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[改裝實戰] The strongest K12 street car appeared (Part 1) K20A+ supercharged with 350hp!

Although the eighth-generation Civic has been on the market for more than 10 years, due to the great potential for modification, there are still diehard fans in the country. This eighth-generation Civic I will introduce to you this time, from the perspective of street cars, it can be called It is the strongest model in the country. Many major European modified cars may not be able to beat it within 200km/h. How does it improve the power system? Just look at it and you will know.

Millennium self-priming machine
Honda K20A red head engine

Speaking of the K20A red-head engine, many Honda high-performance models are equipped with this engine, including Civic EP3, Integra DC5, Japanese four-door Civic FD2, etc. This engine is basically the F20C engine carried by the S2000, which extends and A Ming machine comes with the same low-angle valve angle cylinder upper seat as the F20C, and at the same time it is changed to a reverse design of front suction and rear, so as to improve the smoothness of suction and exhaust of the K20A high-rotation naturally aspirated engine. In terms of intake and exhaust, the i-VTEC system is adopted, that is, in addition to the VTEC system with variable valve head on both sides of the intake and exhaust, plus the variable valve on the intake camshaft The timing VTC system, the two combined into the innovative i-VTEC system at that time.

The carbon fiber perforated hood not only quickly exhausts the heat in the engine room, but also has a lightweight effect.
After opening the rear bumper, although it will affect the aesthetics of the rear of the car, it can reduce acceleration resistance, especially the higher the speed, the more obvious.

The K20A engine has been launched in 2001 for more than 10 years. It has undergone three generations of evolution. The first generation is the K20A on the EP3 and DC5 Type-R, which is the main engine newly developed by Honda at that time. The red head K20A uses i-VTEC. Technology to improve fuel consumption and strengthen low-speed torque performance. As for the inverted engine, it is also a major breakthrough for Honda. With an 86 x 86mm bore x stroke design, the 1998c.c. K20A can burst out 220hp/8000rpm and 21.0kgm/7000rpm.

The strongest version is the K20A used in Civic FD2. This engine not only strengthens the cooling system, but also further improves and strengthens some parts. For example, the newly designed piston and connecting rod mechanism are used, and the compression ratio of the engine is as high as 11.7. :1, and the intake and exhaust ducts have been carefully polished to make the air flow more smoothly, greatly improve the efficiency of suction and exhaust, which is conducive to the increase of horsepower, and finally the maximum horsepower reaches 225hp, which is also the effect of this Visit the engine transplanted by the eight generations of Civic.

In addition to transplanting FD2 original parts, the front axle also uses 225/40R18 R888 hot-melt tires, with AP CP5060 six-piston calipers and RAYS RE30 18-inch single-piece forged aluminum rims. Everything is modified for acceleration.
The interior of this car was originally beige, but the owner has replaced it with a black interior.

In fact, car owners didn’t switch to double-convex red-head engines at the beginning, but like most eight-generation Civic car owners, they started with the R18A external turbo. However, because the computer tuning was not complete at the time, they often turned on as soon as they turned on. With the automatic fault light, the engine will not go smoothly or even turn off. Later, I simply replaced the automatic transmission with a five-speed manual transmission. Although there was no problem with the fault light afterwards, the front engine foot fracture often occurred, even if the reinforced product was replaced. I couldn't hold it for a long time. Later, due to a chance meeting, I heard that a car fan wanted to sell the entire front of the Civic Type-R FD2, so I started a plan to transplant the K20A red head engine.

Moreover, this car not only transplants the power system, but also transplants the upper and lower instruments with red letters on the white background and the front axle chassis on the FD2 to make the modification range more complete, and the tachometer up to 9000rpm can provide the correct timing for shifting. It makes people look really passionate.

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Two Bride bucket racing chairs are excellent for body fixation during intense driving and can also reduce the owner's effect.
The transmission system retains the original FD2 six-speed manual transmission, but the final transmission has been reduced from the original 5.1 to 4.764 to facilitate the performance of the supercharging system, and the clutch group has replaced the UNA buffer multi-plate clutch.

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