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[試駕] Heavyweight entry workhorse Lexus NX 200

Heavyweight entry workhorse Lexus NX 200

Among the SUVs of domestic luxury brands in 2022, the most popular and favorite among consumers is the new-generation NX car series, which was officially launched at the end of last year, in less than 3 months. In 2019, more than 5,000 orders were received, which is enough to demonstrate the strong product strength and attractive charm of this dominant car. Among the many power settings of the NX car series, there is another very special model that is sold exclusively in the world, that is, the "NX 200" power car model specially designed and launched for the domestic market. This model is even in 5,000 orders. With a full proportion of about 50%, it can be seen that the NX 200 occupies a very important market strategic position in the domestic luxury travel market, and it is also the "top priority" heavyweight entry model in the NX car series.

●Suggested price of 1.73 million yuan (deluxe version)

●Average fuel consumption 15.8km/L

●Pleasant points High CP value equipment, excellent road texture

The regret of the lost pearl needs to be more passionate to accelerate the power

It is because the NX car series sells so well in China that the general agent Hetai Automobile has full confidence to ask the original factory to give the exclusive NX 200 model to the Taiwan market, and the NX 200 has indeed given enough face, in a short period of time. That is to say, it has achieved excellent sales results, and proved the value of the product with the momentum of selling luxury cars as domestic cars. The biggest reason why it is still popular is that you can buy an NX with a new internal and external design, richer equipment and safety technology, and a new chassis and power configuration at a price that is almost the same as the old model. 200, it is easy to get into an imported luxury medium-sized SUV, and it is no wonder that it has an amazing sales performance of more than 2,500 units in just over 2 months.

The appearance is still technologically domineering

The appearance of the NX 200 deluxe version tested this time does not appear to be relatively bright because it is an entry-level model. It still has a domineering U-shaped three-dimensional spindle-shaped water tank guard and integrated arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights. The dual-mode LED headlight group, combined with the full and bulging hood curve and the stunning C-shaped air intake trim panels on the left and right sides, create a powerful and profound visual appearance of the front of the car.As for the rear shape of the car, it is the same as that of the mid-to-high-end models. It still has the factory emblem with the words "LEXUS", and

With three-dimensionally carved and highly recognizable L-Shaped LED light guide taillights, and a penetrating LED light guide inspired by UX design, the entire rear of the car still looks great and full of technology.

The domineering Spindle Grille spindle-shaped water tank guard has a compact three-dimensional U-Shaped grille design inside, giving people a strong visual tension and dynamic momentum.
The headlight group integrated with arrow-shaped daytime running lights adopts the dual-mode LED light source design of far and near, which makes the front-view shape more futuristic and technological.
The rear of the car has a factory emblem Logo with the words "LEXUS", as well as an L-shaped LED taillight group and an LED red light bar across the tailgate, which is both eye-catching and technological.
With 18-inch sharp-cut two-tone aluminum rims and Bridgestone ALENZA recreational tires (235/60 R18).

LSS+3.0 safety technology is fully owned

The interior layout of the NX 200 is also the same as other mid-to-high-end models. The difference lies in the amount of equipment. However, the leather and trim materials in the cabin also have an excellent and delicate texture, which is in line with Japanese luxury. The identity and status of the RV. Taking the test drive of the NX 200 Deluxe Edition as an example, in addition to the 9.8-inch central touch screen (supporting Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity), it is also equipped with a digital instrument panel. Although the size is not large, it is fully functional. And all the information can be easily read at a glance. In addition, it includes Push Start, constant temperature air conditioning, multi-function leather steering wheel, steering wheel shift paddles, dual front seat electric 8-way adjustment function, dual front seat electric heated seats, multiple driving mode switching, reversing image assistance, Bluetooth communication system, Premium Sound speakers (8 speakers) and electric tailgate are standard equipment, and the specifications are not a problem.

