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[試駕] Best GuidesPorsche Taycan

Compared with the power performance of many mid-to-high-end electric vehicles with more than 5-600 horsepower, which is directly and somewhat overwhelming, the Taycan with only 326hp seems to be difficult to attract attention, but its very linear and controlled acceleration response is a brand name. The quintessential solid control feedback is actually more suitable as the first choice for ordinary consumers to enter the electric vehicle field or contact the Porsche brand for the first time.

●The suggested price starts from 3.58 million yuan
● Cruising range 431km (WLTP)
●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage
●Pleasant points Smooth dynamic response, outstanding ride quality
●The regret of the pearl creates an ideal configuration and the price is high

I still remember that when I came into contact with the Taycan 4S in the test drive around the island last time, the fast response and the dynamic performance of the tight contact with the ground allowed us to maintain a certain style during the long-distance Mercedes-Benz from Kenting to Hualien. It's easy, and even after reaching the destination, there is still something unfinished. The excellent mechanical texture and driving pleasure are definitely the benchmark of today's electric vehicles. However, due to the fact that the route arrangement is concentrated in the suburbs and mountain roads, we were not impressed with the daily driving experience of the Taycan in general urban areas, and it was not until the test drive to the standard model that we finally had the opportunity to complete it.

Like most Porsche models, this Taycan test drive is not easy to distinguish the model grade from the appearance, but the metallic ice-plum pink color that makes people very curious as soon as it is launched first attracts attention, and I saw it with my own eyes. The visual experience is not as high-gloss and pink as the previous official publicity photos, but presents a rather warm and layered delicate texture. In addition, the test car also uses 20-inch Taycan Turbo Aero rims that are one inch larger, so the only way to verify the identity is through the rear nameplate.

The test car uses 20-inch Taycan Turbo Aero rims with an increase of one inch, and the charging cover is also upgraded to an induction electric opening style.
The optional metallic ice-plum pink car color brings a particularly delicate and elegant visual experience, and it is not obtrusive with the technology-rich through-type LED taillights.

Open the door, and the optional dark plum purple soft leather interior is a perfect match with the metallic ice plum pink color. At the same time, the cockpit texture will be even better. This combination will surely impress the hearts of many female car owners. As can be seen from the splendid selection list, whether it is the convenient and practical Comfort Access intelligent keyless system, 360 surround view photography, HUD head-up display, luxurious interior atmosphere lights, front seat headrest factory emblem, Bose surround sound system, or ADAS active driving assistance technologies such as the recently popular ACC intelligent cruise system and blind spot warning can be said to be readily available, but before you want to build the ideal configuration, you must carefully measure your budget level. For the 2021-style Taycan with a basic price of 3.58 million yuan for a test drive, the total car price has exceeded the 5 million mark with many optional items. Even if the decorative items such as the front seat headrest imprint are deleted, the price will be kept at 420 yuan. There are still some difficulties within the luxury tax threshold of about 10,000 yuan.

Also optional, the dark plum purple soft leather interior and the metallic ice plum pink car color can be said to be a perfect match, and can also effectively enhance the cabin texture and individual taste.
The 16.8-inch curved digital instrument provides a wealth of driving information display and customization items, and touch function keys such as light groups and tracking control are integrated on both sides.
The dual-front 14-way electrically-adjustable seats are designed for comfort. Those who have intense driving needs should choose a sports car upgrade seat with better coverage on both sides.

The Taycan standard model is the only one in the series that uses a single rear axle motor configuration. To some extent, it can be regarded as the RR rear-wheel-drive four-door coupe concept proposed by Porsche in the past, but the 79.2kWh battery pack configuration is still The whole car weighs more than 2 tons, and the 326hp maximum horsepower drive is indeed not agile and vigorous, but it also maintains a linear output style similar to the Taycan 4S. The combination of the two presents a very calm and comfortable driving experience, because even if you switch to In Sport Plus mode, and deliberately accelerating out of the corner with the accelerator, it will not produce the uneasy feeling that is uncontrollable like a runaway horse. If you want to play the real performance strength of this car, you can use the super boost mode with Launch Control starting control. , which increases the peak output to 408hp and brings a performance performance of 0~100km/h in 5.4 seconds.

Even if it lacks the support of air suspension, the Taycan, which is equipped with the PASM active adjustable suspension system as standard, still has a very flexible and comfortable road texture. The action response of pressing over large and small potholes is clear and crisp, and there is little unnecessary shaking or crushing. In the cabin, the handling performance is as solid and steady as expected, and the same linear and accurate steering and braking responses can also create full driving confidence. It will feel slightly that the front of the car is not close enough to the ground. When the speed is a little higher, it will even cause a little push. The limit and fun may be less, but it can make people develop the driving habit of really slowing down and entering the corner, which is also a good thing.

The Taycan comes standard with the PASM active suspension adjustment system that can be linked with the driving mode, and also uses a sci-fi electric sports car sound effect.
The dynamic response of the Taycan is quite mild and linear and easy to control, and the solid and bright control feedback makes it easy to enjoy the driving pleasure.

Test drive experience ~ show a high degree of affinity

Compared with high-end models such as 4S and Turbo, the standard Taycan model is not only relatively easy to get close to in terms of basic price, but also more suitable for daily walking or leisurely driving with its easy and smooth driving experience. Kind of looking forward to it.

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