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[試駕] Really good typeMercedes-Benz C200 Estate Sport

After experiencing the new W206 generation C200 and C300 four-door RVs one after another, except for the more spacious and practical trunk space of the C200 Estate sports version, whether the other parts of the test drive are really the same as the specifications appear. ?

●The suggested price is 2.51 million yuan
●The average fuel consumption is 15.8km/L
●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage
The shape and texture of the road are comparable to the four-door version.
●The regret of the bead only has a single power option

As a five-door station wagon, the most conspicuous aspect of the new-generation C200 Estate in appearance is of course the more trunk than the four-door version, and with the blessing of the new family design vocabulary, the new car has changed from previous generations. Under the premise of Mercedes-Benz's pursuit of volume performance, the body contour will be extended and expanded to the rear as much as possible, which is easy to make the overall proportion and visual experience appear too thick and even cumbersome. The lines from the D-pillar to the tailgate have become simple and neat. Many, with the double-sided trapezoidal exhaust trim frame of the AMG appearance kit as standard on the sports version, the dynamic atmosphere can be said to be the highest in the history of the car series.

Entering the cabin, you can see that the layout of the front cockpit is completely similar to that of the four-door model. The new-generation design style that is technologically avant-garde yet luxurious and stunning will also attract the attention of many consumers. The test-drive sports version is equipped with AMG as standard. With the blessing of the interior package, whether it is the Nappa leather-covered flat-bottom sports steering wheel that keeps up with the high-end AMG performance models, or the large-area metal woven trim that extends all the way from the center console to the center saddle, it can create a strong atmosphere. run.

The new-generation design vocabulary is also quite coordinated and dynamic when used on station wagons, improving practicality without sacrificing handsome style.
The test drive uses the rear axle steering system introduced for the first time in the new generation C-Class, which provides 2.5-degree steering and reduces the turning diameter by 40 cm.

Benefiting from the rearwardly extending roofline, the C200 Estate naturally has a lot more headroom in the rear seat than its four-door siblings, and the optional panoramic sunroof in the test drive further enhances the sense of spaciousness of the cabin, except when cruising at high speeds. It is easy to feel some of the resonance and echo from the tail compartment, and the overall ride comfort can be said to be better; in the performance of the most important trunk space of a station wagon, the first is that the carrying capacity increases by 30L with the enlargement of the body size. It is 490~1510L. It is equipped with privacy roller shutters that can be automatically raised and lowered when the tailgate is opened and closed, the rear seat back can be quickly folded, the movable luggage net, and the simple storage space on both sides of the tail compartment. Great flexibility and versatility.

The cockpit layout is completely similar to that of the four-door RV version, and the technologically avant-garde yet luxurious and stunning design style is believed to attract the love of many buyers.
Thanks to the roofline extending to the rear, headroom for rear-seat passengers and a sense of spaciousness in the cabin are significantly improved compared to the four-door version.
The luggage compartment volume of up to 490~1510L is equipped with functions such as 4/2/4 dumping of the rear seat and luggage retaining net, which can meet various load-bearing needs.
The luggage compartment privacy roller blind has a lift-up slide rail design, which will automatically move up when the tailgate is opened to facilitate access to items.

Since station wagons are still niche in the domestic market, the new-generation C-Class Estate introduced models only use a single C200 power configuration with a 1.5L straight-four turbo + 48V light oil and electricity, with a maximum output of 204hp/30.6kgm plus output response The smoother and lighter ISG integrated motor, whether it starts or re-accelerates in the middle, is full and fast beyond the expected power of the small displacement, but the extra tail compartment will still make the rear and rear axle react more heavy. A little bit, compared with the four-door model, it seems that the body is a lot longer (the actual car length is only 4.2 cm longer).

The standard 18-inch AMG five-spoke wheel is not only the signature double-rib five-spoke shape, but also the wide outer ring with the word AMG is also quite eye-catching.

It is worth mentioning that the C200 Estate tested this time is the only one of the first batch of certified vehicles to be equipped with a rear axle steering system. It still impresses us so far, but the new-generation C-Class introduced for the first time only has a maximum steering angle of 2.5 degrees, which is not particularly noticeable when driving on ordinary urban roads or on twisty mountain roads. It is only possible to perform when traveling through narrow lanes or turning around at intersections, especially the turning diameter that can be reduced by 40 cm means that the intersections above single-lane lanes with fast and slow lanes can be turned directly on the inside, and the convenience is close to that of A-Class and other small vehicles. The hatchback is a great weapon worthy of choice for consumers with high urban use needs.

Test drive experience ~ luxurious and practical grasp

On the basis of the excellent quality of W206 C-Class, the C200 Estate has added the practical space performance of the station wagon's signature, supplemented by two different styles of the luxury style Avantgarde and the sports version, in addition to the single C200 power configuration for performance requirements It is a pity for higher consumers, but it is indeed one of the recommended models that domestic station wagon enthusiasts should not miss.

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