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[試駕] Indispensable (Part 2) BMW 430i M Sport Gran Coupe

Of course, the ADAS automatic driving assistance system, which consumers are most concerned about recently, has not been omitted. The BMW Personal CoPilot intelligent driving assistance technology code-named 5AU is fully equipped with the imported models. In addition to the Level 2 active collision avoidance assistance and active distance control In addition to basic items such as active lane keeping assist, it also provides congestion traffic assist that can detect the route of the vehicle ahead and continue to follow the car below 70km/h, and side collision avoidance assist that actively maintains the distance between vehicles on both sides to avoid collisions ( 70~210km/h), and evasive steering assist that responds to the appearance of obstacles in front of the vehicle below 160km/h, detects the surrounding space of the vehicle, and assists with steering assistance to reduce the possibility of collision, etc., bringing more comprehensive driving safety protection capabilities .

The test drive is equipped with an optional upgraded M double front-seat sports car seat, with better coverage on both sides and an exclusive M-shaped emblem at the bottom of the headrest.
Although the size of the body is enlarged, the height of the cabin floor has also been raised, which is still cramped for the head space of passengers above 175 cm.
The luggage compartment volume has been increased to 470~1290L, and the large opening sloping tailgate and the 4/2/4 separation front and rear seat backs can provide a spacious and flexible space utilization function.

Power smooth and calm

Since the high-performance version of the M440i has not yet been introduced, the new-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe introduced in China has only two power options: 420i and 430i, both of which are equipped with the B48 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine, with a maximum output of 184hp/30.6kgm and 245hp respectively. /40.8kgm, driven by the same Steptronic sports eight-speed manual transmission, the 0~100km/h acceleration can be completed in 7.9 and 6.2 seconds, and the top speeds are 235 and 250km/h respectively.

Figure 18 = Equipped with a B48 2.0L straight four-turbo unit with a maximum output of 245hp/40.8kgm, which has a performance level of 6.2 seconds for zero acceleration.

The overall dynamic response of the 430i M Sport Gran Coupe tested this time is the same as the BMW we are familiar with. Whether it is a leisurely driving in the city or a high-speed gallop, it can give people a very smooth, dense and controlled feeling. In addition to being able to use Eco Pro In addition to adjusting the throttle response and steering assist force in different driving modes such as /Comfort/Sport/Sport+, you can further use the D/S two different gear modes of the gearbox itself to achieve instant acceleration overtaking or easy climbing to the top Waiting for different driving needs, in addition, the test car has an additional Sprint sprint function because of the M Sport advanced package. Just press and hold the left shift paddle for about 1~2 seconds to immediately switch to Sport mode and reduce the speed at the same time. The lowest allowable gear provides the most direct and complete power output.

The gear seat and iDrive control assembly have also been replaced with new-generation styling, and the front is also equipped with dual cup holders and a wireless charging device for mobile phones.

Tranquil walk

According to the original factory data, the new generation 4 Series Gran Coupe has redesigned the suspension geometry and shock absorber design, and added a rigid and strengthened tie-rod structure in the engine room and rear axle, and the front and rear wheel bases are also larger than those of the Coupe/Convertible version. The width is reflected in the road performance. It is indeed difficult to bring the light and neat feeling of a two-door model. Instead, it is closer to the neutral and calm of the large and medium-sized luxury RV in the 5 Series. In addition to the running grid setting, the chassis isolation is very good whether it is the quiet performance of the car room, or the chassis isolation such as road vibration and tire rolling noise, giving people an exceptionally stable and calm driving experience. In addition, the optional M sports car-like electronic suspension is matched with the tire size of 245/40R19 in the front and 255/40R19 in the rear, which can maintain a flexible and non-hard shock absorption performance in various modes, and also greatly improves the overall comfort. help.

The 430i M Sport comes standard with 19-inch rims, and the rim styles are available in the Y-spoke 859M and the double-spoke 860M shown in the picture.
The new car has excellent cabin sound insulation and road noise isolation capabilities, and with the flexible and unrelenting suspension settings, it brings a leisurely and comfortable driving experience.

Coming to the twisty mountain road for a little test, the standard variable sports steering system of the 430i M Sport Gran Coupe first creates a rather light and sharp steering feel, but the wide and long body size still makes people spend more effort To carefully control the driving route, and the flexible rear axle dynamics with first-class follow-up is believed to bring rich driving pleasure when the weather and road conditions are good, but if it is rainy like the day of the test drive, the original tire Pirelli P Zero is wet. The ground performance is only average. When exiting a corner, the timing and force of the accelerator pedal must be delayed to prevent the rear of the car from slipping and cause the dynamic stability system to intervene to limit the power output.

The variable sports steering system brings a very light and smooth steering feel, and the flexible rear axle response fully demonstrates the essence of rear-wheel drive.

Test drive experience ~ Towards a luxury GT

The new generation of 4 Series Gran Coupe, while continuing the eye-catching styling style of the car series, from the cabin atmosphere to the driving experience, is more positioned towards a luxury GT sports car suitable for long-distance travel comfort for many people, with rich technology and equipment standards and a variety of personalization The optional items are believed to satisfy consumers who pursue both practicality and individuality.

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