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[改裝實戰] A glimpse of the modification potential of TTRS (below) APR 1.5 Stage 513hp achieved!


vehicle/Hsinchu Jieshi Motors

APR 1.5 order power transformation

513hp/66.36kgm achieved

As for the modification potential of the EA855 EVO engine? According to the data released by APR, a major American modification manufacturer, the information on APR's official website shows that the EA855 EVO engine is only adjusted by ECU, which is the level of Stage 1. When using 98 unleaded gasoline as fuel, it can increase the horsepower It is increased to 476hp, an increase of 76hp. If it is matched with the APR turbo air intake system and the enlarged intercooler, and the exhaust system remains the original factory for strengthening, that is, the level of APR Stage 1.5, it can be used again. Increase the horsepower to 513hp, and this is the extent to which the TT RS interviewed is currently modified.

The TT RS can be regarded as a European steel gun that can run in a straight line, the mountain road/track is also fast, and the appearance is neat and easy to change. It is expected that it will attract attention.
The EA855 EVO engine carried by the TT RS adopts an inline five-cylinder design, but the length of the engine is not too long, so it can be placed horizontally in the TT RS engine room, and the modification potential is also very deep. It is one of the famous machines in the Audi camp. one.

If you then upgrade the exhaust system, reduce the exhaust resistance, and strengthen the surrounding parts of the engine, in the stage 2 stage, the maximum horsepower can be increased to 519hp. At this time, the increase is relatively small compared to the stage 1.5. The reason It may be that the efficiency of the original TT RS exhaust pipe is already excellent, and even if the modified exhaust system is replaced, the effect will not be obvious. For the strongest Stage 3 modification kit, there are two turbine systems to choose from, namely TTE700 and GTX3582R. The latter will have higher air output than the former. In addition to replacing the turbine kit and the above-mentioned kit, it is necessary to replace No. 9. NGK spark plug, 980c.c. air inlet fuel injector, Down Pipe full straight pipe, APR TCU gearbox optimization program, intake and exhaust pressure relief valve and turbo pressure controller, etc. Take GTX3582R as an example, when using 98 lead-free On gasoline, it can output a maximum power of 601hp/72.3kgm.

This car has been replaced with the carbon fiber air intake system introduced by APR, and the air filter directly adopts the mushroom head filter, which allows the engine to inhale greatly.

If E85 alcohol gasoline is used as fuel, the power can be further increased to 740hp/76.7kgm. Compared with the original data of 400/49.0kgm, the increase is 340hp/27.7kgm. The effect is quite amazing, and the point is The pistons and connecting rods inside the engine have not been replaced with forged parts or high-angle camshafts, so they can have such strong power, which means that the modification potential of this EA855 EVO engine is really profound, and such a modification range, The original gearbox can also withstand, and does not affect the convenience of air-conditioning and daily use.

APR's enlarged intercooler is made of all-aluminum alloy material. Simply replacing it can get a 26hp increase in wheel horsepower, and the cooling effect is quite obvious.

Is there any room for higher power squeeze? The answer is of course yes. We take the data released by BarTek, the most well-known forged piston and connecting rod manufacturer in Europe, as an example. They have launched a set of modification kits that can push the maximum horsepower of the EA855 EVO engine to the realm of 1000hp. The kit includes: Mahle forged piston, this piston retains the original 82.5mm bore, but reduces the compression ratio from the original 10.1:1 to 9.5:1, with the stone-grinding coating on the surface of the piston skirt, it can withstand higher the boost value. In addition, the connecting rods also need to be replaced with H-shaped forged connecting rods that are CNC-cut from solid blocks, which have excellent strength and lightweight effects. In addition, in order to enhance the acceleration extensibility at high speed, the high-angle camshafts with 242/row 296 degrees also need to be replaced, and to use this group of camshafts, the parts in the valve system must also be replaced.

This product that looks like a blow-by gas recovery barrel is actually a gearbox oil and gas recovery barrel launched by APR for the DQ500 gearbox, which can prevent the engine from getting dirty due to the adhesion of high-temperature oil and gas. It also helps to vent the internal pressure of the gearbox to protect the relevant oil seals.

Others include cylinder head screw column, fuel high pressure pump, enlarged five external fuel injectors (some even add five additional fuel injectors), No. 9 NGK spark plug, 400kpa turbo pressure sensor, piston ring Parts such as bolts and high oil content Bos are also included in this set of kits, with large air volume turbines, such as Garrett G42 turbines and higher boost settings, such as from the original 1.4Bar to 3.7bar, Equipped with E85 racing gasoline (which can increase the maximum horsepower by 20%), there are currently domestic and foreign works with the maximum horsepower exceeding 1,000 horses. However, BarTek also stated that the DQ500 transmission system needs to be strengthened to cope with the strong torque output. It’s hard to say how many 0-400m straight-line accelerations. In short, the 1000-horse TT RS has been modified for non-street car use. It will be more suitable. The above is the author's opinion on the power modification of the TT RS.

What if the horsepower needs to be increased further? For example, 1500hp, the author believes that because the cylinder spacing of EA855 is too close, in the case of insufficient cylinder wall thickness, it is necessary to increase the exhaust volume by expanding the cylinder to strengthen the opportunity to squeeze the basic value. The instability of the cylinder liner It is also very high, so the foreign game is to directly replace an engine such as a VR6. In the TT RS engine room, the chance of reaching more than 1300hp is relatively high, but is it still called TT RS at this time? Depends on how everyone sees it.

Modification Schedule

■APR Stage 1.5 power enhancement kit ■APR carbon fiber turbo intake pipe ■APR aluminum alloy turbo intake ■APR throttle valve front aluminum alloy intake pipe ■APR throttle valve gasket ■APR enlarged intercooler ■APR DQ500 gearbox oil and gas Recycling bucket Audi Sport carbon fiber front and rear lower spoiler/tail wing/side skirt/front fixed air wing/left and right air dam wind collecting cover Recaro SPG bucket racing seat KW V4 three-way adjustable high-performance shock absorber Eibach front and rear reinforcement Anti-roll bar ■ADVAN RSDF 19-inch aluminum rim ■BS Potanza Sport front and rear 255/35R19 tires.

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