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[改裝實戰]A four-door touring car with a solid hearth (Part 1)BMW M5 F90 second-order modification

The BMW M5, which has the reputation of being the fastest four-door touring car, does not open the hood and remove the rear M5 nameplate, who knows it is a beast? Because of this, the M5 has always been a low-key choice for enthusiastic car owners, but it is low-key and low-key. It has deep modification potential. If you don't make good use of it, it seems a pity. Therefore, this second-order modified M5 was born!

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4.4 V8 twin turbo engine
It's a pity that the deep potential doesn't change

Speaking of the BMW M5 car series, when I first entered the car, I was in contact with the M5 car of the E60 generation. At that time, I was excited about the 5.0L V10 high-speed naturally aspirated engine, especially the 8000rpm V10 speed sound. I believe anyone who has heard of it will be deeply fascinated and impressed by the M5 name. Although the M5 of the F10 generation was later changed to a 4.4L V8 engine, which lacked the passion for high speed, the more powerful power output provided more support for the M5 to maintain the throne of the fastest four-door touring car.

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The M5 of the F90 generation interviewed was officially released in August 2017. The engine is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo gasoline engine code-named S63B44. This engine has been used since the F10 generation. So far, it is currently used in BMW flagship models such as X5M, X6M, M6, M8, etc. It is a powerful high-performance engine with an eight-speed M Steptronic manual transmission. The most important thing is This generation of M5 is equipped with M xDrive four-wheel drive system, with 3 modes adjustable, can provide excellent tracking in corners, is the first to be equipped in addition to the X series RV series (X5 M, X6 M) M Car with four-wheel drive system. This M xDrive four-wheel drive system developed by BMW's performance department-M GmbH can adjust the power distribution of the front and rear axles according to the situation or driving mode. The most extreme conditions can be fixed in pure rear-wheel drive mode.

From this picture, it can be clearly seen that the two turbines of the S63B44 engine are installed above the engine, and the catalytic converter is immediately behind it. Although it helps the engine response and environmental protection requirements, high temperatures can easily accumulate in the engine room. Engine temperature management is very important.
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In the power output data section, the output of the general M5 is 600hp/6000rpm, 76.5kgm/1800-5600rpm, about 3.4 seconds for 0-100km/h, and only 11.1 seconds for 0-200km/h. After the M Driver's Package is selected, it can be Increase the top speed to 305km/h. Of course, in addition to the general version of M5, BMW's original factory also launched a stronger M5 Competition, and M5 CS models, which can output 625hp and 635hp, respectively. It is modified from the general version of M5.

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Even in the face of more and more performance touring car challenges, BMW M5 still maintains the throne of the strongest four-door touring car through a number of enhancements, and is the first choice of many low-key enthusiastic car owners.

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