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[試駕] Hot-blooded new choice Volkswagen Golf R Variant

●The suggested price is 2.068 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 13.0km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●A lot of fun in addition to high performance

● Regret of the Beads can have more exclusive elements inside

I still remember that when we tested the new Tiguan R in the middle of last year, the strong power of 320 horsepower and the greatly improved and upgraded 4Motion active intelligent four-wheel drive system made us realize that the original medium-sized SUV can be so enthusiastic and interesting, and this time we will use this set of gold. The combination is changed to the Golf R Variant with a lighter body and a relatively lower center of gravity. Naturally, people can't wait to hit the road and experience it!

Taiwan Volkswagen has been quite active in the operation of performance models recently. In addition to the rapid introduction of the Tiguan R, which debuted with the facelifted Tiguan series, it officially announced that it would add an additional version of the Golf series shortly after the eighth-generation Golf series was released in China. A new generation of Golf R/R Variant was introduced, and orders were received at RMB 1.958/2.028 million. After about half a year of waiting, the all-new 2022 Golf R Variant finally arrived in Taiwan at the beginning of this year and began to be delivered one after another. The suggested price has risen slightly by 40,000 yuan to 2.068 million yuan.

Dynamic but not flamboyant

Also as a member of the new-generation R family, the design vocabulary of the new-generation Golf R Variant in the exclusive aerodynamic package can be said to be in the same vein as that of the Tiguan R, especially the large-opening front air dam shape with bright black treatment and the thick bilateral four-outlet exhaust. The tailpipes, together with the five-spoke Y-shaped Estoril rims and the signature metallic dazzling blue car color, believe that even those who are not enthusiastic car fans can clearly feel the distinctive high-performance family atmosphere. In addition, the Golf R Variant also adds blue trim strips on the upper edge of the headlights and through-type LED positioning lights, and the rearview mirrors are also painted with fog silver, which improves the texture and recognition of details.

The sharp headlights and the through-type LED positioning lights are decorated with blue trim strips, and the R-shaped emblem is unmistakable.
The front air dam of the exclusive shape extends downward and is laid out with undercut lines on both sides, showing the performance momentum of big mouth and road.
In addition to the R-shaped emblem on the front fender, the rear-view mirror cover painted in fog silver is also one of the R's exclusive identifications.
The imported models come standard with 19-inch Estoril rims with a Y-shaped five-spoke shape, and the brake calipers are also painted in R exclusive blue paint.
Inheriting the aluminum roof racks and panoramic sunroofs of the general Variant models, it also adds a recreational atmosphere in addition to the passion.
The rear bumper is integrated into the aerodynamic design that echoes the front of the car, and the sporty four-outlet tailpipes with a thick shape once again demonstrate the performance strength.

Entering the cabin, the R-specific steering wheel with large-size shift paddles on the back immediately makes people's eyes shine. The carbon fiber trim panel and many blue stitches extending from the center of the console to the door are created by the R family. A consistent approach to performance breath. In response to the highly digital style of the eighth-generation Golf, the new generation of Golf R Variant specially introduced a digital instrument display with an exclusive racing style. It is a pity that the R-exclusive central control screen interface and the color theme of the cabin ambient light have not been added simultaneously.

On the left side of the steering wheel, an R shortcut key is added to directly enter the racing mode, and the rear shift paddles are also changed to a large sports car style.
In addition to the large R character in the center, the R exclusive digital instrument interface also provides a racing-style top-mounted bar-shaped speed display style option.
The standard DCC active chassis control system can not only be adjusted in conjunction with the driving mode, but also has a 15-stage soft and hard degree customization function.
The carbon fiber grain leather sports car seats have R-shaped emblems and blue piping decorations, which are comfortable to ride but have room for improvement.
The rear seat surface is also decorated with carbon fiber patterns and exclusive blue, and the space performance and practical functions are the same as the general Variant models.
The luggage compartment space of up to 611~1642L and the seat change function are still the same, fully taking into account high performance and daily practicability.
The digital cockpit of the eighth-generation Golf is embellished with a performance atmosphere through the exclusive configuration of the R, and the overall color scheme is mainly cold and deep black.

stable yet flexible

As said at the beginning, the new generation Golf R Variant is equipped with the same EA888 evo4 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine as Tiguan R, with a strong output of 320hp/42.8kgm, matched with DQ500 seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and 4Motion Active Control active intelligent four-wheel drive system, 0~100km/h acceleration can also be completed in 4.9 seconds, and the top speed is also limited to 250km/h. The difference is that the Golf R / R Variant can also add an additional price of 65,000 yuan to select the R Performance Package, upgrade the large spoiler rear wing, increase the Vmax electronic speed limit to 270km/h, and add Drift Mode and Special Mode Nurburgring. Track mode, but we didn't use it in the test drive, so we didn't get to experience the difference firsthand.

Equipped with the EA888 Evo4 2.0L straight four turbo engine, the maximum output is set at the same 320hp/42.8kgm as the Tiguan R.

Although the acceleration data on the account is consistent, the initial dynamic response of the Golf R Variant is still significantly lighter than that of the Tiguan R. Except for the weight reduction of nearly 150kg and the 2-inch smaller wheel size difference, the former is in comfort mode. The gear shift logic of the gearbox is also much smoother and brighter. When the road conditions permit and you want to have a little blood, you can directly switch to the R racing mode through the shortcut button on the left side of the steering wheel, including the instrument display and the power chassis will immediately enter the combat state. It brings a very positive and direct throttle response, as well as a full and surging exhaust sound.

Compared with the tight dynamic performance, the new-generation Golf R Variant is more impressive in its stable and flexible dynamic response. The first is the same long wheelbase setting as the Tiguan R (50mm more than the hatchback version) plus. The wagon body with a low center of gravity can always stay on the ground smoothly when traveling through high and low undulating roads or cruising at high speed. At the same time, the DCC active chassis control system can also provide 15-stage soft and hard setting adjustment in the personalized mode, allowing the driver to It is fine-tuned according to preferences and road conditions, and finally the R Performance Torque Vectoring torque distribution system with a multi-plate electronic hydraulic clutch structure can bring a neutral and stable tracking response in the normal speed range, and what is more interesting is the intense driving. In this state, the system will further increase the torque distribution speed and ratio of the rear axle, showing a very flexible and progressive rear dynamic performance, as if the wheelbase has been shortened a lot at once, which can increase the driving fun while strengthening the cornering limit.

The eighth-generation Golf R Variant maintains a stable and neutral dynamic response in most situations, but it becomes a lot more flexible and interesting when it is pushed further to the limit.

Test drive experience ~ similar formula, different properties

The new-generation Golf R Variant and Tiguan R can also take into account both enthusiastic performance and practical needs. The difference is that the latter tends to carry the whole family, while the former belongs to the priority of space function. Before starting, it is better to consider your own car habits.

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