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[改裝實戰] A glimpse of the modification potential of TTRS (Part 1) APR 1.5 Stage 513hp achieved!

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If you want to find a performance car from the Audi camp that can play in a straight line, run on a track, affordable, and attractive in appearance, the author thinks that it must be the TTRS. This four-wheel-drive steel gun with the name of RS , with the powerful power of the 2.5L inline five-cylinder EA855, the original factory has not changed the rich modification fun, not to mention the profound modification potential of the connotation, which makes the players who know the goods love it. In the end, the EA855 has a special feature. , And where are the refitted ceilings currently abroad? This unit will take you a glimpse of its true appearance.

Powerful five-cylinder engine

Four-wheel drive system facilitates acceleration

The new generation of Audi TT performance flagship model - TT RS (model code: 8S) released in 2018, the engine used is a 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder engine code-named EA855 EVO, with direct injection and turbocharging technology. , in fact, this configuration has been adopted since the previous generation TTRS (8J) in 2012, and has continued to the contemporary TT RS. The reason for choosing a five-cylinder engine is to retrieve the glory belonging to the Audi tradition and let the TT RS have The strength of leapfrog challenge, and later proved that it does have such strength.

This 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine adopts the in-cylinder direct injection technology that VAG Group is good at, and provides a boost pressure of 1.4bar with a turbocharger system. The TT version effectively reduces the intake air temperature by 80%, providing better combustion performance. With the support of multiple technologies, the EA855 EVO 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine can deliver a maximum horsepower of 400hp at 5850-7000rpm, and the peak torque of 49.0kgm can be continuously output from 1950rpm to 5850rpm, creating a Plateau-style abundant torque performance.

In addition to the amazing output, the five-cylinder engine carried by the TT RS also has unique advantages in volume and weight. The engine length is only 40 cm, which is especially suitable for the horizontal layout of the TT RS engine room. Compared with the first-generation EA855 engine, the second-generation engine The EA855 EVO engine is specially equipped with 5 traditional fuel injection nozzles on the intake manifold, and the engine body is changed from cast iron to aluminum alloy material, in order to enhance the lightweight and heat dissipation effect. The former has five additional fuel injection nozzles. The mouth plays a key role in subsequent motivational enhancement.

In the body structure part, thanks to the ASF aluminum alloy body structure, the weight of the TT RS can be reduced to 1500 kg, and the average horsepower only needs to bear the weight of 3.75 kg. Under the excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio, the TT RS is stationary. The acceleration to 100km/h is 3.7 seconds, and the top speed reaches 280km/h.

The reason why the TT RS can achieve such fast results in straight line acceleration is directly related to the transmission system it is equipped with. The original factory configures the TT RS with a seven-speed S-Tronic automatic manual transmission system, which is the wet seven-speed system code-named DQ500. The high-speed DSG gearbox is used to transmit the power quickly and responsively. The signature quattro permanent four-wheel drive system shoulders the heavy responsibility of distributing the strong torque to the four wheels. In the chassis part, the TT RS is also equipped with an Audi Magnetic Ride active electromagnetic suspension system. By pressing the button at the eight o'clock direction of the steering wheel, the owner can freely switch between different suspension characteristics such as sport mode and comfort mode. In the tire and braking system part, four-wheel performance running tires with a size of 255/30R20, plus aluminum alloy four-piston calipers painted with RS emblem, provide arbitrary braking performance, so that owners have full confidence to conquer every corner.

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