Although it is an entry-level model, the NX 200's interior luxurious texture and technological taste have not been reduced, and it has quite rich equipment and complete LSS+ 3.0 active safety technology.
The 9.8-inch central touch screen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection functions, and provides voice and voice control functions, which can control audio and air conditioning systems through commands.
In addition to displaying rich driving information and safety equipment icons, the single-ring digital instrument can also change tones and backgrounds according to the driving mode.
It is also equipped with a driving mode switch knob (Eco/Normal/Sport), and the shape is quite design.
The standard E-Latch electronic door handle combined with BSM blind spot detection can provide a warning or limit the opening of the door to reduce the risk of being collided by an oncoming vehicle when getting out of the car.
Dual front seats with electric 8-way adjustment and heating are standard on the NX 200 Deluxe.
Thanks to the enlarged body length and wheelbase, the rear seat is more spacious and comfortable than before, and the seat back can be adjusted in two stages.
The luggage compartment has 520 liters of storage space in the standard state, which can be expanded to 1411 liters after the rear seat back is folded 6/4 apart.

As for safety equipment, all NX models are equipped with the latest LSS+3.0 intelligent driving assistance system as standard, so NX 200 models also have all of them, including DRCC radar induction type full-speed range to maintain constant speed, PCS early warning protection The system is equipped with automatic braking assist (supports intersection recognition), ESA emergency avoidance assist, LDA lane departure warning, LTA lane keeping assist, AHS intelligent high beam automatic switching/masking, BSM blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear side warning, RCTB rear traffic brake assist, RSA speed limit recognition assist and SEA safe exit assist including door lock linkage system, etc., the specifications meet the Level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance level.

Acceleration power is smooth and linear

The most special feature of this NX 200 model specially developed for Taiwan is its power system. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force in-cylinder direct-injection naturally aspirated gasoline engine (M20A-FKS), which is the same as the RAV4 and has a thermal efficiency of 40%. ), instead of the 2.0-liter engine on the old NX 200, so its maximum horsepower and torque output are increased to 173hp and 21.0kgm respectively (the old model was 150hp/19.3kgm), with Direct Shift CVT transmission system (with 10-speed manual automatic The average fuel consumption is 15.8 km/L (the old model was 13.6 km/L), so whether it is performance output, fuel consumption level, and gear shift quality, there is no small improvement and evolution compared to the previous model.

Equipped with a 2.0-liter Dynamic Force in-cylinder direct-injection naturally aspirated engine specially developed and designed for Taiwan, it has 173hp, 21.0kgm maximum horsepower and torque output.

In fact, the power performance after the road, although the output of 173hp is not outstanding, the combination of the naturally aspirated engine and the CVT gearbox is quite suitable for the domestic road environment and car habits. The momentum is linked, but with the deep step of the accelerator and the increase of the speed, a smooth and linear acceleration force can still be felt, and it is still used in situations such as overtaking at medium and high speeds or mountain climbing. Although there is less passion, such power output performance is sufficient for general daily car needs, especially there are three driving modes such as Eco/Normal/Sport to choose from. If you want to make the power more energetic, then switch to Sport mode will get it done.

The overall dynamic performance is quite smooth and linear. Although there is less passion, it is sufficient for the needs of ordinary daily driving, and there is a more vigorous Sport mode for driving.

Comfortable and excellent road texture

In addition to the improvement of the engine power system, the new generation NX 200 has also been replaced with the brand's latest GA-K platform architecture, so the overall road texture and handling performance are much better than those of the previous generation model, and it is indeed very impressive to drive, especially There is a more delicate and obvious improvement in the crushing shock handling ability of potholes and uneven roads. Under the GA-K chassis platform structure with low center of gravity and high rigidity, the damping setting with soft but toughness not only brings good road texture and riding comfort, but also allows the vehicle to maintain a certain degree of support in curves And roll suppression, coupled with a fairly clear road feel and precise steering response, make it flexible and steady on winding mountain roads, bringing comfortable, easy-to-drive, stable and easy-to-control driving characteristics . Therefore, if you want to enjoy some control fun occasionally, you can still do it on the NX 200.

Under the framework of the new GA-K high-rigidity chassis platform, with well-adjusted suspension damping settings, it has a better road texture than ever before, as well as flexible, easy-to-drive and stable handling characteristics.

Test drive testimonials ~ a good choice for advanced medium-sized luxury travel

Judging from the NX 200 Deluxe Edition, it is not only comparable in price to the previous model, but also comprehensively improved from the inside to the outside. Coupled with a new combination of power and chassis, the NX 200's product combat power is further strengthened. Especially under the aura of the Lexus brand, coupled with the affordable price, it is definitely a very suitable and rare car for consumers who want to enter the luxury SUV segment.

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