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【Wine Unit】The all-match wine on the table: British craft brewingA Perfect Pairing

Going to a restaurant, ordering beer is the safest way to go, and craft beer will add many unexpected surprises to the safety sign! Come and try the best bottled beer in the UK, St. Otto, and try different flavors.

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Wayne, the owner of the FLOW restaurant and bar, is a jazz fan and a fan of scotch whisky. Listening to Blue Jazz to Big Band, playing the trumpet with fine wine all night, is the comfort of his comfortable life. The year before last, he left his job in Hong Kong and returned to Taiwan to open a restaurant. He created a dream paradise like "Beach Stream". All the wines on the wine list must be "authenticated" by Wayne before they can be included in the list. His picky taste buds and Chef Ray hit it off. , Ray creates a variety of good dishes suitable for "drinking" with a strong background in continental cuisine, bringing a relaxing and relaxing drink in the quiet alley from daytime to midnight.

"I think everyone is like a boat working hard outside, and the FLOW restaurant is a place for these boats to rest on the shore. You can 'Go with your flow' at ease." Wayne emotionally shared the original intention of creating the restaurant, picked up The wine glass is not just whisky, but the craft beer of "Shore Stream" is also of a gluttonous level. The "St. Austell St. Otto British Craft Beer" imported from Taiwan is "re" imported on the wine list! Craft brewers should be familiar with this wine. St. Otto was imported to Taiwan in 2017, but disappeared due to the environment. It will not appear again until 2022. The reputation of winning three gold medals in the Tribute, Proper Job and Big Job, and winning the UK's best bottled beer in succession, this recognized "best independent brewery" is now burning among Taiwanese pubs and craft brewers There was a heated discussion. When we came to "Shore Stream", we served six types of St. Otto with a few characteristic continental dishes. How should craft beer go with it? Check out this one to understand!

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Tribute Saints╳ Starter Salad

The Chinese name of each wine of "Saint Otto" has a sectarian atmosphere and is dedicated to the believers who worship craft beer. This "Saint" Pale Ale has a particularly charming citrus fruit tones. The hoppy, refreshing and rich malty flavour was voted "Britain's Favorite Beer" in 2020. It's clean but not overpowering, making it perfect for zonis salads and a variety of slightly sour appetizers, or Some spicy dishes are also suitable.

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Proper Job Tianquan╳ Salted Egg Yolk Dice Cow

"Sweet, salty and sweet" is the taste that best represents the taste of Taiwanese. "Tianquan" is an IPA with authentic citrus flavor. It is brewed with three hops Willamette, Cascade and Chinook and Maris Otter Pale malt, with pineapple and Grapefruit and other crisp and bitter aromas are very suitable for dishes dominated by "salty". This salted egg yolk dice beef uses the wing plate, and is fried in clarified butter for 30 seconds to perfect maturity. The salted egg yolk sauce is also added with mullet roe. umami umami! It's a hit with this Tianquan IPA beer.

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Big Job Shuangquan╳New Orleans Chicken Wings

Shuangquan and Tianquan, the former is the double IPA name, which is quite intuitive. "After Tianquan, I doubled it! The British bottled beer champion is full of hops, fragrant and powerful!" It is indeed a double satisfying, large and powerful hop aroma, and the 7.2% alcohol concentration has a skinny structure, suitable for fried food and "spicy" dishes, and can "polish" the flavor of food, such as this restaurant. The New Orleans Chicken Wings, which are highly ordered, use traditional jalapeño peppers and Korean doenjang to bring out a distinctive spicy layer, which is delicious.

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MENA DHU Sanctuary╳Favorite for meat and sweets

What beer can be the main course and dessert at the same time? Known as the Stout Beer of the new generation, this shrine with its own light brings together six malts to deliver richness and depth with traditional and pale malts, while chocolate and smoky malts bring richness and depth. The sprouts present a unique backbone, with oat sprouts and roasted barley malts adding a licorice finish to the finish. A complex, delicious but refreshing ebony that can be paired with steaks and chocolate, berry cake desserts, a wine, a meal, with layers of oak smoke. Shoreline's signature "Whiskey Steak" is Wayne's favorite. The Prime-rated New Yorker is fried, grilled, then smoked with straw and longan wood. The three cooked meats and cheese are served with the "Classic Bacon Cheese Platter". "Temple" Stout's perfect match! Stout, on the other hand, looks strong but elegant and supple, and it goes well with the sweet and sour cheese taste of berry pie.

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The best partner of Korev Haiyong╳Seafood

The "sea surge", which is full of ocean imagery inside and out, is the tide in the glass, pale golden like the morning sun, drinking like the fresh and refreshing sea breeze, and swaying as lightly as the waves hit the coast. This wine is characterized by herbal honey, refreshing and clean. It can be paired with a variety of seafood, such as the must-order "Mazu Mussels Pot" in Liquor. "Oysters" subverts the fried oysters that are usually found in restaurants and bars. With four layers of flour (the fourth layer is the cuttlefish sauce), it is fried to create a delicious creation that is not heavy and crispy. To the beach in a second.

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HICKs in the name of the father╳Partners of barbecues and stews

The St. Otto Distillery with a history of more than 170 years is still 100% family-run, just to continue the fine tradition of British beer, this "in the name of the father" Strong Ale is its most legendary beer , named after distillery founder Walter Hicks, brewed with plenty of malt and plenty of English Progress and Golding hops, is a truly classic beer with a fair amount of depth and complexity, with a rich malt sweetness and vibrant Fruity and sherry-like, this rich, full-bodied beer is an excellent partner for "red meat" and offal dishes, especially pork rib, roast duck breast, and 6-hour simmered tripe.

When we came to Shore Stream, we feasted on a feast of food and wine. We started the party atmosphere with pork ribs with an amazing portion and tender and fragrant mouth. After slow cooking for 12 hours, then smeared with honey barbecue sauce, they were grilled on high heat and crisped. The meat and hops at the end produce a charming element of joy, so we will visit again next time to explore another wonderful pairing of whisky and cuisine.

Shore FLOW Restaurant

TEL / 02-2711-6908

ADD / 1F, No. 18, Lane 50, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

OPEN HOURS / Closed on Sunday and Monday; Tuesday to Saturday 11:30–14:30, 18:00–00:00


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