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[改裝實戰] 0-100km/h: 8.35 seconds (Part 2)Honda HR-V turbo transformation

Honda HR-V

vehicle/Wide name turbo

Software tuning is critical

Good opening at low speed, smooth output

In addition to the full straight-through design of the exhaust pipe, four fuel injectors have been enlarged in order to correspond to the enhancement after the turbo. After the fuel supply is relatively large, the spark plugs are also replaced with GReddy No. 8 spark plugs, which correspond to the increased combustion chamber temperature through the cooler model. In addition, the oil cooler and CVT oil cooler are also added. When installed, the cooling water tank remains in the original state and has not been replaced with an all-aluminum water tank. The current temperature management is within a reasonable range.

And what is the most important problem to overcome when the HR-V is equipped with an external turbo? According to Guangming Turbo, the most difficult part is still in the software adjustment part, especially when you hope that after the modification, the instrument will not light up, the air-conditioning can be blown, and the fuel consumption will not increase too much, it will be even more difficult. This is because The new-generation vehicle computer has an allowable range value for important sensors, such as oxygen sensor, air flow meter, manifold pressure sensor, throttle opening sensor, etc., once the signal exceeds the allowable range of the ECU value, the engine check light will come on.

The owner of the car under the rear bumper also installed a TM-like rear spoiler. This group of products has a diffuser design line from a distance, which is quite helpful for improving the performance of the lower half of the car.
The side skirts retain the optional Modulo parts from the factory.

Therefore, before modifying the turbine, you must first hook up the diagnostic computer, record these allowable values ​​from the original factory, and when installing the turbine and adjusting the ECU program, for the part where the flowmeter signal may exceed the range, modify it through the built-in chip software , so that the computer will not find that the intake air volume increases, and then match the correct long-term and short-term fuel injection volume correction, so that the engine will not have knocking, so that the signals detected by the oxygen sensor are all within the allowable range, so that The computer will not light up, and there is no need to abolish the feedback function of the second oxygen sensor. More importantly, the car is easy to drive at low speed, and the fuel consumption will not be too bad.

It is worth mentioning that this built-in program can also adjust the tightness of the steel belt in the CVT gearbox. Since the torque output limit will be greatly increased after the installation of the turbine, it is possible to adjust the tightness of the steel belt appropriately through the built-in program. The tightness will prevent the CVT gearbox from slipping, but it cannot be adjusted blindly. Otherwise, the inner cone plate will not shift smoothly, and the steel belt may break, which will test the adjustment skills of the store. .

This group of lights arranged in a special LED light guide blackened taillight is also a modified product, but if you can turn on the small light, it can be brighter, and the recognition effect will be better. This photo is the brightness of stepping on the brakes.

As for the turbine body, the Mitsubishi TD-04 13T is used. The maximum boost value is set at about 0.45bar, and the maximum horsepower is estimated to be between 190-200hp. The author actually tested it and found that the low-speed response of this car is quite good. The throttle torque will come up. When driving in D gear at about 2300rpm, the boost value will turn to positive pressure, the turbo will start to work, and the acceleration force will follow as the throttle deepens. The turbo lag is not obvious, with driving 2.4-2.5 The feeling of the L naturally aspirated engine is very smooth and easy to drive. I installed the P-Gear and carried out a test of 0-100km/h. Considering the strength of the CVT gearbox, I did not perform the pull and ejection, and carried out three tests. The best one is 8.35 seconds, the other two are 8.39 seconds and 8.46 seconds respectively, which means that the engine output performance is quite stable and within the range that the gearbox can bear. The above information is provided for your reference.

The interior of the car is kept in the original state without much modification, but there are two GReddy racing watches installed under the A-pillar.
The interior of the car is kept in the original state without much modification, but there are two GReddy racing watches installed under the A-pillar.
According to Guangming Turbo, when HR-V is equipped with an external turbo, the most important thing to pay attention to is the adjustment of the ECU computer, especially if the car is to drive well and save fuel, it really takes a little time to adjust. Write chip, so the adjustable range is very wide, even the CVT gearbox can be set.
After P-Gear's 0-100km/h test, considering the strength of the CVT gearbox, there was no pull-and-turn ejection, and three tests were carried out. The best one was 8.35 seconds, and the other two were 8.39 seconds and 8.46 seconds, which means that the engine output is quite stable and within the range that the gearbox can bear.

Guangming HR-V Turbo modification list

■Guangming TD-04 13T external turbo kit ■Guangming intercooler ■Oil cooler ■CVT oil cooler ■GReddy No. 8 spark plug ■K24A original fuel injector x4 ■Manual full straight exhaust pipe ■Internal writing type Software adjustment GReddy all-in-one turbo meter + oil pressure gauge Kuo's Garage height-adjustable shock absorber Front, middle and rear pull-down rods RAYS 19-inch single-piece rim Goodyear Eagle F1 225/35R19 tires Shimeng multi-piston calipers.

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