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[試駕] Indispensable (Part 1) BMW 430i M Sport Gran Coupe

When the previous generation 4 Series Gran Coupe was launched, it was once considered to be a personalized car model to expand the BMW four-door coupe series and meet the preferences of a small number of consumers. However, the impressive achievement of global sales of more than 860,000 vehicles has become a major part of the car series. The main combatant of…

●The suggested price is 2.89 million yuan
●The average fuel consumption is 14.0km/L
●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage
The joy is rich and complete technological equipment, quiet and supple driving experience
The regret of the bead is that the interior is not unique, and the headroom of the rear seat is not improved

After the new pure electric coupe i4 came out in mass production specifications in March 2021, the second-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe was released in early June, making the new-generation 4 Series lineup more complete. In addition to pre-sale operations at the end of July, the domestic general agent Fande was officially introduced and released at the end of November. Only two models of 420i M Sport (2.4 million yuan) and 430i M Sport (2.89 million yuan) are available. Select, the first batch of 200 quotas have been sold out, which is evident by the popularity of consumers.

Positioning is more practical

The new-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe is fully enlarged in terms of body size setting, which is not only 143mm longer, 27mm wider, 53mm taller, and 46mm longer in wheelbase than the previous model, even if it is siblings of Coupe, Convertible and other car series or the 3 series in the same door. Compared with the Series Sedan, almost all the data are among the best. In actual close contact, it can be found that the overall figure is much stronger and thicker, which is far from the first impression of being quite slender and flat in the past.

The body size of the new generation 4GC has been enlarged in an all-round way, but it still looks full of running style under the combination of the signature streamlined sloping profile and the short tail shape.

The reason for adopting such a design approach, we think, may be that the original factory wants to maintain or even further improve the sales performance of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, hoping to add more practical factors to attract buyers who would not consider the four-door coupe model in the past. At the same time, when the 3 Series Gran Turismo exited the market due to the lack of improvement in sales performance, the original factory also needed another model of similar size to undertake some market vacancies. In addition, the electric vehicle brand i also adopts the same chassis and body. Based on the foundation, a new pure electric coupe representing the i4 has been created, which has transformed the positioning of the new car from a personality coupe with two more rear doors in the past, to an all-round practical car that needs to accommodate the mainstream preferences of the luxury mid-size car market as much as possible.

The elegant and smooth sloping tailgate line is definitely a major selling point of the four-door coupe, and the design of the new generation 4GC here is equally satisfying.
The four-door frameless design that highlights the running style is also retained, and the same flat door handle as the iX and i4 can be seen.

In terms of interior design, we can see the LED taillights of the new generation 4 Series Gran Coupe outlined by the giant double kidney radiator cover and a single light bar, fully declaring the identity of the new generation of family members, and the side of the car is flat compared to the i4. The door handles and the fin holes of the front fenders also pull out a black trim strip across the bottom of the body to the rear. Finally, the signature streamlined hatchback roof, combined with the M Sport package as standard on the imported model, creates a Gran Coupe that should be dynamic run. Benefiting from the enlarged body size, the overall cabin space performance is also much wider than before. However, it may be because the body structure is shared with the i4, and the cockpit floor and rear seating points are higher to reserve the position of the lower battery. Passengers with a height of 175 cm may reach the top when they enter the rear seat. Consumers who need to carry four people should check whether the space is sufficient before entering the vehicle.

The test car uses a smart laser headlight set decorated with blue trim strips inside, and the integrated vertical diversion groove on the outside can be seen from the lower air intake dam.
The shape of the front of the car fully follows the new generation family style of the car series, including the three-dimensional giant double-kidney water tank guard and multiple hood fold lines.

It is worth mentioning that the test drive also uses the M Sport advanced package provided by the manufacturer, which can have blackened headlights, red M brake calipers (can be maintained in blue), black high-gloss window frames, M-stitched seat belts, Individual black high-gloss exterior kit (water tank guards and exhaust tailpipes), and Sprint sprint function; while the 420i M Sport is priced at 145,000 yuan, in addition to the above items, an M brake package is added. (The calipers are available in red/blue colors), 19-inch M-type Y-spoke 859M-type rims, M spoiler rear spoiler and variable sports steering system, from the appearance, interior to the driving feeling are more running style.

Single-strip LED taillights also fully characterize the model, while a gloss black spoiler on the tailgate is standard on the 430i M Sport.
The bottom of the M rear bumper integrates bilateral single-outlet exhaust tailpipes and a lower spoiler-like design, and adopts two-color matching to create a sense of visual hierarchy.

Full of advanced technology

In the interior, the new-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe has a high degree of consistency with the 3 and 4 Series family brothers in console architecture and working materials. Whether it is the intuitive and easy-to-use driving interface, or the refined and dynamic atmosphere that a luxury coupe should have, it has a satisfactory high-level performance; in addition, another advantage of using the same cabin layout is that BMW's latest Generations of technology equipment can be fully imported without reservation, from 12.3-inch digital instrumentation integrated with road virtual reality function, 10.25-inch touch screen equipped with iDrive 7.0 integrated system, intelligent voice assistant 2.0, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, To the mobile phone digital keys that lead the car world, they are all included in the standard list.

The interior layout is basically similar to that of the 3, 4 Series and other family brothers. The luxurious texture is undeniable but lacks recognition and uniqueness.
The standard 12.3-inch digital instrumentation of the whole car series integrates the virtual reality function of the road, which can easily grasp the vehicle settings and the surrounding traffic conditions.
The entire car series comes standard with a complete intelligent driving assistance package, and various detailed warning functions can be set through the central touch screen.

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