz Walleye"

The fish-shaped bronze sculpture "The Oz Big Eye" by Taiwanese artist Yang Maolin is located in front of the bar at The Terrace lobby. Looking in from the big glass eye, you can see the famous fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz" "The protagonist Dorothy is hidden in. The bartender took this adventure full of courage as his idea, and used the beautiful swirling roses on the wine glass to describe the tornado that blew Dorothy to Oz in the story; The ruby ​​shoes on Dorothy's feet are based on earl grey tea-infused rum, infused with red wine, apple orange liqueur and hazelnut sweet liqueur to add fruity aromas. The round and rich taste makes people feel like home. Warm, echoing the classic phrase "There's no place like home", and drawing a warm ending to this fantasy journey.

"The Tower of Nature" butterfly dancer.king of flowers

Standing in the outdoor garden on the sixth floor is the Israeli-born artist Sado. Bin. The sculpture "Nature Tower" by Zadok Ben-David shows the overlapping gestures of a group of dancers endowed with butterfly wings.

The bartender took the theme of "Butterfly Flying in the Stream" as the theme, and lightly brushed a touch of bright red on the body of the cup, symbolizing the rusty copper color of weathering steel that evolves with time and climate. The refreshing golden and translucent wine is made by extracting the transparent juice from tomato by clarifying method, and then blending it with sherry to express the umami of fish and shrimp by the stream. At the same time, the wild ginger flower growing by the stream is sous vide with absinthe to bring the floral notes. When it is delivered to the guests, the algae olive oil representing the stone moss is gently added to add a sense of coverage to the taste, as if walking by the river, feeling the natural atmosphere of the babbling stream and rock minerals.


The "Peony" pottery by Japanese artist Sugiura Yasuyoshi displayed on the outdoor terrace on the sixth floor is a specially commissioned artwork for the hotel. Raise the glass and smell it, and the charming aroma of "Peony" perfume rippling out. The bartender sprayed the white chocolate sauce on the inner layer of the glass to represent the clay material of the work with a subtle shape like soil. The base wine is oriental-specific sorghum wine instead of western-style base wine, echoing the magnificent name of peony "Oriental Kao". Then, a variety of liqueurs such as Peruvian Pisco grape distilled spirits, nectarine sweet wine, and Baihua nectar are used, combined with lotus mist juice and Verius sour grape juice, to excite more than six kinds of fragrant floral scents such as elderberry, violet, sweet-scented osmanthus, and cherry blossoms. In the slightly sweet wine, you will be fascinated by the fragrance of hundreds of flowers, just like the bright posture of peony flowers.

During the event, each glass of bartending is 450 yuan + 10%, and you can choose 3 glasses to enjoy a discounted price of 1,200 yuan + 10%, and 6 glasses of a discount price of 1,800 yuan + 10%. Guests who choose 6 cups of art bartending and platter will receive a PUN-shaped coin. During the event, when the PUN consumption reaches the specified threshold, they will receive a glass of art bartending. (Limited quantity, while stocks last) In addition, “Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Limited Edition Champagne” is also launched at RMB 4,000 + 10% per bottle, an exclusive wine carefully branded with the name of the hotel to pay the highest respect to art. For details and reservations, please contact The Terrace Lobby Bar (02) 6631-8066 or visit

There is no shortage of food for wine tasting. Executive Chef Chen Mingfeng specially designed the "Chef's Special Platter" 580 yuan + 10%, which includes Buffalo Spicy Chicken Wings, Crispy Wreaths, Fresh Shrimp, Corn Crisp Cakes, and Spicy Beef Sauce. A popular snack with wine.
Humble House Ellie Hotel invited the well-known and characteristic underground bar "PUN" to jointly launch "Night Drunk. Art Tour" The Terrace X PUN joint art bartending.
"PUN" inherits the orthodox spirit of the speakeasy in the 1920s, and it takes an acquaintance to lead the way to find the door switch under the blinding of the siren.
The name of the "PUN" bar is pronounced in Taiwanese "bee" and "xiang". It is good at weaving incense into wine, and creates aroma-themed bartenders with various techniques.


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