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[影音] The chassis is comprehensively strengthened, and the second-generation BRZ track style[OPTION modified car news]

The chassis is comprehensively strengthened, and the second-generation BRZ track style

The second-generation Subaru BRZ model will finally be delivered in April 2022, and there are already fast-handed stores in China who have comprehensively strengthened the chassis for this car. Let's take a look at this 6MT BRZ first. , Exhaust and interior parts, made those modifications.

filming, editing/Tong Bingfeng (Grant)

vehicle/FuelForce Tomi Station 0900-677698

Modification details:

■FuelForce Over Pipe ■FuelForce Front Pipe ■FuelForce Handmade Titanium Alloy Mid-Rail Section ■FuelForce AVCS Cover ■FuelForce Secondary Water Bottle ■FuelForce License Plate Side Mount Kit ■Recaro TSG Alcantara Racing Chair ■STi Gear Shifter ■STi Start Switch ■Border 3Way Long Stroke Rally Avoidance Shocks Project Mu Front Big Four Rear Small Four-Piston Calipers Project Mu Racing 999 Brake Pads HardRace Caster Adjuster HardRace Rear Toe Adjuster HardRace Rear Lateral Tie Rod HardRace Rear Upper Adjustable Arm ATS LSD Limited-slip differential FuelForce transmission reinforced rubber pad FuelForce rear I-beam reinforced rubber pad FuelForce rear differential reinforced rubber pad GReddy enlarged rear differential oil pan Yokohama Advan RS-DF Federal FD201 Hot melt tires.

#Second generation BRZ #Hardrace Fisheye Chassis Enhancement #Greddy Differential Sump

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