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[百問] Speeding Red List Don't Come (Part 2) What is a laser gun? How to buy a laser shield?

Question 4: There is also a banned method called laser guns. What is the difference between this and speed cameras?

In addition to banning speeding vehicles through radar cameras, it is common on highways for police to target vehicles with gun-like devices. This gun is a so-called "laser gun". This system is currently the most advanced test method. Speed ​​measurement is performed by means of lasers. Usually, these types of lasers use infrared rays of invisible light. Therefore, they surpass traditional radio-wave radars in terms of accuracy, reliability and detection speed.

The principle of laser speed measurement is to use the laser light to collide with a moving object for many times and calculate the time difference between the reflected laser light to determine the speed of the vehicle. Since the laser gun speed measurement time is very short, it only takes 2 to 3 seconds to get a clear grasp of your vehicle speed. There is no information to warn you in advance, and the detection distance is quite long, so it is currently a national highway. A weapon for the police to crack down on speeding vehicles.

This laser gun, called Tru-Cam, is currently the ultimate version of the laser gun. The frequency of the emitted laser beam will change. If the old laser shield is used, it is easy to be penetrated. Only the function The powerful new laser shield can effectively block its speed measurement, and can stop the sniping of this laser gun, and other early laser guns have no problem.

Since the laser gun detects the speed of the vehicle, it emits a laser beam in a very short time, and calculates the round-trip time difference to obtain the speed and distance of the vehicle, so the detection speed is quite fast and the distance is far (up to 600m), usually The speed of the vehicle can be obtained immediately by a button press, and the inspection and billing can be carried out. In addition, it does not need to be like a radar camera, and it will always emit radar waves. Therefore, it is impossible to warn the owner in advance to slow down in advance, and the equipment itself is quite lightweight. It is also highly mobile, allowing the police to move and detect the location at any time, so it is often difficult for many car owners to escape their magic hands. Compared with the speed camera, it is easier to grasp the place of occurrence through the mobile phone APP, satellite navigation or GPS speed warning device, and the laser gun Banning methods are more difficult to defend, so it is currently the ban item with the largest number of speeding red orders. Many car owners who like to "relieve pressure" on the highway have a hard time not receiving red orders for laser guns. More importantly, in addition to In addition to laser guns on highways, provincial highways also have the opportunity to encounter laser guns, so they have to be guarded. The only way to avoid being banned by laser guns is to install a "laser shield".

Photo-capable Tru-Cam laser gun

This laser gun, called Tru-Cam, is currently the ultimate version of the laser gun. The frequency of the emitted laser beam will change. If the old laser shield is used, it is easy to be penetrated. Only the function A powerful new laser shield can effectively block its speed measurement, and the laser gun itself also has a photo function, which means that the police can issue a ticket through the photo without stopping the vehicle for speeding. The laser gun has now become the main model of police duty, and even a second-generation model with a higher level and faster frequency conversion has appeared. The old protective cover may not be able to hold, so the car that likes to challenge the speed should pay more attention.

There is a telescopic sight above the Tru-Cam laser gun. The vehicle can start firing lasers at about 300 meters, and the clearest impact distance is about 80 meters. For most car owners, it is difficult to detect such a distance. The presence of police cars.
The Tru-Cam laser gun also has a camera function. Once the speed and distance are measured, it will be photographed and archived, which means that the police can use the license plate number to find out the owner’s information without stopping the speeding vehicle. It is the latest It is also the strongest police laser gun, and has now become the main model for police duty.

Question 5: What is a laser shield? How is it different from a speeding warning?

What is the difference between a laser shield and an overspeed warning device? The former is mainly used to actively defend the speed of the laser gun, and the latter is mainly used to passively remind the car owner that there may be a speed camera in front of the car and to slow down the driving. The functions of the two are completely different, and they cannot be used for multiple purposes.

The reason why the laser shield can prevent the police from measuring the speed of the vehicle is that it is equipped with an invisible light device that emits a so-called "light shield", which looks like a small square box and has a whole row of LD lasers inside. The light, which can make the laser beam reflected by the laser gun hit the vehicle, cannot calculate the vehicle speed and other information correctly, and the farther the distance, the larger the area of ​​the mask, and the greater the possibility that the laser gun cannot measure the vehicle speed. , and because the laser gun protective cover is made of advanced technology, the price part will remain high, and most of them need to pay tens of thousands of yuan to own it.

The same laser shield also has different levels. Generally speaking, the higher level will use the military-standard laser diode LD to counteract the sniping of the laser gun. Therefore, it is less difficult to install, and the main unit can correspond to multiple sets of protective covers for the car, and can be installed on the front/tail of the car.

Seeing this, some readers may be puzzled: some "speed warning devices" themselves also have equipment to receive the speed of laser light, why can't they protect the laser gun? The reason is that these speedometers only have the function of receiving signals from laser guns and cannot provide protection. Therefore, when the police use a laser gun to hit your vehicle, although the speedometer will issue a warning signal, your vehicle speed will not be the same. It has appeared on the display screen of the laser gun, even if it is too late to brake, so to fully protect the laser gun from the ban, you can only rely on the help of the protective cover. When purchasing, you can confirm whether it is an LD model and can defend against Tru -The laser shield of the Cam 2 laser gun can basically correspond to the ban of the laser gun.

However, I want to remind everyone that since the laser shield will affect the police equipment, it is an instrument that is on the edge of the law, so it is better to be careful when using it. Therefore, I especially appeal to car owners with laser shields to see the police speed measurement. Always respect the hard-working police, slow down to the speed limit before passing, and try not to speed on the highway. It is safer to go to the racetrack to relieve pressure.

The reason why the laser shield can avoid the sniping of the laser gun is that the shield itself will emit a light shield, so that the laser gun cannot calculate the speed of the vehicle, and the scope will also have an error code, but the area of ​​the light shield will shorten with the distance. and becomes smaller, so the closer it is to the laser gun, the more likely it will be penetrated.

[百問] Speeding Red List Don't Come (Part 1) Are there different types of speeding cameras? How to buy a speedometer?

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